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iPad Mini Commentary

24 October 2012 By Matthew Hazlett, Photo Editor One Comment

Next to the iPhone 5, the new iPad mini was possibly the most anticipated Apple product of 2012. During Apple’s Oct. 23 keynote speech, the 7.9 inch iPad Mini was announced. On paper, the product looks great, having a larger screen than its competitor, the Nexus 7 and it has all the same features as the standard iPad.

But that was the problem, it is just another standard iPad. Apple has yet to introduce something exciting with their iPads since, well, the first generation. Every year they just get a little bit faster and have a little nicer display. To some tech-savvy individuals that may be nice, but Apple’s market mostly includes the normal consumer and to them it is meaningless.

This brings me to my major point, the price. Apple wants a whopping $329 for this little tablet. But for only $70 more you could get a full-sized iPad 2. To me the logic doesn’t make sense and I wonder if this product is marketable. Many expected the cheap (well, by Apple’s standards) way into the tablet world, but instead it makes even Apple fan boys like myself want to look into Android tablets for much more reasonable price. Overall, the iPad has some helpful features, but before it becomes a real contender in the growing tablet market it is going to need a serious price drop.

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  • Sixbrad said:

    I totally agree. My son and I have been counting down the days when we could order the iPad mini. We were figuring the opening price would be around $250. We were nonplussed when we saw the actual price. . We’ve both decided to look elsewhere. There’s no way that we’re going to shell out $429 for a 32GB model. We really think Apple has made a critical mistake with their pricing structure.

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