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TCAT: Tuning in to the new wave of radio

1 May 2011 By Rick Stanford, Columnist No Comments

Normal radio has been dethroned as a popular way to listen to music for some time now due to products like the iPod and Sirius Satellite Radio.

But there are sites like TuneIn that are trying to bring radio back by allowing you to listen to any station anywhere in the world via your computer or smartphone.

So while Internet radio has been around for a while, it’s back – better than ever -with the convenience of being able to access it anywhere.

TuneIn has restored my confidence in radio solely because I’m not forced to listen to the stations in my immediate area.

I can listen to the stations in Africa, Asia, America, Europe or even Antarctica.

TuneIn also allows users to listen to many different stations ranging in genres.

Personally, I have become a huge fan of Ram Air, which is the college radio station for the University of Bradford in England.

The ability to listen in to what’s going on at a college setting completely different than ours is interesting.

I also found myself listening to stations that I never would have expected because they are all so accessible.

There are links for all types of radio talk shows, and yes, it even had talk shows for the Royal Wedding.

Sports talk is prevalent on the site as well, on subjects ranging from minor league baseball to the NHL.

I mentioned being able to listen to TuneIn radio with your smartphone, and the app for that works really well.

It provides users the full features of the TuneIn site, while also adding in some cool new features, like sleep.

The sleep features functions just like any other sleep feature. You set it on one of the pre-set times, then you just let it go and eventually it turns off.

If you are like me and enjoy listening to music while trying to fall asleep, this is perfect for you.

Just throw your phone onto a dock and lay down to the tunes of your own choice, with the only ad interruption being whatever the station hosts.

Let me be the first to tell you that listening to ads from a different country might not be as relaxing as you think.

While I don’t think that sites like TuneIn are going to fully revive old radio, they definitely provide it a second chance at life.

TuneIn definitely revived it for me, someone who lost all hope in the radio format.

TuneIn is available for free on all the main smartphone operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Web OS, Samsung bada and Windows Phone.

The TuneIn app is also available for those who have Google TV or Roku, so get out there and start downloading.

Rediscover radio.

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