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Abortion: A fetus doesn’t care

9 December 2010 By David Zuckerman, Columnist 13 Comments

Seeing as I just discussed murder, it seems fitting to next discuss abortion, as abortion is murder. When you get an abortion, you are killing a living organism, something that had the potential to become a fully-developed human being.  I understand the perspective of the pro-life movement.

However, we kill living things all the time.  We chop down trees to build our homes, we kill rodents and insects when they intrude said homes, we kill fish and other animals for sport and for nutrition purposes, and neither microorganism nor mouse is safe in Smith Hall; they are constantly killed for educational and research purposes.

We murder organisms we deem inferior to us without hesitance every day, and I personally believe fetuses fit into this category.

We do not have emotion for the reproductive gametes before they combine.  When a man masturbates, I would be surprised to learn that he mourns the death of his sperm, as they die shortly after ejaculation.  However, once a sperm cell combines with an egg and has the potential to become a human, people become very emotional, despite the fact that it is not a person during the first trimester, the time in which abortions are permitted.

During the first trimester, a fetus has no idea what is happening, as its brain is not developed enough for such advanced forms of awareness, thought and emotion.  In the first trimester, a growing fetus cannot possibly understand what life is.  It does not understand that it is being deprived of anything when an abortion is taking place.  If my parents aborted my birth, I would not have been upset, as I could not have experienced any emotions during those early weeks of life.

Although it could be argued that I would be missing out on future experiences, I would not have been aware of this deprivation and would therefore not have experienced this deprivation.

Aside: If, for example, a wife cheats on her husband, but the husband never becomes aware of the affair, I would argue that this duplicity is not bad for the husband.  If the wife is still loving and the husband is still happy, and if no one that knows about this affair negatively alters their behavior toward this man, he is unaffected.  Yes, those aware of this affair would say that their relationship is not as strong because of this lie, but the man is still happily oblivious to it all.  According to this train of thought, a fetus early in development, oblivious to everything, surely cannot emotionally suffer from an abortion.

And even if I was aware of what was happening, I do not think I would want to exist if my life was a mistake.  I would not want to be a burden on a young woman still in high school.  I would not want to limit the freedom of a young couple, one that may not want a child yet and may be financially unstable.  And I would certainly not want to be the resulting reward of rape.

We wear condoms and take birth control in the attempt to prevent childbirth.  Just because these precautionary measures fail does not mean women should be forced to suffer through carrying a child for nine months and undergo a painful and potentially fatal delivery.

Some that cannot raise a child on their own put their children up for adoption, but why force another to potentially grow up in an orphanage?  We are overpopulated enough as it is.

To create life is a major responsibility; people should not have children unless they believe they can care for their children and make them happy.  Life is hard even when one has loving parents with the best intentions.  Life is filled with unfulfilled desires, never-ending stress (especially so close to finals) and disappointments.  I do not know if I want to be responsible for putting another human being through the hardships that accompany existence.


  • Karen said:

    First of all, how can you say in the beginning of your column that abortion is murder, and then in the end of your column, you say that abortion is alright and even a good option. If you are killing someone else, then it’s deliberately a problem. I can’t believe your argument is that condoms and birth control don’t work; if you’re worried about getting pregnant or your forms of birth control breaking then you need to keep your legs closed and not be a whore.

  • davidzuckerman said:

    You missed the main point of my article. Abortion is murder, but we’re all murderers aren’t we? I bet you’ve killed something yourself in the last year (insects) and bought something that has been killed in the last week (food). We kill things we deem inferior to ourselves without hesitance(insects, trees (yes, they are alive), microorganisms, animals, mice in the basement of Smith where they do experiments) and it is my opinion that fetuses in the 1st trimester fit into this category of inferior life-forms. I don’t consider a fetus to be a person yet; a fetus is not aware of anything and cannot feel emotion as its brain is not developed enough. Whether you agree with that is your opinion. I am merely sharing mine (as this is an opinions column).

    I was not implying that condoms and birth control do not work. We wear condoms and take birth control pills to prevent having children because, for one reason or another, we do not want to have children. But in the event that they fail, as they are not full proof, I do not think we should be forced to bring children into the world.

    I do agree with you that it is not smart to have sex if you are not willing to accept the consequences. But since when are the majority of people smart? People want to have sex because it feels good, regardless if they want to have children or not. That’s why condoms, birth control pills, and abortions exist.

  • slartibartfast said:

    Are you actually equating a developing human being to a rodent or insect or bacterium, to be disposed of when it becomes a burden?

    From a strict scientific biological point of view life does begin at conception. Conception begins a process that does not end until death.

  • Jessica McGrath said:

    First off, you do NOT understand the pro-life’s side. If you did, you would BE pro-life. Also, you’re just anti-life in general. If you think this world is so bad, go kill yourself. All those television shows about high-school-age girls who have babies say that their lives have changed for the better and that they would not give up their BABY for anything. If a little, tiny, unimportant “fetus” is burdening this world so much, why aren’t you out killing all the rapists, murderers, liars, thieves, women-haters, and drug dealers? The Towerlight is unbelievably one-sided and I am embarrassed when parents on tours, or anyone, pick it up. It’s not a good light to be putting on our school.

  • Krystal Anne said:

    Yesterday, I killed an entire colony of ants.
    HOORAY! genocide is okay!

    You’re a damn idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • davidzuckerman said:

    Ms. McGrath: Are you arguing that a person cannot possibly understand another person’s prospective if they do not share that perspective? I personally could not care less about football. I don’t think watching people throwing and running a football down a field is that exciting. However, I can understand the appeal; simple games being played to near perfection.. watching people who have dedicated their lives to being as strong and as fast as they can be, battling against each other in a game of both physical and mental will… I don’t mind watching a game, I just simple don’t think it’s that much fun. I understand why they like football, but I don’t share the reasoning for this desire.

    Similarly, I do understand why people value the life of a fetus; a fetus is living and has the potential to become a human being just like me and you. However, I disagree that a fetus’ life should be valued more than the life of something more advanced than it currently is.

    Ants feel fear. Ants feel pain. But an early fetus does not.. it cannot. Krystal, did you squash those ants to death? Did you watch them squirm in agony and laugh like a little kid on an ant hill? I never said genocide is a good thing.. but humans do commit genocide don’t they? You’re living proof. We don’t stop with killing inferior beings; we kill each other as well. Humans don’t want ants in the house, so they kill them without a second thought. People kill each other for similar reasons; for one reason or another, murderers don’t want their victims to exist anymore. My main argument is that an ant is more intelligent and emotionally capable than an early fetus, and being responsible for the life of another human being is arguably much less desirable than having some ants in your house… so it is unsurprising that people want to get abortions.

    Thanks for the advice but I don’t think I’ll kill myself Ms. McGrath. Coincidentally my first article of next semester will be about suicide. We are all taught that life is good and that killing yourself is bad, but I don’t think anything in life, including life itself, is that black and white. I think life can be hard and sometimes monotonous and, at the moment, I personally don’t want to force someone to live in this world at this point in my life. If I sleep with a woman and get her pregnant, and she agrees with me to get an abortion, we’re getting an abortion. Cry about it.

    Maybe if I could be like Dexter, kill horrible people and get away with it.. maybe I would. But I don’t think I’ll go down that path. A fetus is only a burden on the families that are directly involved and seeing as a fetus does not have rights of its own yet (because it isn’t a person yet), what they do with it is entirely up to them. This homicidal comment doesn’t really fit in this section but I’m glad that you enjoyed my last article haha.

    Oh and one more thing, I don’t think your conclusion about the Towerlight being one-sided is a justified conclusion. I was voted into this position by the students; the Towerlight didn’t choose me to write because they liked what I was writing about. The Towerlight does decide for me what to write about; they’ll print anything I send them as long as it is not blatantly offensive. They neither condone nor condemn what I write by printing it; they merely share my opinions in an opinion column.

    PS: I sent the editor of the Towerlight a few titles I thought of for this article. One of those titles was, “Bring on the Hate Mail.” I knew people that were passionate about their beliefs and closed minded about anything other than what they think would respond. However, some people have told me that they really liked this article. Just because you don’t share my opinions doesn’t mean that no one else does. People that dislike things are just much more likely to go online and complain about them, and childishly call people names.

  • davidzuckerman said:

    Keep the comments coming; I enjoy writing.

  • weezer said:

    Nah, you’re not worth further response.

    This is just shock “journalism”. Raising people’s hackles with highly controversial topics just to see a response.

    Merry Christmas

  • davidzuckerman said:

    Meh, I don’t really care if people respond. The ignorant, diffinitive responses just annoy me a little bit and I feel the need to defend my views.

    And a happy new year to you good sir.. although I think the celebration of holidays like Christmas and New Years is pretty pointless.

  • Joe S. said:

    David, I have been trying forever to make a post on here and every time I tried, I wouldn’t get the e-mail to sign up. I was originally going to write a letter to the editor, but your editor never replied to the question I had for him, so that is part of the reason this is so late.

    There are so many things that I disagree with in your article, but the main thing I want to focus on is the fact that you say that a baby (and it is a person, by the way) in the first trimester is not aware of anything. I challenge you to read the first chapter of the book, Unplanned. This book was written by a woman who worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years until she witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion. This abortion was at 13 weeks, which puts the baby in the first trimester still! The baby is aware of the vacuum and tries to swim away! Tell me, David, was that baby not aware that it was in danger? Again, I challenge you to read the first chapter from that link. I hope all the details will help change your views.

    I am very embarrassed to be an alumnus and to work for a university whose newspaper will publish the views you express in your column. I have been praying for you, David Zuckerman. I will continue to pray for you and the people who are swayed in the wrong direction by your opinion column.

  • Joe S. said:

    For some reason, the link I wanted to post did not come through. Hopefully this time, it will work:

  • theyipedo said:

    I completely share your point of view. People tend to get carried away by their religious beliefs or emotions too easily. Yes it’s human, so what? The fact is that it’s unconscious and can’t feel pain. It has no experience in life. If you don’t want abortion, then don’t do it. But someone who wants to do it has the right to. The person should not be subjected to 9 months of various pregnancy issues with the outcome of an unwanted baby when we can end the suffering now before the fetus can even think or feel.

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