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RA resignations detailed

9 February 2011 By Daniel Gross, Editor-in-Chief One Comment
Source points to alcohol incident as reason for departures
Paca House - Daniel J. Gross/ The Towerlight

Paca House - Daniel J. Gross/ The Towerlight

The majority of the West Village Paca House resident assistant staff resigned last week for reasons that have not yet been released by the department of housing and residence life.

Six members of the eight-person staff no longer hold their positions, leaving vacancies in the residence hall and leaving them without on-campus housing.

Jerry Dieringer, assistant vice president for student affairs and director of HRL, would not provide details on the incident.

“HRL will not comment on any personnel decision,” he said.

A source who wished to remain anonymous provided details on the situation.

The source said the six RAs were drinking in one of the residence hall rooms before resident students had returned from winter break.

The six then went outside, leaving shot glasses in the Community Center in the residence hall lobby.

“When they came back in, they forgot the shot glasses,” the source said.

The source said Jayson Schablik, Paca’s residence life coordinator, found the shot glasses.

Schablik did not respond to Towerlight requests for comment.

Professional West Village staff members conducted interviews with each of the RAs individually, the source said.

The six RAs are Elise O’Brien, Darryl Glotfelty, Jeff Hinkeldey, Corey DeShazo, Hannah Batong and Patrick McHugh.

“As far as I know, they all resigned. They weren’t technically fired,” Student Government Associate president Nicole Kazenecki said.

Glotfelty is the SGA treasurer, but his position is not affected by HRL policies, Kazenecki said.

When asked for follow-up comments, Glotfelty replied, “Just leave it alone.”

DeShazo was the national communication coordinator of the University Residence Government. As of Tuesday, DeShazo resigned from his executive board position for “personal reasons,” according to URG president Kathleen Dougherty.

All executive board members must live on campus, according to the URG constitution. DeShazo declined to comment.

A resident assistant is expected to “obey all federal, state and local laws, the Towson University Code of Student Conduct, and all Department of Housing and Residence Life policies,” according to the job description of a resident assistant on Towson University’s website.

The University’s Code of Student Conduct states that “the possession or use of alcoholic beverages when not in accordance with established policy” is prohibited conduct.

Batong declined to comment. The other former RAs could not be reached.

Vice president for student affairs Deb Moriarty said that HRL is looking into the pool of previous RA applicants and using them to fill the vacant positions in Paca.

Freshman Elizabeth Ludicke lives in Paca House and said O’Brien was her RA before resigning. Ludicke said she has not received a new RA as of Wednesday, Feb. 9.

Junior Brittany Jenner also lives in Paca House and said that she heard RAs had resigned because of drinking.

She is unaware if their positions have been replaced.

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