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White Student Union seeks legal consultation

27 September 2012 By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Editor-in-Chief, Brandi Bottalico, Associate News Editor, Jonathan Munshaw, News Editor 37 Comments
Student task force hosts forum on students’ opinion on controversial group
Matthew Hazlett/ The Towerlight

Matthew Hazlett/ The Towerlight

Despite not meeting the requirements for Student Government Association affiliation, the prospective White Student Union has submitted an application to the SGA after receiving legal counsel.

Senior Matthew Heimbach, the prospective president, said he hopes that the University will consider the application anyway.

“Free speech advocates in Maryland are supporting our case and agree that University policies are at best in the gray or worst outright unconstitutional,” he said. “Our message will not be silenced, we have the right to meet. If the University decides to overstep their legal boundaries … then they will meet definitive, quick action.”

To gain SGA affiliation, a student group must draft a pre-approved constitution, and submit the names of eight prospective members and an adviser, who can be any faculty and staff member. The SGA will then vote on whether to approve the group.

SGA President Brandy Hall said that without these requirements, there is no chance that SGA will approve the group, as every other student group has had to follow the same application process. She said that many students in and out of SGA have expressed concerns about the purpose of the group.

“When a student group wants to make an organization, it’s usually not hard to find eight students to join and find an adviser, it makes me say ‘why can’t you?’”

YouTube Preview Image

Hall said that during the forum the Student Task Force for Bias, Discrimination and bullying hosted Wednesday night, she expected Heimbach to address what events the group would hold and how they will operate, but her questions were not answered. Some students said they were intimidated by the proceedings.

“Even what they said was a bit vague,” junior Ines Nassara said. “I want to go to one of their meetings and talk to one of them.”
Freshman Christina Thompson said she wanted to learn more about the White Student Union.

“I’ve been trying to formulate an opinion about the subject myself,” she said. “But both sides have such extreme views that I’m frightened by that. I feel like it’s racist to not have a student union, but I feel that the student union’s intention might be racist itself.”

Matthew Hazlett/ The Towerlight

Matthew Hazlett/ The Towerlight

Thompson said her concerns stem from the fact that the group’s perspective president is Heimbach, who was the former leader of Youth for Western Civilization, a right-wing group that gained significant media attention after their public displays against same-sex marriage and Sharia Law.

Deb Moriarty, vice president for Student Affairs, said that Heimbach will have difficulty shedding his image as the leader of YWC.

“It’s hard not to tie it to the history of Youth for Western Civilization, giving some of the same students are involved,” she said.

Junior Julia Chong said she does not object to any student celebrating their race, but that Heimbach’s leadership concerned her.
“If you want to immerse or educate yourself,” she said. “I don’t see anything wrong with that. However I don’t find that to be the true intent of the White Student Union and that is due to past and previous experiences if you look back at the past year.”

Heimbach said that he would be willing to step down as president if it alleviated student concerns about the White Student Union.
“It’s not an ego trip, it’s about advancing the cause, and white students.”

The White Student Union is hosting journalist Jared Taylor in its first event Tuesday, but since the group has not secured SGA affiliation, Heimbach must pay for the facility costs to rent the room. He also said that Towson University Police has demanded he pay for at least 13 police officers to attend the event, which will cost around $3,600.

Businesses and non-profits have sent funds to Heimbach to pay for the costs, he said.

“We’re currently dealing with a host of issues in which legally our students might not be stopped from getting their voices heard, but there’s sneaky back-handed ways where free speech comes pay-to-play,” Heimbach said.

Jared Taylor, a self-described “racial realist,” advocates the separation of different racial groups.

In an interview with filmmaker Craig Bodeker, Taylor said that he sees white as a dwindling race.

“The whole notion of diversity, the notion that if you fill the United States with people as unlike each other as possible, that that is somehow going to produce a great nation, that’s very dangerous,” he said in the interview. “And it is particularly not just dangerous but unfortunate for whites, the people who built and established this nation.”

Former vice president of the Black Student Union Ignacio Evans said that the forum didn’t provide a sense of what the White Student Union wanted to accomplish and would have preferred Heimbach read a mission statement for the group.

“It at least showed the students that the university is being responsive because historically before President Loeschke, the University was not responsive to a lot of these issues,” he said. “I think that this task force meeting is a great way to show or gesture toward good faith. But with that being said I don’t think that good faith is enough in this instance.”

A White Student Union supports equality on campus, Heimbach said. The only purpose of the Union he said is not to discriminate or disparage other racial or religious groups, but to celebrate white history, heroes and culture.

“If you’re against us, enjoy being a bigot because that’s on you,” he said.


  • Roach said:

    This is cute.

  • The Young and Derpy said:

    Freshman Christina Thompson said she wanted (to*) learn more about the White Student Union.

  • Anonymous said:

    INB4 2 people viral the comment section as 20 different people

  • The Voice of Reason said:

    Why are we even discussing this? We’re giving this non-issue infinitely more attention than it deserves.
    Whatever happened to freedom of speech in this country? Where in the First Amendment does it say that we only have freedom of speech if it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, or if everyone agrees upon it.
    Towson is a publicly funded institution, and therefore assumes the mantle of the state, meaning they cannot do anything the government cannot do. Ergo, it is unconstitutional and immoral for the university to refuse to allow any group of people to speak their minds or assemble, no matter how unpopular they may be. This is not limited to groups associated with race, free speech is for all people, all the time, so long as they do not violate the rights of others.

  • Sean said:

    It’s funny…they can’t find ONE person at Towson University to be their adviser. 250 student groups went through this process, so why does Heimbach want special treatment? Interesting.

  • O Sean said:

    Sean, professors don’t want to attach themselves to something controversial, it doesn’t mean the group shouldn’t have the right to exist because no professors have the balls to advise (not endorse) a group.

  • Roach said:

    @O Sean

    Actually, yes it does. It’s a little thing called “school policy”. Every other group had to go through the same process. Every other group had to write up a constitution, find an adviser, and get approved, denied, or recommendations for change. No one is special.

  • A Towson resident said:

    If they sue, they will use. There are precedent cases whereby universities are allowed to set rules for student groups, so long as the rules apply to all groups.

    I think it would be awesome if someone started up a group that was devoted to European heritage, but actually acknowledged and confronted the negative aspects of it.

    This group is not really about European or “white” heritage. It’s about white supremacism, pure and simple. It gives those of us who actually take pride in our European cultures and enjoy their music, dance, art, language, etc., but don’t deny the horrible things those cultures have done a bad name.

  • A Towson resident said:

    Excuse me: They will lose, not use.

  • NorthernWind@gmail.com said:

    “Jared Taylor, a self-described “racial realist,” advocates the separation of different racial groups.”

    Jared Taylor advocates complete freedom of association. Get your facts straight Jeremy Bauer.

  • A Towson resident said:

    And that association is exclusive, correct, Jared? Only whites with whites, blacks with blacks, etc.? That’s separation, you’re just arguing semantics.

  • US resident said:

    Why do so many people call whites who wish to cherish and preserve the existence of their race and culture “supremacists”? Why is a white group, neighborhood, school, or nation always something “shamefully lacking in diversity” while all other races are never criticized for having places where they exclusively control their destinies?

  • A Towson resident said:

    White people do control their destinies. They are already on top. They don’t need anything special.

    White people that want such groups disparage, constantly, other races. These little shits already proved this through the YWC.

    Which failed because white students on campus don’t need anyone to tell them they are oppressed. They aren’t.

    The world is global and multicultural, and it isn’t changing. Get over it, or do us all a favor and leave the planet.

    Oh, and for the record, saying white can encompass all of European culture is extraordinarily insulting to the diversity of European culture, and completely ignorant of the history and reality of inter-European relations.

  • Mike said:

    ^^ He also wants to promote his specific brand of “Christian values” which are not in line with the majority of modern European culture. Other student groups celebrating their race or ethnicity do not promote specific religious values. This kid is a moron, good thing no faculty member will support him.

  • Al Ansem said:

    “White people do control their destinies. They are already on top.”

    Really? They can’t even form a silly little group without hellfire and brimstone raining down around them. They can’t make a peep without cultural marxist reactionaries going ballistic. Ninety-nine percent of whites aren’t “on top” of anything. They are doormats, and expected to enjoy being so. They’re also becoming an increasingly dispossessed minority surrounded by groups that irrationally fear and hate them. This is exactly why they need this group.

  • A Towson resident said:

    Whatever. Live in your own little fantasy world, and tell yourself when this group doesn’t get approved because of lack of interest that it’s really because there’s a conspiracy against good white Christians from minorities and self-hating whites. At the end of the day, you’re still going to be pathetic losers trying to puff yourselves up.

  • James said:

    Here is required reading for anyone wanting to know the true nature of this group: http://blog.adl.org/tags/matthew-heimbach

  • James said:

    Heimbach’s webiste links to several white supremacist groups under “pro-white websites”: http://towsonwsu.blogspot.com/

  • James said:

    Here is the ADL profile of the white supremacist group Heimbach supports: http://www.adl.org/learn/ext_us/CCCitizens.asp

  • James said:

    Jared Taylor is a good friend of David Duke and Don Black, the founder of the neo-nazi Stormfront website.

  • US resident said:

    Jared Taylor is hated because he is an extremely intelligent gentleman who advocates for the preservation of his race and culture while being extremely fair to all other peoples. He usually presents his viewpoints with the ability to back up everything he says with verifiable facts and he does so as a gentleman. Prominent individuals who oppose him are usually unwilling to debate him about anything because his debate opponents always end up looking like hateful idiots. It would be very interesting if anyone from Towson University’s administration wanted to discuss their differences in a public setting with Mr. Taylor, but I believe it is extremely unlikely that any of them will have the courage to do that.

  • James said:

    American Third Position, which Heimbach supports, is even worse. It was founded by neo-nazis: http://www.adl.org/main_Extremism/Backgrounder:+American+Third+Position.htm

  • A Towson Alum said:

    If this group can do what their supposed to do in terms of becoming a student group then by all means. To be quite honest, there’s a lot of little things that stick out to me.
    - No one in this group put together a mission statement, list of possible events, etc to show the type of programming that will occur should their application go through?
    -What need is there for a white student union at a predominantly white institution? Clearly, the white race is not a minority at Towson. There are student union type of groups (ie BSU, CSA, LASO, etc) that were started by the MINORITY groups students at Towson. All of these groups, as far as I know, don’t deny membership to anyone of a different race. So if this white student union plans to deny membership to non whites, it’s a fail.
    -I have not found an HBCU (historically black college or university) that has a BSU. What need is there for it? None.
    -With all the different religious groups, cultural groups, greek councils etc Towson clearly does not have a problem allowing people to express themselves PROPERLY through meetings, events, etc.

    I’m not a fan of people whther they be black white or otherwise, throwing around the rascist card BUT when a student, or group starts to exhibit the same beliefs, etc of white supremecist groups, and such you are bound to be met with a little opposition. It doesn’t matter how much you change the name of the group, how much you try to mask what you’re really about, what’s done in the dark always comes to light.

    So far I haven’t heard anything constructive and promising for this group.

  • WH said:

    Diversity is a weakness, and multiculturalism doesn’t work.

    Instead of forging ahead as a society, we are simply bickering with each other along racial and ethnic lines.

    This whole episode is the perfect example.

  • A Towson resident said:

    As someone whose ancestry includes Czech, Irish, German, Italian, Scottish, Welsh, English and Dutch, and whose husband is Polish and French, yes, multiculturalism does work.

    If you think of those as just one culture, then you have lost the argument that this is just about preserving “white” culture, because each of those is unique.

  • Joe Morrison said:

    The Ethics of Killing White Babies:


  • James said:

    Joe, the ADL has condemned that sort of thing: http://blog.adl.org/extremism/king-samir-shabazz-bomb-white-churches-and-kill-white-babies

  • LinuxL3wis said:

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries ✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns ✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighbourhoods ✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Schools✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything ✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Children

    “Anti-Racists” haven’t told Africa or Asian children that ALL of their countries must be flooded with hundreds of millions of immigrants and force assimilated to create a “blended humanity” which is GENOCIDE to their race.

    No! “Anti-Racists” ONLY push for the global genocide of WHITE children

    Anti racism is a code word for anti White.

  • Joe Morrison said:


    The ADL only goes after the Black Panther because they are anti-Semites.

    They have never condemned the Weather Underground, because many of their fellow Jews created it.

    The ADL only goes after anti-Semitic Black nationalists, and then uses that as an opportunity to claim they are against white genocide.

    They are only against white genocide when Jews are part of it.

    However, when white Christians are targeted, usually it’s the Jews who are behind it or supporting it.

    Leon Trotskey, Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Bela Kun, Karl Marx, etc.

    The Jews have a religious hatred of white Europeans because our civilization is descended from Rome and ancient Greece — their historic enemy.

  • students said:

    for the free speech issue, let the WSU have their meetings and say what they want, as long as they are paying for it.

    Just because towson sga won’t fund them is NOT limiting their free speech.Funding for groups is a PRIVLEDGE-not a right set forth in the constitution.

    The government supports free speech, but its not their responsibility to fund it!

  • A minority said:


    Here’s Taylor in action.

  • 12345 said:

    Accepting Student Unions based soley on race is blatant racism. This is a public government funded University, so if there is a lawsuit, Towson will lose. I guess Towson is alright with Whites as long as they don’t form any groups on Campus.

    These racist Universities need to be dealth with in court. And you racist anti-White folks and those with White-guilt need a little love and understanding. That brainwashing by liberal Universities and the media, along with racist social government programs need to end. And people are speaking up and taking action. Finally.

  • Roach said:


  • A Towson resident said:

    Yeah, keep telling yourselves you have a case. You don’t.

    The school can show they approved a previous similar group, but the group disbanded because the adviser quit and the students couldn’t get another.

    The school can show that no adviser has stepped forward for this group, and that the minimum number of students hasn’t been met.

    The school can show that all student groups have to meet the same requirements for recognition.

    And the school can also show the group has not been banned and in fact it allowed the group to hold meetings on campus, if for a fee because the group wasn’t recognized.

    You people are delusional, but what else is new?

  • Classiccom said:

    Free Speech means paying for 13 police officers ?

    I don’t think Towson State has the kahunas to escape the the tyranny of establishment mind control.

    Don’t waste the money to stay where your are not wanted. Invest the money in a bus and have a rolling campus of your own. Offer transport to a local free speech zone. That would have to be off campus with the current circumstances.

  • Gazza said:

    If racially diverse societies are full of HATE, and BIGOTRY, and RACISM, and INTOLERANCE, why support it?

    White Liberals, do you think non-Whites are taking advantage of your compassion and fairness?

    Racially diverse societies are a HUGE source of tension and conflict. Racially homogenous societies don’t suffer from racism and the BILLIONS spent annually on racism lawsuits.

    If diversity was so natural, why are BILLIONS spent annually on Diversity programs, Tolerance programs, etc., and yet NO improvements have been forthcoming?

    Only Whites are crazy enough to spend BILLIONS on illegal immigrant welfare. No other race is silly enough to do that.

    Science has proven (see Harvard Professor Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone) that people in diverse societies:
    1. TRUST EACHOTHER LESS (including their own race),
    3. are LESS HAPPY.


    Will non-Whites give Whites minority benefits when Whites become a minority?

    Would America have become a first world nation if Whites had never colonized it?

    Most White immigrants assimilate after one or two generations. Most non-Whites never assimilate.

    Different races are suited to being governed by different sets of laws that suit their own racial attributes. Some races are COLLECTIVISTIC ex. Chinese; some races are INDIVIDUALISTIC ex. Whites.

    White Liberals LOVE diversity, but usually choose to live in White neighborhoods.

    Many Whites STILL don’t understand, non-Whites view their own race as their nation. Blood is thicker than water.

    Racial diversity usually benefits non-Whites more than Whites.

    The USA is dying BECAUSE OF RACIAL DIVERSITY AND INCREASING NUMBERS OF LOW IQ IMMIGRANTS! Taiwan, Japan, and China are thriving because they are racially homogenous, high IQ societies.

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