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Youth for Western Civilization President defends potential student org.

12 September 2011 26 Comments

President of the potential Towson University chapter of Youth for Western Civilization Matthew Heimbach explains the mission of the student group, elaborates on events the group plans to hold, and answers the questions many Towson students have asked about the group’s beliefs.
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The Student Government Association will vote Tuesday on whether YWC will be an affiliated student organization.


  • Average Student said:

    This video is too short. We would like to see a longer PR video for this group.


  • Mary Curry said:

    Listening to this person, Matthew, makes me feel sick to my stomach. I am a Christian and I thought Jesus said to love one another; not exclude those who don’t think or feel the same as you or have your sexual identity. You’ll surely deny that is what you are saying, but you might want to examine that. I give kudos to the interviewer. Nice job! Now that I know what YWC is I’ll stay away from it. Good luck, Matthew, and all those who proclaim Christianity in the form of hatred towards others. Sickening.

  • October said:

    If the political right and conservative christianity are so in the minority as he would like to make them seem, why can’t those who self-identify as homosexual get married in the vast majority of the states?

    And really, “hate the sin, love the sinner” in regards to homosexuality? That is by the very nature of the statement obviously anti-gay, let alone bringing the word “hate” into play.

  • Mary Curry said:

    Thanks, October, for saying things I couldn’t figure out how to say.

  • John said:

    He makes it pretty clear they are in the minority on campus; not in the real world.

    I am reminded of an old saying “There are two sides to every story, and the truth is usually in the middle.”

    Let them share their story, and let people make up their minds.

    It is a shame that so many people have made up their minds based on rumor. The book he quotes “Rules for Radicals” is a real book. I suggest reading it, and you’ll see how so much in politics today follows it, instead of seeking the truth.

  • Mary Curry said:

    “He makes it pretty clear they are in the minority on campus; not in the real world”.


    Good to have this conversation. I believe some people tag on to certain beliefs because they are told to. Awareness comes slowly to many of us. So glad it came to me before it was to late.

  • John said:

    I’m excited, I really wonder how many students know that Maryland was put under martial law to prevent it from joining the Confederacy, or that black men fought and died for the Confederacy, or that the Confederacy was really more about states rights and the power of the federal government than it ever was about slavery?

    I don’t agree with everything they say, but I am excited to hear their side of the story.

  • Mary Curry said:

    The wheels of change roll so slowly. Thank goodness we have people talking about rights for all people!! Keep talking. The only way we can help this world move in the direction of peace is to keep talking in our own little corners of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, gay or straight, …

  • Lauren Havelka said:

    I wonder if they will acknowledge the roots of Western culture in Eastern civilization.

    Somehow I seriously, seriously doubt that.

  • Mary Curry said:

    Good point.

  • Gay said:

    Christianity has historically not been associated with religious equality and equal representation of other religions. Therefore, saying “this is a Christian nation” does not come close to the meaning you are trying to convey.

    Straight students are not underrepresented. Mass Culture and Mainstream media do a very fine job of only representing straight people most of the time.

    I’m engaged to be married. We are both men.

  • Eric Martinez said:

    I believe that this group should become an SGA affiliated group on campus. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to express their opinions? In my student fees, I pay for SGA affiliated groups where I don’t believe in what they believe and I don’t attend any of their functions. We cannot claim we have diversity and disregard diverse groups.

    I respect everyone’s opinions, even if I disagree with them. That is what being an adult is all about. I commend Matthew for what he is trying to do. As a Christian man, I disagree with Matthew’s ideas on homosexual-marriage…but from what I gather, he’s trying to bring political debate, and what better way to do it?

    As a gay/Christian/Republican, I believe what I believe and if there is something that I don’t like, or believe in, I don’t pay attention to it.

  • Mary Curry said:

    You are right, Gay. There are people in society who are served well. Let’s call them the dominant society. It is sometimes (pretty generally, I would say) not easy for those people to see that some people are not served well. It is very easy for those who are not served well to see it, feel oppressed, left out, and downtrodden. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. I love to see people in a committed, loving relationship! I hope yours will last many years and many blessings be with you.

  • Mary Curry said:

    He should be allowed on campus, etc., Eric, of course. I don’t think anyone here said he should not be allowed. I’m just disagreeing with them.

  • Eric Martinez said:

    @Mary: They are deciding if this group should be SGA affiliated tomorrow. There are quite a few groups/people that are going to try and vote against this. I am just stating that I believe they should be SGA affiliated. :)

  • Mary Curry said:

    They should have the right to speak. I wold not want someone to tell me I couldn’t. I understand, Eric, and I agree with you.

  • THIS. IS. SEWIOUS. said:

    As I sit here (smoking my tobacco pipe, reading leather-bound books, in my room that smells of rich mahogany) I speculate if we can look forward to YWC hosting some soirées during White History month.

    It gives me a feeling of vertiginous joy to consider the possibility of authentic cookery strictly from the culture of European descent…Because there are just so many wonderful things that the culture of European descent has to offer…

    Mayhaps they might conduct a consortium of American’s of European descent on mayonnaise (The process of its creation, and its subtle nuances)?
    Perchance an explication on how American culture / culture of European descent created such great cuisines (i.e. The Baconator, or The, albeit it infamous, Double Down)

    I say… Quite so… Indubitably… Bully…

  • Jill said:

    Eric Martinez, I respect your opinion, and I agree that the members of this group have the right to speak their minds, and I do agree with you that groups that I don’t necessarily agree with should definitely get SGA affiliation and funding. For example, even though I do not agree with them, I think the College Republicans have every right to be SGA affiliated, and get the funding that comes with it.

    However, I have a huge problem with the messages of bigotry and hate that the YWC is spewing. Towson is known as a diverse, welcoming, accepting campus. That is one of the reasons why, as a Jewish lesbian, I decided to attend Towson. The YWC has a right to meet and the members have a right to say their opinions, but I have a problem with my tuition money going to fund this group, which is classified as a hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and I have a huge problem with this hate group being in any way connected to our university.

  • Anthony said:

    John, i believe you are seriously mistaken in your claim about what the reasoning was behind the confederacy and the outbreak of the civil war. This could possibly be just ignorance, or idoicy, so either way I will provide a reference for you. This is the simplest explanation I have come across outside of what I found out in elementary school by basic American history classes.


  • Heather Kangas said:

    Why go to college if you disagree with multiculturalism?

  • Colonel Warden said:

    I’m still waiting for evidence to support this group is a hate group. The SPLC is about as left as you can get. I want to see real evidence of hate like crimes, violence, unfounded rhetoric. In this video, I heard nothing more than a desire to express a different opinion, respect for everyone and civil debate. He even says he does not hate gays, he just hates their life styles. Let’s see some evidence from independent sources.

    On the other hand, we can confirm the brick throwing by leftist groups, that seems like a hate crime to me.

    His speech is about having a debate, it’s a speech I heard when Giffords was shot. A year later, I see video games about killing zoombie versions of Republicans, and union people calling for violence against non-union people. Maybe these actions are more hate filled than anything this man believes in.

    You don’t like it, don’t go to it. I think you’d be missing out on a fascinating chance to expand your mind and learn both sides of the story, but if you don’t want to, that’s your right.

    Education is the search for truth, how can you search for truth when you only have one side of the story? That isn’t education, that is indoctrination.

  • Lauren Havelka said:

    I was wondering the same thing, Heather.

    And what exactly do they mean by Western Civilization? It’s such a broad concept, that only anthropologists could give you a real answer, and that would take up huge tomes. There’s so much intertwining connections between cultures, it’s ridiculous to talk about a single monolithic civilization as large as encompassing the Western hemisphere that wasn’t influenced profoundly by any other cultures.

    I mean, ignoring the influence of Islamic culture on European culture alone would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that most people really are ignorant of the influences.

    What’s sad is a university education is meant to provide us with knowledge and tools to understand that knowledge so that we might better see those connections and influences across cultures. Why go to a university and completely ignore all that?

    My guess as to why this is considered a hate group by SPLC is that it does ignore the cross-cultural influences in favor of the myth of the “pure” Western civilization, which is a basic tenet for many racist, supremicist and nationalistic organizations, going back over well over a hundred years.

  • Mildly Confused Student said:

    Come on guys can’t we all just disagree with each other and go out for pizza later! PIZZA GUYS…. IT’S PIZZA AND EVERYONE LOVES IT!

  • Realistic Hopkins said:

    Well, since this is at Towson University, we can expect no real progress or intelligent conversations to occur. A university where everyone feels like their viewpoint is important and must be expressed is also known as a daycare.

  • Jeff Smoochie-Wallace said:

    @Realistic Hopkins:

    We shouldn’t all feel like our viewpoints are important and must be expressed? Last I checked we all have a right to express our beliefs and have our voices heard.

  • JE said:


    I would agree we all should feel that our views are important. The decision is whether to express them or not, and to decide in what forum we should express them. We should also accept that our viewpoints may not be agreeable to everyone, and because of that we may offend a minority or a majority.

    There is nothing wrong with offending people you disagree with.

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