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Jared Taylor- White Student Union’s First Event

3 October 2012 7 Comments
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Self-described “racial realist” Jared Taylor spoke at the White Student Union’s first event Tuesday evening.


  • Classiccom said:

    Wow, not one word from Jared Taylor can be heard on this video. So much for free speech in AmeriKa. MLK was a false prophet who was not Christian. Judge by the fruits of this conference and the crime on the streets.

    They can’t stand to hear the truth. Towson had a chance to step up and be a leader. Just like crabs in a basket. The low lifes always try to pull down the ones trying to climb up to freedom. Towson = slavery of the mind.

  • Tyler said:

    Classiccom, are you serious? Go back to raiding grocery stores with Derek in American History X.

  • Gazza said:

    If racially diverse societies are full of HATE, and BIGOTRY, and RACISM, and INTOLERANCE, why support it?

    White Liberals, do you think non-Whites are taking advantage of your compassion and fairness?

    Racially diverse societies are a HUGE source of tension and conflict. Racially homogenous societies don’t suffer from racism and the BILLIONS spent annually on racism lawsuits.

    If diversity was so natural, why are BILLIONS spent annually on Diversity programs, Tolerance programs, etc., and yet NO improvements have been forthcoming?

    Only Whites are crazy enough to spend BILLIONS on illegal immigrant welfare. No other race is silly enough to do that.

    Science has proven (see Harvard Professor Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone) that people in diverse societies:
    1. TRUST EACHOTHER LESS (including their own race),
    3. are LESS HAPPY.


    Will non-Whites give Whites minority benefits when Whites become a minority?

    Would America have become a first world nation if Whites had never colonized it?

    Most White immigrants assimilate after one or two generations. Most non-Whites never assimilate.

    Different races are suited to being governed by different sets of laws that suit their own racial attributes. Some races are COLLECTIVISTIC ex. Chinese; some races are INDIVIDUALISTIC ex. Whites.

    White Liberals LOVE diversity, but usually choose to live in White neighborhoods.

    Many Whites STILL don’t understand, non-Whites view their own race as their nation. Blood is thicker than water.

    Racial diversity usually benefits non-Whites more than Whites.

    The USA is dying BECAUSE OF RACIAL DIVERSITY AND INCREASING NUMBERS OF LOW IQ IMMIGRANTS! Taiwan, Japan, and China are thriving because they are racially homogenous, high IQ societies.

  • Preston Wiginton said:

    I think the white liberals should soon learn how to beg and prey that the soon the be majority has mercy upon them and puts forth effort in their interest as much as they do for and to minorities today.

  • Emmett Byrne said:

    White supremacists: you are extremely, cavernously stupid. Your commentary is not welcome, and you are not welcome at Towson University. I will do everything I can within the confines of law to make sure that you feel unwelcome at every opportunity. Call me intolerant, call me any other name if you like, but it rings hollow while you’re ignorant of the fact that YOU are the intolerant ones, and YOU are the real enemy of white Americans, and Americans of every other color. I’m not ashamed of my race, I’m just ashamed that people like you a part of it.

  • ILikeMath said:

    Emmett the stupid people in that video weren’t the so called “white supremacists”.

    I actually think that the video clearly demonstrates everything Jared Taylor has already written and proved the need to create a white student union.

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