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Winter Fashion Preview

30 October 2011 By Arts & Life Staff No Comments

Want to be cozy and fashionable this winter? The Towerlight arts & life staff has compiled a list of several winter trends to keep on your radar during the colder months.

Happy Shopping!


Infinity Scarves

If only we could wear scarves all year round. You can, and some do, but having that kind of heat wrapped around your neck doesn’t bode well for surviving a Maryland summer.

Instead, make scarves last forever in a new way. Basically, an infinity scarf is a giant cowl you can loop over and over around your neck as the weather deems appropriate. You can even throw a loop over your head or around your mouth for good measure.

One scarf has the options of several and they go with layers, sweaters, coats or could even be worn inside instead of a blanket around your shoulders.


Boots with Buckles

If it’s snowing in October, there’s no way it won’t snow through November and December, and maybe even into the new year.

When you’re trudging through the slushy muck to class, you want something on your feet a little sturdier than rubber rain boots.

A thick-soled boot will do the trick, and boots with buckles of all shapes and sizes are walking their way across catwalks everywhere.

Whether you’re feeling fur, suede or snakeskin, buckles are abundant.

Even Ugg boots have hopped on the buckle bandwagon, as if you needed an excuse to wear them, Towson ladies.


Winter Scents for Men and Women

As most men know, the era of Axe is over. To attract the ladies, men need to experiment with a fragrance that matches and enhances their personality and fashion identity. But what most men may not realize is that scents vary from season to season. Specifically for the winter season some men want to apply stronger scents with hints of Christmas-time: wood, slight bitterness, honey. The lighter smells, leaning toward slightly flowery, are meant for spring and summer.


Suggestion: BLEU de Chanel


Women can continue to wear fruity smells. Specifically, berry notes are popular in the winter. Subtlety is key. Mixing those sweeter scents with more base smells like vanilla or sugar also results in enticing fragrances. Richer smells include muskier amber and small hints of citrus.


Suggestion: L’instant of Guerlain


American-Indian Patterns

It’s hard to believe that top designers hold Fashion Week for Winter 2011 in February, but it’s finally time to break out the bold patterns predicted to take off.

This winter, men and women can rock vibrant reds, yellows and blues woven into geometric or Aztec patterns similar to those worn at the Thanksgiving dinner table (just without the rampant small pox).

This also translates to low ponytails, smokey eyes and metallic chokers (also in style this season).

For further inspiration, visit the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., over Winter Break.


Lumberjack Chic

With the first days of No-Shave November upon us, it won’t be long before you start looking like a back-woods lumberjack. And now, you can DRESS like a back-woods lumberjack!

Denim jackets, long-sleeved plaid flannel shirts and puffy vests, combined with tan suede hiking boots and a knit hat, and you’re ready to chop off the wolf’s head to save Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

Girls can also try this look, since androgynous fashion is also making a comeback this winter.


Socks with Shoes

Wearing socks with your dress shoes might trigger flashbacks to middle school fashion mishaps, but as long as you’re not wearing tube socks, socks and shoes can keep you warm while adding a pop of color to your outfit.

Rihanna wore socks and stilettos, socks and booties and socks with chunky pumps in photo shoots and on the red carpet. And while most can’t pull off her groundbreaking style, this trick is easy enough to copy.

If you’re not brave enough for socks and shoes, try a thick pair of tights. They’ll still keep your legs warm (or let you mask a few days of hair growth).


Boxy bags and wrist clutches

Bags always come in twos: cigar-box purses and tote bags; satchels and draw-string bags; and now, boxy bags and wrist clutches.

Bigger, shapeless bags have been easy enough to toss your books and water bottle in, but adding some shape to your sack will also add a level of professionalism to your ensemble.

As for clutches, they never go out of style. But when you’re out dancing, do you really want to have a drink in one hand and your bag in the other? How can you swat off creepers or crook a “come hither” finger at a cutie? Instead, Velcro or snap a wristlet (even one the size of a clutch) on and suddenly you’re hands free!


Fitted Blazers

As an androgynous choice, fitted blazers can function as a casual piece of apparel with a t-shirt and jeans or over a blouse for women or button up for men for a date or outing for the weekend. Blazers exist in almost all stores, and make almost any other article of clothing look classy.


Riding Boots

Riding boots galloped onto the scene last year, but the equestrian look is equally trendy in 2011. Imagine rain boots without the slippery surface or squeaky steps.

The problem is, as you might remember from your youth, the girls who rode horseback had pretty wealthy folks (some of them even had their own horses!)

‘Tis the season to shop thrifty: Head to the Salvation Army on Joppa Road to save some cash for later holiday shopping.



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