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Everything Worth Knowing: Bullying past primary school

20 November 2011 By Allison Schlupp, Columnist 4 Comments

Earlier this week, while walking to an event at the Union, I experienced bullying for the first time in a long time.

Walking along minding my own business, some boy, small in stature (and apparently in morals), starting saying derogatory things and just being downright misogynistic.

Those of you who know me know that I do not take kindly to things such as this, so I quickly told this boy (who was maybe five feet away from me) how rude he was being.

Well, apparently he didn’t like this very much, so he decided it would be good to scream (I mean this) at the top of his lungs how I was ugly, fat and should keep my sunglasses on to cover my ugly face, several times.

I was upset to say the least.  I had never been verbally attacked in such a way, and it really shook me and shed some light on the topic of bullying for me.

Bullying is a hot-button word in the media at this particular time. With everyone from President Obama to Lady Gaga getting involved, the world is really taking notice to the way people treat each other.

Honestly, until the incident I just mentioned, I didn’t really understand it.

I thought bullying only happens in primary grades, then we get over it.

But with just a few words from a stranger, I was brought back to fifth grade.

It made me wonder just how many college students experience bullying and if it is a problem on Towson’s campus.

I can’t have been the only person affected by this, and I feel that I will not only be more aware of my actions now, but of other’s who I am in company with.

Putting people down can really hurt, whether it is verbally attacking them for things they cannot control, snarky Facebook statuses aimed at them, or just picking on someone that has done you wrong, it is all bullying.

Picking on people and talking down to others is very much part of our lives, and as a campus, we really need to learn to live above bullying of any form and work on ourselves.

That is why I refuse to talk about the person who bullied me, calling him the mean names that I want to, pointing out his insecurities, or saying things that may not be true.

Instead I will go with the theme of the University last week and say, “love is louder.”

I will look for the positive learning experience from this situation and move on, as I encourage everyone who has been in a similar situation or is struggling with one right now to do.

Allowing a negative person even a second of your time is a second of your life wasted on something and someone who shouldn’t matter in the first place.

As we leave school for Thanksgiving, be thankful for all that is good in our lives and do not dwell on those who try to ruin it.

Live by your own rules, whether people like it or not, and do not let anyone’s words or actions affect how you feel about you.

As the ultimate rule breaker Marilyn Monroe said, “When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them anyway.”


  • If you dont concern you let it alone said:

    It wouldnt hurt for you to mind your own damn business either

  • If you dont concern you let it alone said:

    Walking along minding my own business, some boy, small in stature (and apparently in morals), starting saying derogatory things and just being downright misogynistic.

    Perhaps he was minding his own business until you opened your big mouth

  • Sean said:

    lol just because no one responded to your poorly guided comment the first time around doesn’t mean write the same thing two days later…

  • Amanda said:

    The first two comments sound like a butthurt bully who felt a little targeted here.

    Don’t you think you could have minded YOUR own business by not commenting on this article at all? Maybe scrolling on by just like the author should have just walked on by?

    Get a life you poor, misguided child.

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