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Opinionated Glee Review: Extraordinary Merry Christmas

14 December 2011 By Shamus Kelley, Video Producer 3 Comments

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Shamus Kelley takes a look at season 3 episode 9 of Glee. Good, bad, or mediocre? Watch and find out!

Hint: I really want a Kurt/Blaine sitcom now.


  • Jarod said:

    Ahh Glee… what have they done to you… this started off as just a great concept, and now has just gone down the crapper. I totally agree with you – the Christmas special was amazing, and I agree with many of the reviews which said the episode would’ve just been soo much better if the entire episode was a standalone “afterschool special” thing which consisted of just the black and white bit rather than including all that useless saccharine crap. Rachel was a real bitch in this episode… ochh.. the thing is.. when Glee does something like The First Time, I remember why I fell in love with the show in the first place, but when it ruins a perfectly good setup with other just.. bad storylines… just bleuughhh… – and the worst part is, I actually felt physically sick when I saw the glee kids singing Do They Know It’s Christmas to the homeless people. It just felt so wrong, and so tasteless.. condescending crap only included to showcase the “best song of the album”…

    Also, as a side note, I don’t like Sue. I’ve never liked Sue. She is a useless stupid character that was created to be a one-dimensional villain out to destroy the glee club in every episode, and they have never succeeded in making her character anything cohesive beyond that. And all those half-assed storylines that they never do anything with.. …I’ve just given up. We know that any character outside the main cast of like 50 (I wish that were hyperbole…) is just there for 1 episode only (Shelby being the only exception because fans forced the show to bring her back), so you know that other issues like Santana reconciling her lesbianism with her grandmother (a storyline suggested on another review) as a much better storyline for the ep would never happen.

    One thing that really pissed me off about this episode was that the name of the special had the word “Glee” in it – like that completely took away from my suspension of disbelief (like usually I can cope with all the crazyness, but that just made me stop and go.. “WHAT?!!!”). They never refer to themselves as “Glee”. That’s just the name of the show… Grrrrrr.. so aggravating.
    However. truth be told, there are so many funny bits and bobs in the special, most of which I remembered from reading various reviews, but one humorous thing not mentioned on any of them is the Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang (no relation) thing – a little tongue-in-cheek reference to the racial stereotyping of the naming of the characters.

    There is one thing I read during the first season that I will never forget. It was a prediction that even though Glee was at the top of its game, “mark [his] words, Glee will be finished after 3 seasons”. I never believed him, but now I think he may just be right. Just like the teen seasons of the Simpsons (although it’s gotten soo epic recently, so happy for them!), I just sit down and go through the motions.. I don’t really expect anything out of them anymore… It’s just sort of…there…

    P.S Oh, I heard Favourite Things yesterday for the first time… och i hate it soo much. It it completely devoid of any emotion whatsoever.. theres no personality to the song. They sing exactly on the beat, and it just sounds bleugh. Also Kurt sounded like a saxaphone and Blane doesn’t sound right ‘cos he’s singing in a different octave.

  • Shelley said:

    I was disappointed. I watched the special and tried to find somewhere to laugh but found my jaw hanging wide open it seemed like 30 mins passed by but realized only 10 minutes had gone by. I started to nod off and did for about an hour til I woke and found that the special was still on. The special was half of the show. That’s when I was so uncomfortable to watch it that I surfed the channels, answered emails, answered missed phone calls, thought about shopping for a while. I realized that it wasn’t worth watching and left not DVR ing that episode for I will not revisit it again. I could go into details as you have but I don’t remember anything about it and don’t want to. It was the worst episode ever of Glee. I have watched everything about Glee since the pilot and I felt like a heel abandoning my favorite show but it was a major fail. I respect your assessment of it but I tried to rewatch on a forum the next day but it repulsed me.

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