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Word on the Street: What part of Towson University would you give an ‘F?’

16 March 2011 3 Comments

What part of Towson University would you give an ‘F?’

Rebecca Stanislaw Parking, Bursar, Enrollment Services.

Matt Jessee Athletics. And we all know why…

Jon Koch Agreed. Definitely the athletic department. I’m pretty sure it’s all just an elaborate hoax.

Maggie Spivak Construction… it’s everywhere!

Loren Palestino I would have to go with parking, I’ve recieved so many unnecessary tickets… I got a ticket for not having my pass in visual sight, when it was clearly hung on my mirror, i appealed it and still had to pay a fee…. “F” parking

Taryn Michelle The Graduate Admissions….

Kyle Wieczynski I’d give an “A” to the janitorial arts. I mean who else would give me dap in the hallways?

Kyle Kohler - Parking & Transportation …. tear down parking with more students enrolling. not to mention the horrible bus service.

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  • Justin Krupitzer said:

    Not serving beer in the lounge before 4 pm. I need my morning brews!

  • nat said:

    The meal plan requirement- and the meal use restrictions in places on campus. If you are requiring me to pay for the meals, you should let me use them- instead of ripping me off.

  • Ron Vibbentrop said:

    The Towerlight

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