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TCAT: Facebook to roll out new ‘Timeline’ feature

28 September 2011 By Rick Stanford, Columnist 4 Comments

Things are bound to change, history has taught us that. The ideas we have, the way we think, and the things that we believe in all will be altered by life experiences.

With time we learn new things and gain a new understanding of the world around us.

Facebook’s new Timeline is the definition of change, but it still allows us to look back on our old selves and see how far we have come.

Timeline at its most basic is the culmination of all of our statuses, added photos, videos, friends made and relationship changes in one chronological list.

Facebook has even put in an event for your birth so that if you’re interested, you can put baby pictures up.

The Timeline really starts all the way back to when you first signed up for Facebook. So in the end, it’s actually something more than just all of your status updates and photos: It’s you. It’s your history, your thoughts, your feelings. It ultimately celebrates you for being you.

On your new profile, you’ll see a cover picture that spans the width of the timeline. Already, the first thing you or anybody sees is you. It’s your profile.

Everything else they are about to view is your history.

Within your history, everything is placed up front easily viewable. Pictures are large and easily clickable. On the right side of the screen, there is a list that comprises the time that you have spent on Facebook. This allows you to jump to any year or month that you want to view your Timeline.

When you get to the period that you want, the nostalgia trip down memory lane begins. My god, is it a nostalgia trip. Looking back on your graduation photos or the type of stuff you posted years ago is insane. It’s just like looking at a yearbook that all your friends got to sign, albeit a far more personal one.

Speaking of personal, let’s talk about privacy a little. When developers create new apps for Facebook, they are creating them assuming the user wants to share their information. This means no more asking for permission, it’s an all-or-nothing deal. If you don’t like it, go find another app. Facebook has been known for having privacy issues, but in a bold move, it seems like Mark Zuckerberg and Co. are tired of fighting that battle. Another issue that I have with Timeline is the assumption that everyone uses Facebook the way Mark Zuckerberg wants people to use it. Timeline will look amazing for those who love to document everything that they have done on Facebook, but for those more reserved or just new people to the serivce, their Timeline will be bare.

In the end, these problems are only going to affect a minority of people. Timeline is still going to be this amazing catalog of you. I was really looking for reasons to get rid of my Facebook account and move on, but with this addition, I can’t do that. My Timeline isn’t done yet.

It won’t be done for a while. There is a story to tell, and Timeline is making it easier than ever to do that.


  • Facebook Covers said:

    Facebook Timeline is the best change in recent time so far in Facebook. Specially that cover thing, it will be very interesting.

  • Jonah said:

    Looking forward to have Facebook Timeline officially live on Facebook!

  • ann said:

    i think that will not happen for now or this year

  • ann said:

    i think facebook timeline will not be for users or roll out

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