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TU in line with USM 10-year plan

13 February 2011 By Alissa Katz, Staff Writer No Comments
Board has more in-depth look in at the strategic proposals
University Senate - Emma Jackson/ The Towerlight

University Senate - Emma Jackson/ The Towerlight

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents voted on individual implementation plans developed by USM institutions, including Towson, in response to the new USM Strategic Plan Friday morning.

In December, the USM voted unanimously to approve the 2010-2020 Strategic Plan, a document that has been in the works for months and will carry the USM’s actions for the next decade.

“The USM Strategic Plan is a plan that guides the University System of Maryland for the next 10 years,” USM student regent Leslie Hall said. “The University System of Maryland Board of Regents charges the Chancellor with the task of coming up with strategic themes that will guide each of the systems. The individual institutions must construct plans that are tailored to their specific University. The details of how each school plans on implementing those themes are carried out over the course of 10 years.

Hall said he had a few minor questions about two institutions’ implementation strategy, but was overall in favor of the plans.

Towson University’s institutional implementation plans passed, and were expected to, given considerable collaboration and preparation, according to USM media relations and web manager Mike Lurie.

“The plan for Towson University continues to build on TU’s strengths in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, enrollment growth while maintaining quality, and continuing the visions that Dr. Caret has put in place during his time as president.”

Provost Marcia Welsh said the plan was an attempt to align Towson’s 2016 strategic plan to the system’s plan.

“We went through ours and found points that aligned with the system’s plan and really embellished them and talked about what we’re doing to help system meet their plan,” she said. “We have a lot of STEM programs; we get a lot of grants in support of STEM. STEM is an area where we will have a major role in helping the system grow, especially in teaching, which is our strength, but not only in teaching.”

Welsh said the health profession, another big area at Towson, is also a big area that will closely help achieve the system’s goals. Another part of the plan includes the University’s top 10 percent program, which gives scholarships to students who may not have other opportunities in the state. Welsh said they emphasize on giving opportunities to first generation students.

“I’m excited about the access issue because people should have opportunities for higher education,” Welsh said.  “Trying to grow rigor and the quality of Towson will be challenging in very tough economic times, but I think it’s something we can do and do it well. It’s an exciting time and I hope we get funding to allow us to move forward.”

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