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Football coaches cross lines, mistreat players

23 October 2012 By Trevor Walker, Towson Football Linebacker 97 Comments

This letter is being written on behalf of many current and former players of the Towson University football team. Head Coach Rob Ambrose has openly disrespected and mistreated members of the team on a consistent basis. This is also true of the Defensive Coordinator Coach Matt Hachmann. Please excuse the language but this is a descriptive example of a statement coach Ambrose made following a practice during the week of our game against St. Francis this current season.

In as exact words as possible he stated: “I do not care what your religion is. I do not care if I offend anyone. But even if Jesus and his disciples come in here on Saturday, we are going to fuck them up and get them the fuck out of here.”

That particular statement offended many players on the team especially those with strong Christian beliefs. On top of that, there are many other questionable things said we believe are crossing the line of ethics He has also made remarks on the lines of ruining players live to the point where they would not be able to transfer to any other school if they cross him to a certain extent. Some members of the team are scared to speak up because of the perceived personal repercussions if the coaches caught wind of it. But it has gotten to the point where many players have talked about quitting even in the midst of winning games.

There is also many violations in practice hours per day. We have been presented with practice logs that coach Ambrose submits weekly which we have found to be completely inaccurate. Ambrose holds punishment runs almost daily throughout the week at 6 a.m. but does not post them on any of his practice logs.

He also logs inaccurate time lengths of our practices and meetings. This is an issue we have already presented to the compliance office.

We are held to a very high standard as student-athletes to do the right thing on a consistent basis regardless of it is popular or not. In return we expect the same thing from the coaching staff and the athletic department. We have a very sincere love for our University and we know you do as well. We take it upon ourselves to represent the school well on and off the field because we know it is a privilege to be able to do so. We are sending this meesage in hopes that this urgent issue will be addressed and that the wrongs will be corrected in ways the University sees fit. We appreciate you taking the time to hear our concerns.

Thank you.

* Another former player also drafted this letter, but did not consent to having his name published.



  • Roach said:

    I eagerly await to hear from The Presidents Athletics Task Force.


    Good for the team for speaking up.

  • Dat BOi said:

    Wow. Things are about to get really interesting on campus. Cant wait for the next game

  • HereWeGo said:

    Is anyone surprised by this. Mike Waddell has created a culture of foul language and poor treatment of subordinates. We have already seen this on his part. It was only a matter of time until his behavior trickled down to the head coaches.

  • Chuck said:

    Wow, throwing your coach under the bus. Nice work and way to be a team player. Good luck getting playing time anywhere else in your career or ever getting a job after college for writing this. Not one person will want to deal with you.

    Also, unspet over a speech to pump up the team? Have you never played sports before? Coaches and players say some heated and harsh things. Maybe you should take up ballet.

  • Bob said:

    There are many ways to motivate. Some of the best coaches in the NFL didn’t have to use that language.Didn’t have to diminish peoples faith.

    I know of another player who struggled with the way the coaches belittled the players. the funny thing was when the President of the school and donors was around, apparently treated the player in a completely different way.

  • Michael said:

    This story was probably given to the Towerlight by Mike Waddell. He is such a piece of shit that he would throw Ambrose to the wolves so that the story stops being about him and how he screwed everything up.

  • Roaring Like A Lion said:

    Chuck, it never acceptable for a coach to act with disrespect or contempt towards his players. A coach’s responsibility is to better his players, to help them strengthen their strengths and improve their weaknesses. To make them faster, smarter, and stronger on the field, but also to teach his players through example the importance of integrity and character in life; which apparently Chuck, it seems that you value neither integrity or character.

    Chuck it’s not held against you that you do not value these things. It is just that your disregard for decency shows everyone the kind of peson that you are.

    Trevor has courage for coming forward with this. He is doing something that few if any have ever had the guts to do. The illusion that Ambrose creates “that your personal value is determined by what you do on the field” is detrimental to the team, it is detrimental to his players. In fact the truth is just the opposite. Your value has already been determined by our Creator. Our Creator, who saw it fit to die for us to save us from our sins.

    Ambrose’s disrespect for other’s beliefs also tells you about the kind of arrogant, self absorbed, and poor excuse for a man that he is. But of course Chuck, what would you care about these things.

    In final regards, Trevor, any and every employer that is worth working for will value and look forward to employing you. Your courage, your integrity, and your stance against injustice shows everyone that you are a man of character, and that my friend is worth more than any amount of sacks or touchdowns will ever amount to.

    Thank you Trevor for the blessing you are, may this in return be a blessing to you.

  • Dat BOi said:

    Roaring Like a Lion had a point until he got to that religion garbage. GTFO son…

  • lol said:

    I guess the football players had to time to draft this up in between counterfeiting fake bills and dealing drugs? I think there’s other issues at hand that should be fixed first on the football team. You guys play football, suck it up or quit.

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    I am very very concerned as a parent. Pushing my personal feelings aside about Coach Ambrose’s use of foul language used on the field during games within earshot of the fans, or his extreme confidence that can be considered cockiness, or his questional play calling or his benching players for “teachable moments”, only to harrass the refs and get personal fouls called on him, or his “negative motivational tactics”, or instilling fear in his players. This aricle concerns me that a program on the rise is now in a situation where there is a question of compliance and for a head coach to make that kind of statement if true, how it seriously casts a very dark cloud over his character as a respectable man and human being. We parents intrust our sons to coaches to help mold them to be first, great men, great students and great athletes. It is not a good place to be as a parent to have concern with a coach and his staff setting bad examples and having a strong influence on our sons that we raise to be good and decent human beings that we have to go behind and counsel our boys to respect him when he is wrong? Not good coach, not good. So I wonder if my son comes to you to have an honest conversation on how he feels or his playing time or what ever, will you punish him with one of your “teachable moments”? Will you respect him or degrade him? Would you let him transfer because he is unhappy with you and for you to take it like a man? Or will you act like you are Jesus, whom obviously you don’t respect? You impact the lives of the young men and their families. This is bigger than you and your ego. Hopefully you get it together cause it seems like unless you change your ways, things are about to go real wrong. Hope you don’t go from coach of the year to joke of the year.

  • Teammate said:

    This is not only a mad player who didn’t play taking out is anger on the staff. There are over 25 signatures of current and former players following this letter who agree and want something to be done about it.

  • TUgrad said:

    It’s not only one player? Let’s see the other 25 signatures.

  • Pong Pong said:

    Trevor, Can you hear me clapping? I am giving you a standing ovation for your courage! You did the right thing. Your testimony is another great reason to KEEP BASEBALL at TU. Our baseball team doesn’t have any drama like this. Our coaches are outstanding, ethical, hard working, and devoted! Our players all get along. Dude, it’s great to be a baseball player here. Hopefully, the Task Force makes the right decision to keep baseball here once they have all the facts.

  • Teammate said:

    The Towerlight as well as other media sources have hold of the signatures that go along with the letters that validate the accusations. We are smart enough to know that no claim is credible without reliable references.

  • Football Mom said:

    As a parent of a child being recruited by TU, this is extremely disturbing and eye-opening! Definitely not good for Towson Football or Coach Ambrose…….I hope these statements are not true, however, personally having a chance to meet and speak with him, I’m sure they are! I agree this is very sad because the players and other members of the coaching staff seem to have been working very hard to try to rebuild the program.

  • tiger said:

    You play football, football coaches yell and cuss. Deal with it or play another sport.

  • Gigi said:

    Oh, please. Grow a pair already and stop whining.

  • Finicky Faculty said:

    Are you kidding me? So the pampered kid meets real life. Deal with it buddy. It doesn’t get any better. Life throws crap in our way all the time. Suck it and deal with it.

  • rickyD said:

    This is Waddells fault. all his fault. Waddell has no control of the department.

  • Sean said:

    I’ve heard my coaches say much worse than that. Oh and you’re practicing too much? So is the rest of the country.

    I see a transfer to Liberty or Bob Jones in your future.

  • sss said:

    This is a joke. Way to betray your teammates who aren’t sensitive prissies by trying to get back at your coach. I’ve got new for you…..football coaches are often abrasive by nature. Coaches push the practice hour limits EVERYWHERE.

  • Former player said:

    I played for Ambrose and was a starter. I agree with all that is being said. I finished my playing career and did not quit. The practice time is not the big issue. We have went over that since he has been there and we all knew we were going way all NCAA limits but realize most teams do. The big issue is how he treated people. Ambrose is the most arrogant person I’ve ever met. He acts like he is a god. I realize coaches can yell at kids and I can deal with that. But him along with other coaches bash certain kids and come at them personally in hopes that the quit. I’ve seen it every year I’ve played for him. I have no respect for Ambrose as a man. I respected him as a coach because that’s what u do. But I would estimate 80% of the the players feel the same way. No one came out because of the fear he enstills in everyone like he will put your career into the ground if you cross him.

  • Former player said:

    I see some parents along with recruits that would read this and I would never recommend a kid to go to Towson and play under Ambrose.

  • sps said:

    former player:

    Based on you most recent posts I recommend the current disgruntled players flesh out their arguments more, add more details, and more incidents. The way the complaint reads now makes it sound like a few disgruntled God Squadders unhappy about one Jesus comment and some extra practice. You seem to indicate that there is an underlying pattern of verbal and mental abuse towards particular people in the hopes of making them quit….this is a bit different.

  • Former player said:

    Sps: I completely agree and if more players are questioned I think if they are to remain nameless more players will come out. But this is not just a one time incident it is definitely an underlying issue than almost seems daily of personally attacking players not always on a religious basis.

    A different example altogether was last year, the week before the playoff game against Lehigh, one player got in trouble for idk what reason and the Tuesday practice before the game all the whole team did was updowns, rolls (you roll the entire length of the field multiple times n everyone would throw up n complain about headaches and dizziness often days later). And also running for 2 and a half hours. This was the Tuesday before possibly the biggest game of the university’s program. This is a different example altogether but just gives u some idea of what playing for him was like. Things like this happened all the time.

  • Former player said:

    As for the people who bash Trevor

    He was one of the few that had courage to come out n say it. I’ve been around football my whole life and realize coaches yell and lose it at times but this is constantly overboard and personal.

    To say Trevor was not tough or didn’t have any guts is just false. Trevor was at one point 195 and starting at LB. he was one of the hardest working toughest players on our team. And even when they didnt play him he was one of our best special teams players. Don’t bash the kid when you have no clue!

  • sps said:

    former player:

    well I can tell you that the punishment example you just used is not something out of the ordinary in my experience. it is strange that it ocurred before a big playoff game….but sprinting/doing rolls/up downs until you puke was standard weekly fare where I played. Hell on days where we had 5:30AM workouts weren’t allowed to stop doing sprints until at least 1 person puked. I definitely did 200 yards of rolls 2 hours before a game one Saturday.

    Did you play for Gordy as well? Was he pretty relaxed with that sort of thing?

  • Former player said:

    Sps: I realize there’s punishments like this, believe me his first spring we did 515-8am runs EVERY morning. I was just giving an example of how he treated us that the week of a playoff game he would do that. I cannot remember any specific examples in which I could quote something like the Jesus comment mentioned. But this quote does not catch me off guard or surprise me with this being the norm for Ambrose.

  • B. Franklin said:

    NO. Do not just “deal with it”. That’s how even more and even criminal acts get swept under the rug ala Penn State. Speak up. Rock the boat if you see something wrong. You are a man if you do.

  • Mike said:

    Whining about the Jesus comment means you’re a little girl. When you’re that sensitive it almost discredits your other arguments because you seem so oversensetive.


    A few things:
    1. I completely disagree with how this situation is being handled, and I believe that this is being blown out of proportion. Ambrose wants to win. Can’t handle it? Get off the field because I know there are kids who would kill to play at a D-1 football school, no matter what the coach said to them during practice. If getting your feelings hurt is too much for you, you need to quit. No one is forcing you to stay on the team.

    2. While I think it was a stupid and whiny move on Trevor’s part, I can at least respect the fact that he isn’t hiding. All of the players, both former and current, who are backing Trevor but staying anonymous are complete cowards. You want to take a stand? Be a man and take a stand. Don’t hide behind a computer screen and act like you’re so brave for saying something. If there are truly 25+ signatures attached to that letter and only one name on it, than there are 24+ cowards involved with our football team. At least Trevor has the balls to put himself out there and be the face of these allegations. Keep hiding so you don’t lose that starting spot fellas.

    3. Someone compared our potentially not making a big deal of this to the cover-up situation at Penn State. I shouldn’t have to say anything beyond “You’re a moron.” This is about a coach being verbally abusive (something that comes with the game of football), not a coach raping children.

    4. All the players that have a problem with Ambrose can leave. Clearly you guys want to play flag football with no yelling where everyone gets a trophy. No one came out with allegations before this week, so why now? What happened that made you all go crying to the media about this?

    In summation, grow a pair. This may be D-1 AA, but it’s D-1 regardless. You guys think Nick Saban is a gentleman on the practice field? Of course not! But you know what he is? A wildly successful coach with a legacy of championships and winning. It’s becoming obvious that the players of this team are whiny little girls who can’t handle being yelled at. Boo-fucking-hoo. Get hazed, learn a lesson, move on. I almost wish football was getting cut instead of soccer and baseball. At least the members of those teams are men with integrity.

  • rudy said:

    It has already been said on this thread, but i will say it again. Waddell must go! he has swept this under the rug like all other issues. Get Waddell out and most of these problems will fix themselves.

  • Brendan said:

    This is a program just beginning to dig it self out from a ten year hole and now it’s being set back by young men acting like boys. You should have more respect for yourself and for the other players you practice with every day to create a side show like this.

    You think Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Les Miles don’t curse in front of their players? You think they don’t have them up and running at 6AM? None of these accusations seem like they would be anything out of the ordinary in a high school locker room let alone that of a Division 1 football program.

    I was a senior during coach Ambrose first year at Towson. I would see him walking through Stephens Hall every morning at 8 AM checking to make sure his players were in class. Talk about dedication!

    Shame on these players for creating a story, and shame on the Towerlight for running an article that’s detrimental to the university without any real proof.

  • concern parent said:

    AS i sit and read all the blogs and review the letter and all of the allegatios brought fought. I believe that this young man as I have now come to grow and like.Haven’t met yet would not bring about a claim without any substance and I believe that there is much more to this story. Apparently this is a very serios matter especially after the University admitted to knowing about it. My inquiry mind says that they first took it to the University. Which led me to believe that nothing was really done about it until it hit the press.
    Parents really think about this. I’m realyy distrubed by parents who are more concern with winning than their son’s safety. Probably we ont know exactly what the extent of the abuse was? I have some questions and I agree with that other writer.
    We need to request an independent investigator or contact the NCAA.
    I am very concern about this!!!

  • Noah said:


    In response to your first point, I believe that we all recognize that Ambrose wants to win. I grew up in Maryland and know of kids who were recruited by Towson to play football but decided not to because of the reputation of the coaches. A lot of players have quit because of the way they have been treated, which to me is a very sad situation and a poor reflection on the University.

    In regards to your second point, I do not think you fully understand what is at cost to these young men. These men are not cowards for not revealing their identities. It’s not about starting roles either, its about their dreams of playing college football, and their scholarships being taken away for speaking the truth.

    Your third point I believe is entirely wrong. The entire Penn State cover up was not just about one coach abusing children. It was much larger than that; it was about coaches and an entire University abusing power and believing themselves to be above the law because of their football prowess. This is not about a coach being verbally abusive. It is about a coach who because of arrogance believes himself to be able to abuse his players verbally, physically, and emotionally. I played football in high school and understand that there is a huge difference between a coach yelling at his players to discipline them and yelling a kid with the intent to degrade his character, religion or playing ability.

    Your fourth point I believe is also a little out of touch with reality. These players can’t just leave. They have scholarships, commitments to Towson academically because they’re here for more than football, and a sincere want to win here. For some, its their only opportunity to play D1 football.

    Rob Ambrose is not Nick Saban. Towson University is not Alabama. Saban is Alabama football and their is a culture there that allows for this kind of behavior because he wins and recruits. I believe that to be a very flawed culture. This behavior is not condoned or celebrated but it is allowed because of his success. He makes that University a lot of money and is allowed to operate how he wants because of this. Ambrose does neither of those things at the level of Nick Saban. Just because this is the culture of high D1 football does not make it ethically right either.

    I also don’t think you understand what integrity is. Ethically speaking, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. I have no doubt that the men on the baseball team are men of the integrity but I also believe that the men of football team to be men of integrity also. The person who I see lacks integrity the most in this situation is Rob Ambrose. He appears to be very inconsistent in actions and words to everyone.

  • Son of a Coach said:

    I don’t know if the portrayals of the character of Coach Ambrose posted here are accurate. I hope not.

    Football coaches at the collegiate-level are in a position to shape mens’ lives. Almost every AD hiring a new coach cites this fact. Parents entrust their sons with a coaching staff. Since lessons learned on the field can translate to life in many ways (which I know first hand) how you win as just as important as winning, itself.

    I grew up around football. My father was a dominant collegiate inside linebacker, then had 21 year career as a HS coach that culminated in his induction into the state coaches Hall of Fame. Many of his players earned college scholarships. Several had NFL careers, including two who were All-Pro. Another is a current D1 head coach. That should be enough to validate my views.

    My father was (is) tough as nails and expected the same of his players. Yes, he used foul language regularly. Yes, he was hard on his team. But his players knew he cared about them and that he respected them. And they respected him, too… even loved him. Not only as a coach, but as a man. I get e-mails regularly from 40 and 50 year old men telling me so. Four this month… and he retired in 1986. I hope when Coach Ambrose finishes his career he knows he’s done what it takes to expect the same.

  • concerned parent: mad as hell said:

    As a concerned parent you can guarantee I will be writing a letter to the University on regards to this unbelievable misconduct involving our very own student athletes…Family?! Are you kidding me? Ambrose you have children correct? Now put yourself in the place of Mr. Walkers parents. I commend that young man for standing Up to you and for his teammates, I’ve heard plenty of stories in regards to the mistreatment the players have received, I am happy someone finally took a stand. As parents i believe we too have a responsibility here. Imagine if this was your child, I know for a fact I would have my childs back no matter what and I would hope others would join in to support my son/daughter. I want you to know Mr. Walker I thank you and Im on your side and parents WE NEED TO DO OUR PART, LETS NOT LET THEM FIGHT THIS ON THEIR OWN! I know someone out there is with me, and if this moves you in anyway as a parent dont hold back act on it because GOD knows I am, and sorry Ambrose but God wins everything in my life. Our turn parents

  • sps said:

    I need more than what has been publicly presented to even be concerned. After exchanging comments here with a former player i’m still scratching my head as to what they think is happening that is so unusual for a college football program. Everything that has been mentioned I experienced in spades at every level.

    If extra practice, punishment runs, rolls/sprints until you want to puke (or do puke), excessive cursing, and some Jesus comments are all you’ve got….then get over it because that happens in D3 all the way up to BCS football. I’ve done 200 yards of rolls 2 hours before a god danged game because I was late to practice the day before. You think that was included in practice logs? Get real.

    I’ve read about and heard about Trevor….he doesn’t sound like a whiner…he sounds like a tough guy. So i’m left believing there could be more to this story. If there is severe, pyschological warfare going on against certain young men then lets hear some details. If you’ve told the University and they’ve done nothing…step up and tell us the deets. I’ve read a comment here that there are 25 players signatures backing this stuff up….then I read that there are “several” signatures. What is it?

    As it stands it’s pretty hard for me to judge whether this is ax grinding or the tip of an iceberg.



    They are cowards because if things are as bad as they claim, and if honesty is sooo important and brave, than they shouldn’t be worried about the consequences that will come to them. They should take the noble high road and call out the coaches that gave them a spot on a D-1 roster for things that happen at nearly literally every school in the nation that has football. They should come out, names out in the open, and take a stand if they feel so passionately about it. They should only be concerned with doing the right thing, according to you.

    You clearly are in no position to argue about this if you are equating it to the Penn State scandal,in which CHILDREN WERE REPEATEDLY RAPED. Call me crazy, but a coach being mentally/verbally abusive because of his perceived power is not the same as a coach using his power to RAPE CHILDREN. An abuse of power on both ends, sure. However, rape of children =/= yelling at football players and making them all scared.

    This whole thing is pathetic. This is going to bring massive negative publicity to our school and athletic department and it is going to be a deterrent for possible recruits. Don’t be surprised when other coaches use this against us when talking to recruits. I’m sure this will only cause rifts and divides among the football players and WILL impact how well we do this season and in future seasons under Ambrose.

    TU football just ruined TU football.

  • Noah said:


    As far as I am concerned the right thing is to speak out against what they consider injustice. What if they reveal themselves and all the allegations are swept under the rug? They’ll lose their scholarship and everything that they care about. I agree and wish that they were not anonymous but I also understand why they are not.

    Both of these cases involve an abuse of power. I am not comparing Ambrose’s actions to Sandusky’s and never will. I am comparing the culture of negligence which seems to surround our football program.

    I agree, it will negatively affect our football program and season. I see it as the coaches fault, not those who stepped forward however.


    Seems to me that they’re playing both sides. They get to support this little show while never revealing who they are as to not be on bad terms with the coaches. The same coaches that are “mistreating” them so severely. Why would they care to stay on a team like this? Because they all know that they have a good thing going at TU right now. That is, the kids who support this who DIDN’T get cut.

  • Stand Up for What's Right said:


    It does not have to be rape to be considered abuse, and it is sick that it must be that extreme for people uninvolved to think that is the only abuse that should be taken care of. These guys go out every day for hours and are petrified to make one mistake. I saw it myself when attending the scrimmage at the beginning of the season. A player made one mistake, nothing out of the ordinary, and in front of the families and children there, Ambrose screams from the field while walking toward this athlete, “F*** you, get the f*** off my field and go to the trainer’s room where you belong!”. Mind you, this is an open scrimmage, the team against itself only, and there were limited people in the stands, mainly families of the players while the coaches pause the game and are standing on the field itself, near the crowd where everyone can hear everything said. Looking around at other parent’s faces, I could see the shock. It was inappropriate and a disgrace to the university. I myself felt like something needed to happen right then and there. Let one of us go and talk to Ambrose’s child like that and see how he feels.

    TU football is not ruining itself, they are trying save each other and future players. Ambrose is not TU football, and that’s what you don’t seem to get. It’s too bad Ambrose did not allow the team to speak directly to him, as several tried, which is why it was brought to another level. Shame on him for thinking he could deny their simple requests to speak to him and think he had the final say. I hope his eyes are opened now, and if it was your son/brother/friend, you would understand the struggle these guys go through every day. More than 25 of them have proven how serious this matter really is..

  • Stand Up for What's Right said:


    In reference to those signing the petition remaining anonymous, even those off the team that are here until May receive the scholarship through the year. As has been proven, Ambrose has yanked scholarships from students. If their names are made public, they are scared this could happen. For those still on the team, he will obviously not play them or punish them in other ways. It does not take away from them signing, as they still acknowledged that Ambrose’s behavior is way out of line. We get yelling. It goes way beyond that. There is nothing wrong with remaining anonymous when the people who matter have the petition, with over 25 players who have signed. Still think there’s no problem? I think that petition would have just one name if that was the case..

  • Concerned Outsider said:

    To Mr. Waddell:

    I’d like to make two comments regarding your (mis)statement:

    1. You state that ‘…no findings indicated that the physical well-being of football student-athletes was placed in jeopardy.’ What don’t you get, sir? Do you still not comprehend that there is more than the PHYSICAL well-being of the student-athletes in jeopardy? Do you not understand that it is the emotional well-being of these student-athletes that is also at risk? Life isn’t just about sports. Towson University isn’t a football camp; it’s a University; a place for learning and growing. Get it?

    2. You also (mis)state that ‘…the language that was reportedly used between the coaches and student-athletes would not be in line with the core values of Towson University and Towson Athletics.’ Once again, nice attempt on your part. However, the foul and disgusting and profane language and the religious slurs were not used BETWEEN the coaches and student-athletes. The language was used BY the coaches TO the student-athletes. Get it?

    You have quite a talent for putting a spin on things. Have you considered a new career in politics?

  • quit complaining said:

    IT’S DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!! stop complaining about a coach who is tough on his players. they have the opportunity to get a free education by playing a game. boo-freaking-who

  • Concerned Outsider said:

    @quit complaining

    Those who have never played a Division I sport, should probably not speak about playing a Division I sport. You clearly know nothing about their schedule, or what they go through, they are not handed a ‘free ride’.

  • quit complaining said:

    I don’t feel sorry for the athletes at all. they knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed that scholarship.

  • Concern Football Parent said:

    2. SUCK IT UP
    5. ETC.



  • Tugrad2004 said:

    No coach will ever be perfect or make all players happy. A coach is charged with winning and graduating his players by contract. Everything that happens is subject to opinion. Words are just that words. Did he hit or assault anyone???? Last time I checked you were going to college for free. So a few names and 5am workouts are nothing compared to $50,999 in student loans. I’ll trade places with you in a second.

  • concern parent said:

    To everyone out here on this blog read his father’s reponse. Abuse on any level is never right. This is much deeper. Same on The University.

  • Concerned Outsider said:


    You may want to read the post written by Son of a Coach. He really hit home when he wrote about his dad’s responsibility as a coach. He said, ‘Football coaches at the collegiate-level are in a position to shape mens’ lives. Almost every AD hiring a new coach cites this fact. Parents entrust their sons with a coaching staff. Since lessons learned on the field can translate to life in many ways (which I know first hand) how you win as just as important as winning, itself.’

    That’s a quote from a man whose father realized the awesome responsibility that comes along with the title of Coach. The last line, in particular ‘…how you win (is) just as important as winning, itself’ is what makes the difference between his dad and Coach Ambrose. This man’s father realized that the life lessons were way more important than the win.

    What is Coach Ambrose teaching these kids? Life values, integrity, human decency, self-worth? No, he has them questioning their self-worth, telling them that they need to justify their very existence. What adult speaks to another human being like that?

    Is anything that he’s passing along worth anything?. So, they play for four years under a coach who has belittled and humiliated them and made them question their very self-worth. They win some games and then go on to real life. What did they learn; if they make mistakes, they can expect to be cussed out, humiliated, belittled and made to feel like nothing?

    You asked if the coach hit or assaulted anyone. Are you serious? He has to hit someone to be wrong? And you state that these kids are going to college for free. Do you have any idea what these kids are committed to with regard to training each and every day of the week. Their lives are no longer their own.

    I am a parent of three children who attended college. My husband and I made the sacrifices and have loans that will not be paid off for a number of years. And I can tell you with no uncertainty that I would rather be in debt for as long as it takes than for my child to have received a ‘free ride;’ in the process losing his self-worth and causing him emotional distress.

    But then, I’m speaking as a parent. You’ll understand one day.

  • sps said:

    Concerned outside,
    Not to get off topic…but I’m pretty sure TUGrad2004 was referring to those of us who had to pay our own way through college. Not all of us had mommy and daddy’s who could pay our tuition.

    There are plenty of non scholarship athletes who put in the work to play football and pay their own damn way at the same time.

  • Louie Kiskowski said:

    Is Towson a football powerhouse and if so, is this a small price to pay?

    While I was an educator at Towson University, I had trouble with some of the football players in my classes falling asleep. Could it be because of 6AM punishment runs that were not submitted as part of the workout logs for these players?

    For the people talking about “throwing the coach under the bus.” This is not the blame game after a bad loss or a bad season, but a whistle blow on a horrible coach and person.

    If you would tolerate such treatment to yourself and teammates without speaking up about it, I would never hire you, study with you, or wish to spend any time being associated with you at all.

  • sps said:

    Please get over the 6AM punishment runs. This is absolutely standard fare. I’ve been up at 5:30AM for punishment runs in sub freezing temperatures.

    The issue is how severe the verbal abuse was. If it was bordering on stalking and psychological warfare then we have a serious problem. If not…then playing a physical, deliberately violent game, dominated by agressive personality males…is not for everyone.

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    As a previous Division I athlete on partial scholarship, I encountered a situation just like this. When my coaches would not treat us with the respect we deserved, I was forced to take action elsewhere and went to the President. This man ACTUALLY investigated impartially, unlike anyone associated with Towson’s staff, and took immediate action with our coaches. He even came to a practice and pulled me aside, asking if things had improved.
    Contrary, Towson’s staff from the chief of staff to the president to the president herself dismissed every complaint from these athletes, which is why they brought it here. There was no cooperation on behalf of this University,
    You want to say these kids have a ‘free ride’ when they wake up at 5 every morning, have meetings between every class, practice for 3 hours a day where they are berated, lift…I guess they are entitled to nothing since they give their lives to these people for four years? This is disgusting. Great for you if you played a sport, well I did too and if you’re not treated properly, stand up and say something, don’t be mad because you never had the guts to and this guy did.
    Shame on Towson for not intervening when they had the chance, and trust me, they had chances from Mr. Walker’s parents asking to speak to Ambrose, to a representative to the President to the President herself, all of whom brushed aside any concerns. S

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    @Sps, you’re claim that the game is ‘not for everyone’, apparently this has affected over 25 of these athletes, you’re telling me you think all these men are just ‘too weak’ to. Over TWENTY FIVE MEN are saying he is extremely disrespectful and berating, but you want to throw claims out there ‘oh these guys are just weak, they’re just complaining’. You have to feel pretty strong about something to sign your name to it, and this petition occurred within 2 days and had all these signatures. Imagine how many more there even would be if these guys weren’t petrified to lose their scholarship unjustly?
    There is no argument, Ambrose thinks he can do whatever he want, BECAUSE no one has had the courage to stand up. As the comments from former players show, they wanted to. How can nothing be wrong?! Where are the people saying ‘Ambrose is a great coach’ or saying ONE positive thing about this man, or the AD for that matter? Mike Waddell wants to claim there was an investigation, really? Let the AD himself, who is friends and in cahoots with Ambrose, do the investigation. This whole situation is so corrupt it’s beyond ridiculous. People need to wake up

  • current player said:

    Ambrose has sent a text saying, “if you knowingly or unknowingly signed Trevor’s petition and you regret it you need to come forward before your name is published. There will be no punishment.” Does that not seem like someone trying to blackmail his players so he can cover his tracks???????

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    This man is completely corrupt, I also know about the text. He’s so concerned because he knows what he’s doing is wrong. ‘if you regret it you can take your name off and no punishment will result’. In other words, those whose names remain WILL be punished. I don’t think he has a right to ask for confidential names, much less threatening his players. What a riot. Poor man is scared, I wonder why

  • sps said:

    stand up for whats right:

    Did you bother to read that I qualified that statement?

    “The issue is how severe the verbal abuse was. If it was bordering on stalking and psychological warfare then we have a serious problem. If not…”

    I haven’t shut the book on this yet at all. I just cannot come out and call for Ambrose to be fired over the allegations that have been made public thus far. Only two specific incidents of “verbal abuse” have been clearly referenced…one by Trevor and the other by his Dad in the comment section. One I found thoroughly hilarious (I understand many people will be offended by the Jesus comment but it isn’t a fireable offense imo) and the other sounded uncomfortable.

    I haven’t seen the 25 signatures nor have a seen the wording that outlines the cause for the petition.

  • Football Parent said:

    I think this needs to be handle by the AD, football coaches and the football team. We are all just running off at the mouth. There are 3 sides to every story…yours, his and the truth! And since none of us was there, we will never know the truth!!

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    @sps…as stated several times, the signatures are to remain anonymous, so that is not further proof people have a right to be asking for. It is clear why they are to remain unknown, especially with this current mass text Ambrose sent to his players. The people who have needed to see it have done so.
    As for the specific instances, these were also taken to other authorities, where even mike waddell stated these comments were not appropriate..only apparently they don’t care enough to do anything about it despite this which is why we are here Be patient, this first story has only just begun to open the eyes to those who have been blind to Ambrose’s hero worship, for some unknown reason to me considering their record prior to last year. He better count his blessings on the recruits he got all ready, I hope parents realize how serious this problem really is

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    @football parent, that was the initial goal. Ambrose refused to meet with Walker or his parents. The AD backed him. That is why it is on this level. The ‘investigation’ was also fake. They asked four kids on the team who are known to be close to Ambrose how they feel. Shocking. Now the NCAA needs to be involved, thats who it needs to be sent to

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    ESPECIALLY with comments like Ambrose paying for Frank Beltre’s trip to the Dominican Republic, which is not the first I’ve heard of this. The accusations are deeper than anyone realizes, and this is just the tip

  • sps said:

    You should stop. You sound like you have an agenda and are spouting of compeltely unsubstantiated rumors. Even if you turn out to be right…what your spouting off right now is completely out of line. You’re losing credibility in my eyes now that you’re trying to drag another player down with you.

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    @sps…rumors? Haha read the comments, somebody else posted that, I merely restated. Of course I have an agenda, for Ambrose to get what he deserves. I think I’ve made that clear… What I say is based on fact however, so I wouldn’t say I’m in any way ‘out of line’

  • Stand Up For What is Right said:

    For the record, I’m not a player, so I’m not going down therefore I don’t need anyone to ‘go down with me’

  • sps said:

    Yes…rumors. Something being posted in the comment section in the mother fricking TOWERLIGHT of all places defintitely qualifies as a “RUMOR”.

    Best of luck to you. I don’t know what happened…if you do…go for it. What is your affiliation with Towson Football and since you seem to know the inside scoop….what is it that we’re not hearing about?

  • TUAlum said:

    I just graduated last year and unfortuantely, I am not surprised in the least that this is coming forward. I have witnessed Ambrose’s behavior off the field, immediately following a win when he wasn’t aware that TU students were around. I was appalled at his arrogance, lack of credit to the team, and overall boisteriousness and rudeness. We are ranked in the CAA now, but it was at much too high of a cost to the team’s morale.

    And props to Trevor and the rest of the signed football players for having the balls to put this out there and make everyone else aware of what is happening. Having a head coach that degrades the work that you put in, insults your values, and mires the spirit of the game, rather than pushing you to become better people and better athletes is not the way to win games.

  • Football Parent said:

    What was the team’s demeanor when Coach Gordy Combs was there? How many games did he win/lose within the last 3-4 years before he was fired? Did he not use cuss words or say anything to belittle the players during his time at Towson? He recruited Trevor, I agree with whomever said “if he was unhappy at Towson he should have left and gone to another school”. He did not have to put up with Coach Ambroses’ verbal or mental abuse for 4 years. Not saying it was right, but to me he sounds like a disgruntle player who is throwing his coach and teammates under the bus which I have a problem with. This football program is just starting to get some recognition and come together as a team, and it’s like he is trying to discredit the whole program. Again, not saying Coach Ambrose is right, but if he wants nice, then he shouldn’t be playing football at any level, because I am sure most coaches say a cuss word or two to their team.

  • Football Parent said:

    If you think Coach Ambrose is the only coach who has some drama, check out this headline. I know he’s no big DI coach but, he’s a coach no less. That’s FOOTBALL people!!!

    Will Muschamp’s unfiltered personality may not be fit for a
    cable television show, but it’s helped lead Florida to a 7-0

  • Get informed said:

    @Football parent
    Trevor is a ‘disgruntled player’, yet more than 25 players signed the petition? Doesn’t seem right to me. There is clearly a problem here, and saying the players should just ‘leave’ is clearly not as easy a task as you’re implying. There’s credit loss, if they can move states away, the friends they have made, where they can find their credit, being released…clearly they don’t just up and leave. I guess all 25 should be force to leave then, plus those who are unhappy but scared to say anything? Instead of the one man who’s a problem



  • Get informed said:

    Trevor walker is actually a very respected member of this university. I encountered a professor who told me Trevor was one of the most respectful and well spoken students he’s had. That was a very eloquent accusation however.


    @Get informed :

    2 things.

    1. I can lie on the internet too.
    Check this out – I actually ran into a professor talking to Trevor’s father today. Both of them could not stop talking about how much of a crybaby Trevor is. They even said that he is just about as inept sexually as he is on the football field.
    See? Both of our statements have equal validity because neither has a source and neither is reliable. So, eat me.

    2. Eat me.

  • Get informed said:


    You seem very mature so now everyone can take you seriously..oh wait. I don’t know how old you are but clearly in the teenage region. Thank you for well informed, eloquent sentences. For your information, its called a university. Students have classes together. Spoiler alert, people share classes with Trevor. You’ll see when you’re old enough for college..

  • sps said:

    Still waiting to hear the more detailed examples of what Ambrose has done…you said they were submitted to university officials. Why not spill them here? Don’t tell me it’s confidential for the sake of the people involved……you guys have no problem throwing your teammate Frank Beltre under the bus with infraction allegations out in public.


    @Get Involved

    Actually, I am a student here. I’m just really having fun making fun of tools like you.

    Thank you though for your brilliant explanation of how students who attend the same university might have class together. I hadn’t thought of that… You clearly also missed the point of my post, which was intended to be a joke by the way. You have no credible way to back up your claims that Walker is a saint, and well spoken, and such a good student. You can say all day that you have class with him, talked to a prof, etc., but that doesn’t mean a thing when you can’t back it up. In high school, I learned to back up what I say in an argument with facts and citations. “You’ll see when you’re old enough for college..”

    Also, good defense with the old “I bet you’re 13″ style argument. Really put an exclamation point on such well developed thoughts.

    Once again, eat me you bleeding heart liberal pussy. Keep on trying to Nerf the world. One day, when you obtain common sense, you will understand how ridiculous this whole thing is.

  • RICK said:

    If the coached had agreed to let him start and give him all the playing time he wanted,and then said the f word 5000 times, would any of this have been an issue? Im guessing not. Spoiled brat didnt get his way, so he lashed out at the people who told him he wasnt as good as his mommy and daddy told him he was.

  • TUProud said:

    As a former player, seeing this is disturbing.

    I am not going to try to figure out what is true or not, who is right or wrong…or comment about the character(good or bad) of those involved.

    I would have loved to see the players first bring their concerns to the captains, then have the captains decide the next steps (meet with position coaches, Head Coach, or AD).

  • MDparent said:

    Thank you for your comments. They all have an important point. So here is mine. You have to understand that football is a very intense sport and is a major source of revenue for any institution. If you think what the coach says is rough, try being in a pile-up at the end of a play. You might hear some things that will make the coaches words in the lockerroom seem like a sunday morning sermon. As for the team member that his threw brothers under the bus, if your shell is brittle and your core is weak then you need to re-evaluate your position in life. Also remember the most of the men and women who proudly serve our country and have given the most precious gift of all, their lives, have heard the same words from their DI. Do you think they are any less important than you? Personally, I think RA has done a hell of a job getting this program the respect and recognition it needs to compete not only athletically but acedemically. The real world awaits. If you are crying over this situation, the real world is going to “EAT YOU ALIVE”

  • Finally said:


    If you do in fact have children, I will pray for them. I believe the players on the team, are indeed aware, that football is an intense sport. This was insightful…however it does not mean they can be berated and disrespected day in and day out. I would love to see how you would handle this. Trevor went to the coaches first, then a representative to the president, then Devin Crosby before taking further steps. If one is not informed, one should not comment. The coaches refused to speak, and look where it got them. A valuable lesson some cocky people needed. I’m thankful people like Trevor exist, so those in power can no longer continue their abuse. Trevor has a very bright future ahead,
    You think RA has done a great job giving this program the respect it deserves? Yes, just look at all the wonderful things people have to say about him. Good luck to you when you encounter a tough situation. Trevor could not have handled himself with more respect or dignity, and I thank God for people like him

  • TUPay said:

    Thanking God for anything shows a lack of critical thinking skills and a lack of maturity. Open your eyes people.

  • MDparent said:

    In fact I have a child that my wife and I have raised to be a grown ass man and may on occasion ask his parents opinion on certain issues but knows how to stand his ground and speak up for himself. I don’t have to hold is hand but he knows he has his parents support for whatever decision he makes even if it means that he has to walk away. No disrespect but that young man made his desicion by not challenging the Coach right then and there and been prepared to walk away like a man. “WHAT GOES ON IN THE LOCKER ROOM NEEDS TO STAY IN THE LOCKER ROOM”. That’s how adults handle adversity.


    I would love to see Trevor working at a real job when he gets older. Boss is going to tell him something he doesn’t like, he’s going to call up Mommy and Daddy in the retirement home, and then after they complain to the Boss, he’s going to fire Trevor’s dumb ass.

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. The Tigers run this mother fucker, and Trevor and his goon squad are little cubs.

  • TUPay said:

    So I’ve heard that its Walker, Harris, West, Shaw, Pike, Booker, Kinnard, Athens, dazel, ugonna, and Dangerfield that have been confirmed.

    The best players on the team are against the coach and are all frauds.

  • MDparent said:

    Wrong! The Best players on the team are men that can stand up for themselves. These young men can go to the coach and air their greivences’ diplomatically and Coach RA repects young men that can do that. Character is what these men possess. Putting unconfirmed allegations and names out like that makes you a fraud.

  • dave said:


    An investigation needs to happen to look into these allegations. You do not want an atmosphere of wrongdoing being swepted under the rug. Penn State is suffering the consequences of such actions

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  • StillAshamed said:

    I am a former football player at Towson and I am ashamed of how Rob Ambrose treats the kids on the team with contant verbal and mental abuse. About a year ago a brave young man, Trevor Walker, spoke out about these abuses, yet nothing happened to Ambrose. Earlier this week, the same type of thing happened at Eastern Michigan, but there the abusive bully of a head coach was fired.


    I guess Ambrose and Matt Hachmann are untouchable and can do whatever they want as long as they are winning games? Sad commentary on where we are as a society and as a University.

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