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Q&A with Iranian Queer Activist Arsham Parsi

3 October 2011 By Shamus Kelley 9 Comments

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The Towerlight had an exclusive interview with Iranian Queer Activist Arsham Parsi.


  • Lilia F said:

    Arsham Parsi is a wonderful individual and there should be more people like him. So brave, so committed, I was SO honored to meet him.

  • dan said:

    nice nice we love u

  • daniel said:

    we love u

  • Paul said:

    Very proud of you Arsham Parsi! He speaks for those that don’t have a voice. Those that are beaten and murdered by a terrible dictatorship. Yes, the world needs more people like Arsham.

  • Roach said:

    Holy crap, it’s not a youtube-esque comment area of “hurrr your gay11!”
    Very amazing man and story indeed.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller said:

    I’m a senior citizen living in Oslo- Norway. And I support IRQR- both with some money,and different writings ( poems,joky sentences etc.)—to cheer up iranian LGBT-individuals.Since I have had close connection with iranian resistance since 1981,I know how difficult life is for gay and lesbian persons inside Iran.It is very hard for American citizens to really understand what queer persons have to go through if they are being arrested or imprisoned in Iran. Loving a person of the same sex might bring you direct to the gallows.My hope for A. Parsi and his friends in Canada and The USA is that the gap between the gay society they belong to and the heterosexual iranian society will be bridged. That would make the wonderful work IRQR is doing more positive and optimistic: An accepting, tolerant and friendly coexistence between all iranians. They all have something in common; The LOVE for Iran- and the hope that this beautiful country will be democratic—soon!

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller said:

    Why was my comment censored ? ( I support IRQR )

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller said:

    My comment was censored! Why?

  • Devin Hamberger said:

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in letting me interview them for an article that I am writing for one of my journalism classes. I am a Towson student who interviewed Arsham Parsi for this story. I am interested in getting other people’s viewpoints on the IRQR and Parsi’s work.

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