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Finding happiness in failure

26 February 2009 By Nick DiMarco One Comment
In a bleak, sad world, all one can do is laugh at the terrible things in life

Schadenfreude: Finding happiness at the misfortune of others.

I may be a horrible human being, but I cannot get enough of the publicized downfalls of strangers. I relish in their bad luck, so much so that I actively seek out “Fails” online (please refer to www.failblog.org or www.fmylife.com).

I don’t know where my lust for random disaster came from, though I can probably narrow the reason down to my dismal future outlook in the industry that is journalism.

That being said, allow me to express my happiness in the face of others sadness, namely, the people I work with over the last two issues.

Feb. 19 issue:

-I giggled when one of our youngest editors was assigned to a condom taste testing (page 7).

-I reported on a covert downtown shuttle for college students that as busted by police. I had an ear-to-ear grin when the associate vice president for campus life Teri Hall described the students returning to campus from downtown as “drunk as skunks.”

-As an editor I should cringe, but as an outwardly masochistic narcissist I can only poke fun at our Sports Editor for attributing a story about our softball team to “Name (All Caps) and Position (Italics). Way to go big guy (page 19). By the way, it was written by promising freshman Andrew Constant.

-Men’s basketball team.too easy (page 32) and every other issue.

Feb. 23 issue:

-Our acclaimed columnist Evan Porter, of Happy Hour fame, has a rash on his face. It brings the LULZ (page 4).

-House Bill 693 essentially screws the University out of more money and efforts to wrangle troublesome students off-campus. Normally, I wouldn’t find pleasure in this topic, but this coupled with that whole thing about the arena. priceless (page 7).

-Last week I had the pleasure of chasing cop cars and stalking a police helicopter as it seemed they were on a desperate manhunt around the Sheppard Pratt/Towson Center/Johnny Unitas Stadium area. After a half-hour of stealthy pursuit I called the University police and found out it was underage girls they were looking for. They made it to Catonsville and were found the next day. Fine police work (page 8).

The Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q contributed to this opinion.

Nick DiMarco is a senior mass communication major and the Senior Editor for The Towerlight.

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  • Richard Meza said:

    The misfortune of others and you find humor in that ? Well I suppose it can morally acceptable IF the person you are laughing at was the type that went out of their way to cause grief and pain for others or acquired great wealth by cheating people and suddenly got caught or suddenly lost everything. From that aspect, yeah I can certainly see and appreciate the element of humor and maybe poetic justice. However, there are some of us ( like me ) who will never be anything more than I am this very instant. That, right now,the way things are is th best that I can ever hope for. Now, Im no saint and I have my faults as everybody does. But my conscience dictates that I try to do the right thing and help my fellow man expecting nothing in return ( which is a good thing cause I dont get nothin from no body friend or foe ). Anyway, I found this site trying to look up resources to cope with my eternal need for SOME sense of self worth and the failure that always follows leaving me feeling like a lesser human being who will NEVER enjoy the American dream, or even a shred of it. Thanks. Richard the Failure

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