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Campus a place for CIA experiments

6 September 2012 By “Chris Carter” 14 Comments

Towson University is the most dangerous place that I’ve ever been.  The school looks very nice and safe but there is no real law enforcement on campus.  There are a lot of unreported murders, assaults, and rapes on the Towson University campus.  The campus doesn’t want the media to know that the University had over 100 student deaths last year.  The police log lies about the amount of crime that is actually taking place.  The local Towson police won’t go on campus.

The U.S. Marshals Service said that protecting the campus really isn’t their responsibility.  The FBI and CIA actually told me that it is not their responsibility to protect students.

The CIA has been using Towson University students involuntarily for scientific experiments and brainwashing for decades.

They actually used to grab students from their dorm rooms at night.  There were actual battles between the campus police and the CIA and there were deaths resulting from it.   I am witness to it, I was in training with the CIA at the time but I quit.  Those guys are the worst people in the world.  I used to know Former CIA director, David Petraeus.  Petraeus used to brag that he killed at least one person everyday.  Most of them were children under 18.   I used to know former CIA director, Leon Panetta.  Leon Panetta is one of the worst mass murders in world history

Towson University has long been a campus used by the CIA for the MKUltra program.  They are still using students involuntarily for experimenting today on Towson University’s campus.

The CIA actually labeled Towson University a feeding ground for aliens.  The CIA actually said that the aliens had a right to eat whomever they wanted on campus.

I was an undergraduate student who lived on campus for all four years.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree and went back to TU for graduate school.   The campus is extremely dangerous especially for the dorm residents.  The dorms should be closed all together.   I’ve witnessed many rapes, assaults and murders in the campus Towers A,B,C and D.  I’ve seen people literally eaten alive in the campus dorms really.  Campus security investigations of crimes were ridiculous and ineffective.

I know Towson University is one of the most dangerous universities in this country but no one’s reporting the truth.


  • Source said:

    Uh, it’s residence halls, not dorms.

    The rest I agree with you 100%, but we already knew that stuff.

  • Kyle said:

    Cool story. Did you write that for your creative writing class?

  • what? said:

    If it is so dangerous, why did you return for grad school?
    The aliens told you you had to?

  • David Petraeus said:

    alien always text me say it wants to test me lol smiley face

  • TU grad student said:

    I’m guessing this is satire.

    Chris Carter is the name of the guy that created “The X-Files”.

    Commentary on the crap that The Towerlight is willing to print in the name of free speech, perhaps?

  • Roach said:

    But aliens deserve a student union to be represented too

  • Emmett Byrne said:

    My suspicions are confirmed. Dr. Maravene Loeschke is a puppet propped up by the CIA whose upcoming inauguration will signify the dawn of a whole new era of bloodletting and horror on campus. Good thing the world is ending right after this semester.

  • Chris Carter said:

    This story is the truth. Hoke Smith had declared the campus a no man’s land. Hoke Smith said there was nothing he could do to stop the CIA. If you have any questions about the story, my email is chriscarter@inbox.com. Towson University used to have state troopers on campus. The state troopers quit. There has been 3 different security guard companies on campus in the past 5 years. The uniformed security guards actually do not have authority to arrest anyone. If you don’t believe me, talk to someone that’s worked or lived on campus for a few years.

  • dave said:

    Maravene is not a puppet.. She is just a CLOWN!

  • Roach said:

    Security guards can’t arrest anyone?!?! Dear lord, IT’S THE FUCKING CIA! No, that’s called a goddamn private sector. Abacus has been the ONLY security company on campus. Ya know, you may have fooled people if you knew something about law enforcement and it’s various fields.

    Also, Hoke Smith is dead.

  • Standards, Towson needs them said:

    Based on this letter to the editor Towson needs to reevaluate their standards for admission, more specifically the mental health of potential students…

  • TU grad student said:

    Guys, it’s a joke. A really good one, though.

    Hey Chris Carter, what you did there, I sees it.

  • Ice MFT said:

    I’m rollin up in a big gray bus
    and I’m shackled down, myself that’s who I trust
    The minute I arrived some sucker got hit
    Shanked ten times behind some bullshit

  • Anonymous said:

    This’ll be a great idea for my mystery novel! *grabs a pen and writes this down*

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