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Players allege Ambrose violates NCAA policy

25 October 2012 By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Editor-in-Chief 52 Comments
Photo by Matthew Hazlett, Illustration by Devin Smith and Shawnte Callahan/ The Towerlight

Photo by Matthew Hazlett, Illustration by Devin Smith and Shawnte Callahan/ The Towerlight

Current and former Towson football players are alleging that Head Coach Rob Ambrose violated NCAA standards by inaccurately reporting team practice times and verbally and physically mistreating players.

Trevor Walker, an inactive linebacker, and another former player who spoke under the condition of anonymity, both accused Ambrose of submitting the incorrect practice logs in a letter to the editor also signed by 25 other current and former players who wished to remain anonymous.

Ambrose Oct. 23 said “of course” all of the records he submitted were factual, but admitted Oct. 24 that 6 a.m. punishment conditionings were not always recorded. Punishment conditions are the consequence for a player missing a class, missing a scheduled workout or some other transgression.

NCAA bylaw states that no matter what activity, all countable hours must be recorded on a daily basis for each student-athlete, regardless of whether the activity is an individual or team activity. Any group or individual activity must be included in the recorded time limitations.

To comply with NCAA Bylaw, players who participated in 6 a.m. punishment conditioning would have to report those hours on their Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA) logs. Former cornerback Justin Harris said that other practices also went beyond their allotted times.

“Of course they said that we never went over, but I felt that was not always the case,” Harris said. “They would try to say our practice was at a particular time but we would have pre-practice and pre-pre-practice and post-practice that will just be adding another hour or hour-and-a-half to the actual practice. A scheduled practice would be like two hours, but really practice would be like three-and-a-half or four hours.”

Ambrose submitted CARA logs to the Office of Compliance over the summer that show discrepancies between the schedules distributed to the players and the total amount of time on the logs.

On Sunday, Aug. 12, an individual player’s schedule dated Aug. 1 states that the defensive line lifted weights while offensive line performed a “walk through,” or assignment review, from 10:30 – 11:20 a.m. Then from 11:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m., the lines switched activities.

Later, from 2-2:30 p.m, special teams met and from 2:40 p.m. – 4 p.m. and 7:15 – 8:45 p.m., position meetings occurred.

This totals more than five hours, but on the log, Ambrose reported only three and a half hours of daily activity.

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, Ambrose recorded four hours of daily activity. The schedule, however, states that from 8:30 – 8:50 a.m. special teams met, 9 – 9:50 a.m. the offensive lines met and the defensive line performed a “walk through.” From 10 – 10:50 a.m., the two lines switched activities.

From 2 – 2:30 p.m. special teams met again, and from 2:40 – 3:20 p.m. and 8:45 – 9:45 p.m. position meetings occurred. A taping also occurred at 1:15 p.m and a team meeting occurred at 8:15 p.m.

“No one would ever say anything because he’ll find out,” a current player who spoke on the condition of anonymity citing his status as a current player  said. “If it’s reported that he’s going over, all he’ll do is stuff practice. He’ll take the little bit of time that he has and make it worse for us. That’s why people don’t even say anything. It’s going to affect us regardless. It’s not going to help us.”




Current linebacker Brian Boateng said Ambrose offered him a scholarship for his last semester at Towson under the condition that Boateng would start until the end of the spring practices.

Walker said that Boateng started the entire spring except for the last two practices leading up to the spring game, but Boateng’s scholarship was not renewed.

“He was like ‘I don’t pay for seniors, but I’ll make a deal with you,’” Boateng said. “’If after spring, you become the starter, then [you’ll] get some scholarship.’”

Walker, who was recovering from a severe injury said he did not participate in practice until the last week of the spring, but was suddenly named the starter in place of Boateng.

“I didn’t practice all spring,” Walker said. “I didn’t play until that last week of practice and the day before the spring game, they throw me in there as a starter. They said that because Boateng didn’t make it through the spring, then he wasn’t eligible for a scholarship.”

Ambrose denied that he told any player he’s going to get a scholarship and then did not honor that request.

“The descriptor of kids that are not on scholarship and how they have to get on scholarship, what they have to do to get on scholarship may be considered a deal,” Ambrose said. “There are certain things — they have to play, get into the lineup and not because somebody fell down and got hurt. They have to earn their way into the lineup.”



Director of Athletics Mike Waddell said that the Office of Compliance conducted a full investigation into the allegations.

Waddell did not provide details of the investigation in his email.

“No improprieties regarding practice times were found and no findings indicated that the physical well-being of football student-athletes was placed in jeopardy,” Waddell said in an email.

It is a standard practice for the Office of Compliance to send a representative to explain the importance of tracking.

Another former player identified Lindsey McDonnell, Assistant Director for Compliance Services, as the person who came in to speak to players about the tracking of hours of athletically related activities last season.

“They had this lady come and speak to us before the season started and she basically tried to tell us about it,” former player No. 2 said. “Even though she said we could come to her, kids are scared to come to her. She’ll say that and then leave the room and Ambrose would look at us, give us a certain look.”

The Office of the President also released a statement saying that Faculty Athletics Representative, who is listed on the University website as Gail Gasparic, but is unconfirmed at this time, and the Deputy Director of Athletics Devin Crosby conducted a separate investigation into the allegations.

“The investigation included but was not limited to: unplanned practice observations, review of football student-athlete exit-interviews, and sports medicine reports,” the statement reads. “No findings suggested that the well-being and welfare of our student-athletes were placed in jeopardy. We will continue to uphold the values of the institution and appreciate the department of Athletics swift action to address this student-athlete’s concern.”

A representative from the NCAA could not be reached for comment to confirm whether they were conducting an investigation.



In Ambrose’s first season as head coach following the Villanova game in 2009, many players recalled a practice known as “Villanova Sunday.”

Current player No. 2 said that on that particular Sunday, players conditioned for over two hours straight with no breaks. They were placed in groups based on their position and went through hours of rotations that consisted of up-downs, stadium runs, sprints, push-ups.

Former head coach Gordy Combs had recruited almost all of the players on the roster ahead of “Villanova Sunday.” Combs led the team to a 3-10 record during his final season in 2008-09.

Ambrose’s attitude toward the team was harsh since his appointment, current player No. 2 said.

“[Ambrose] wanted people to quit,” he said. “He wanted to see if you loved the game enough to do anything.”



Walker said what prompted him to to draft the letter to the editor was a meeting between him and Defensive Coordinator Matt Hachmann that occurred around Oct. 14. Walker said he approached Hachmann about receiving more playing time, but that the defensive coordinator reacted harshly, cursing and ordering him to leave his office. Ambrose refused to comment, referring all inquires about the incident to the President’s office.

Walker in his letter also accused Ambrose of offending players.

Walker said Ambrose stated prior to this season’s game at St. Francis “I do not care what your religion is. I do not care if I offend anyone. But even if Jesus and his disciples come in here on Saturday, we are going to [expletive] them up and get them the [expletive] out of here.”

Ambrose has since issued a statement of apology for the St. Francis comment.

“I hold deep respect for the rights and beliefs of every individual, and would never intentionally disparage these beliefs,” the statement reads. “I apologize profusely to the Towson University community and anyone who was offended by my pregame speech to the football team.  The hyperbole was intended only to motivate and to evoke the sense that together, as a team, we could not be beaten. I take from this a valuable lesson, and know that our season is very much alive with another National Championship caliber team.”

Waddell also said that the language used between coaches and players was not in line with the core values of the University.

“This is being addressed with all parties involved, coaches, staff and student-athletes,” Waddell said in an email.

No details have emerged about how these issues will be addressed.The Tigers are still contenders in this year’s playoff hunt.


  • Red said:

    Funny the Mike Waddell woukd speak about values. That guy has no value system. He makes Ambrose look like a Boy Scout. All of this is Waddells fault. He created this monster an the lies and cover ups!

  • Vaultz said:

    This was posted on another page and it makes me very worried. This is all true and disturbing.

    NCAA Rules said:
    We have a much deeper problem with all things going on in the Towson athletic department. We have fake practice logs, we have the verbal abuse, we have a “situation” with West, we have a title IX problem, we have a major financial problem, and we are cutting sports. The NCAA looks at this as the loss of “Institutional Control”. Institutional control is a major issue for the NCAA. If Towson had a long tenured AD or even one with AD experience at other schools this would not be as big of a deal. Since Towson has a first time AD with only two years under his belt, this throws up some major red flags. The school can’t fire ambrose because the would owe him at least $1 million to buy out his contract. They can fire Waddell, as he has broken his contract by losing control of the department and sinking it into over a million dollars in debt. I think this ends with Mike Waddell being let go, or asked to leave. Lets hope the NCAA does not sanction us, because i believe we are already on probation for the basketball APR problem (Another example of a lack of institutional control).

  • what? said:

    “who wished to be remain anonymous”
    ……..nice job proofing.

  • SunnyD said:

    This is just ridiculous. Mike Waddell conducted an investigation? Waddell is the master of putting down employees and creating hostile environments for his staff. Waddell has been using the intimidation tactic to get employees to quit since the day he stepped on campus. The football coaches learned from the best. When the smoke clears and the real story comes out, we will find that Mike Waddell is the one at fault. Per his silence, he is letting everyone else take the fall.

  • sps said:

    Please tell me that this isn’t all that Trevor and his band of what are looking more and more like traitors have got. If this is all they’ve got to complain about then I question their motives and respect for their teammates. This looks like a dienfranchised faction within the lockerroom has decided to lash out at their Coach like a bunch of adolescents. EVERYONE CONDITIONS ON SUNDAY, ESPECIALLY AFTER A LOSS! AND GUES WHAT….SOMETIMES IT’S REALLY, REALLY FUGGING HARD!

    Folks who never played football at a high level won’t agree with me i’m sure. But these accusations are trivial.

    Good luck to those members of the Towson football team who just want to play football and win. Cover your asses…because there is a disgruntled group of your teammates who want to see you all get sanctioned and lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.

  • sps said:

    Oh and as to the scholarship stuff…..WELCOME TO D1 FOOTBALL FOLKS!

  • Alum 2010 said:

    Seriously, move on Towerlight. This isn’t a story, this isn’t news, this isn’t important.

    Rob Ambrose is a tough SOB who requires a lot out of his players and demands the same for himself. He’s a western MD farmboy who grew up with a HOF coach as a Dad, didn’t quite cut it as a player but made it as a coach.

    Don’t throw a huge love affair for the guy one year and then look back and question his integrity through it all. If you’re going to come after the guy, maybe you should interview players that are actually contenders, that are actual impact players. Not scrubs that barely stayed on the practice squad for three years.

    Walker, Hariss and Boatang-Bowe are all Gordy’s players that were barely deemed fit to play on a Division 1 roster, let alone make an impact on the team helping result in wins. They should’ve all transferred to Division II schools or quit playing football if they don’t want to get yelled at, run stadiums or work hard.

    Now, if you had interviewed players that don’t have something to gain by slandering their old coaching staff, this would be a story. If compliance conducted the investigation and there was some wrong doing, then this would be a story. If players are being harmed, than skewer him up and let him roast. But nobody was hurt, no rules were found broken and you’re publishing this garbage on the basis of hearsay


    I mean what do you expect from The Towerlight? Thing is always filled with spelling/grammar mistakes and totally inaccurate statements.

  • SMH said:

    I mean, what do you expect from a troll? They say things that aren’t relevant/provide further explanation and prefer to throw stones than discuss the issue at hand.

  • Finally said:


    Get over yourself. U and TUBLACKANDGOLD continue hating unknowledgeably because you never had the backbone to stand up, if u were mistreated you should have said something but you were too scared. If these players speak up about their mistreatment, amen. it’s their right as a human being to speak n since the coaches wouldn’t talk to them, too bad suckers this is where it got you. Learn a lesson n move on


    What the hell are you talking about? I am not a former or current TU football player. I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed to be one. I was making a factual statement that The Towerlight, in print, is often full of inaccurate information, mislabeled pictures, and spelling/grammar errors.

    I have no idea what the fuck you’re trying to say.

    Good one. I wasn’t trolling by the way, asshole. I was making a statement. The poster above me, Alum 2010, made a point about how this entire “story” is not based on fact or investigations, but is instead built upon hearsay. So, dickhead, I was making a relevant statement. Read all of the comments before you open your mouth. I’m sure that you’re definitely not a member of the Towerlight’s staff trying to defend the elementary school caliber newspaper that you half-ass every issue.

    Wake up, no one gives a shit about The Towerlight. It’s a joke of a publication. This story, which has about 5 or more articles about it on this site, is getting way too much coverage. The Towerlight is trying to act like they’re breaking the story on Watergate or something. You published a letter from a whiny “football player” who wasn’t recruited by Ambrose and doesn’t fit into his system. You broke the story of a bitter child and a brash head coach.

    Someone get everyone at The Towerlight a fucking Pulitzer Prize.

  • Disney Movies said:

    Good morning to everyone who has never spent a day as a college footbal player,
    Most of you have established your hyper-real ideas of how a coach should act solely based on your life as a Disney movie viewer. Can you please tell me which one is your favorite? Do you get really pumped up by Denzel’s performance on Remember the Titans? Or maybe Gordon Bombay in the Mighty Ducks Trilogy is how you’ve come to understand the persona of a good coach. Perhaps you really like Coach Herb Brooks from the Miracle? Or was it Coach Carter?

    After reading articles and gathering information from some very credible sources over the last two days (sarcasticly speaking of course), the only “by-law” coach has committed is fudging practice logs. This happens across the board and is an unwritten rule in college football. Jay-walking is against the law and many of you are guilt of it. So is littering and I’m sure at some point some of you have dropped a candy wrapper (even if by accident). Not guilty of either of these? how about pirating an album or movie? My point is that there are laws and there are “laws.” We often left cultural norms supercede “laws” and in college sports, there are norms that supercede laws as well…

    For those of you living in your hyper-real disney movies, I leave you with some coaches that make Ambrose’s algiations look like priest (wait, that wasn’t a good analogy)…

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRjDVsw-eQU (this player was abused on national TV)

    If you’re not convinced, I got a few more for you…

  • Dazed and Confused said:

    You mean an inaccuracy like totalling up the practice hours above for the August 1st practice and stating that they total more than 5 hours? How did this idiot become Editor In Chief with the math skills of a 5th grader? Those hours total 5 hours exactly.

    How can an almost 23 year old man go running to daddy after he lost his playing time? It’s obvious that he couldn’t cut it after Camp Gordy ended. It then took him 4 years of playing for Ambrose to realize he was being abused? Are we a slow learner, Walker? Why were you required to do the 6:00 AM punishment running? Did you blow off study hall, skip class or break another team rule? I am to assume Ambrose or Hachemann just had it out for you because he didn’r recruit you. Tyler Wharton was recruited by Combs and there might not have been a more valuable player than Wharton last year.

    I really get confused by the people saying all Ambrose cares about is winning. Why would he sit West against ODU if that’s all he cared about? Why would he suspend starters before the Lehigh playoff game last year?

    It is also obvious that those complaining about the cursing have never stepped foot in a locker room before. Do you people really think Rob inventing cursing in football? Did anyone see Wyoming’s coach over the weekend? It happens in every locker room at every level. Most teams don’t have a player with little to no testicular fortitude that cries to daddy about it.

    Now you can include the name Trevor Walker with Adam James. They both are quitters that cried to daddy after someone yelled at them or wouldn’t let them play with the big boys.

    Let’s hope this brings the real players closer and they come out with a win on Saturday.

  • sps said:

    What the hell are you talking about? First – I didn’t play at Towson! Secondly….I don’t regret one minute of my college football experience. I got yelled at, did punsihemnt runs (worse than what Trevor Walker is whining about), went through hellish summer camps…..but I LOVED THE GAME and I LOVED MY TEAMMATES….at the end of the day I even respected my Coach!

    There were plenty of seniors on my team who HATED my new coach and the way things were run after we had a regime change. You know what they did? They tried to push Coach around, they tried to have him do things the old way, and when it didn’t wotk they QUIT. These grown ass men didn’t have their Daddy’s come to their defense though. They also didn’t try to throw teammates under the bus.

    Gordy Combs is gone. Get over it.

  • SMH said:

    Not a Towerlight staffer, actually, but good one. I guess it’s fair to assume that anyone with a contrary opinion to yours is biased. And it’s always more effective to curse and call names when making elementary arguments. You definitely sound like a well-adjusted grown-up in doing so.

    Mostly, I just get annoyed when people don’t actually argue the issue and would rather blame the messenger. Waddell and Ambrose aren’t that popular among the general student body. They clearly have a significant enough number of dissenters on the football team. Ask the baseball, men’s soccer and other other programs their opinion of the athletic department’s outpouring or resources into a program that doesn’t turn a profit.

    Fact is, college athletics have become so bloated and out of control that those in power develop egos the size of the $50+ million boondoggle of an athletic arena, and just so we can thump our chests about a CAA Football championship, we cover our eyes to the nonsense that’s happening over there.

  • Former Player said:

    Being a football coach does not give you the right to belittle people or talk down to them like trash. These days football is looked at as a business and in the business world the things Ambrose and his staff say would not be tolerated. The bottom line is these individuals are people not pieces of shit no matter what their talent level. I don’t care if Trevor was a reserve Linebacker or a 4 time all American he is still a person. These coaches have lost, somewhere down the line the fundamentals and the real reason people play football. From the starters to the bench these kids work hard and all too often are talked badly about both to their face and behind closed doors.Winning is awesome but it is how you win that is the most important. So take a step back get off your high horse and treat all your kids with respect and they will do the same to you.

  • player said:

    I agree with former player. And many people don’t realize what Ambrose is like. Many say the “manly” thing to do is talk to Ambrose. By saying this you clearly don’t know him. Because of his arrogance, he views everyone so far beneath him he would never listen to a player. He literally seems to view himself above every person. Almost at an immortal status. This is where the problem lies. You may think the players are babies and the things they are mentioning are not a big deal. But it is bigger than a single comment or lying about practice time. He does whatever he wants. There’s no reasoning with a man that has that much pride. He needs to be humbled and is in no way fit to lead a team or be a head coach. Period.


    I am reading a lot of responses from very weak people. I feel like I must be taking crazy pills after reading this. You have all clearly never played a sport at a competitive level. What kind of person gets a D-1 football scholarship and is then surprised that the coaches are intense? What kind of person deals with such “abuse” for four years and never speaks up? This letter could have been sent years ago if he cared so much. Funny how we didn’t hear a word of this when everyone was acting like RA was our Lord and Savior for coaching us to a CAA championship. Lose a few games, get the players riled up, blame everything on RA. He chose a very interesting time to “reveal” these things…

    All I got out of Trevor’s little letter is “Wah wah, I’m a person dammit! You MUST treat me with respect!” This is the whiny attitude that we’re instilling in our children. It solves nothing. People focus so much on not hurting anyones feelings and making everything sunshine and smiles. That is not how the world works. Know what I did when coaches would yell at me? I would stop fucking up. If they kept yelling, I did better to show them what was up. Take the yelling and criticism like a man. Go out at practice or games and show the coaches that they’re wrong. Alternatively, you can either cry about it or quit. Simple as that.

    Not like the team really needs players of Trevor’s caliber anyway. Kids like him should play intramural flag football. Those leagues are for fun. Division 1 football is about winning games and championships. This isn’t pee-wee football, as much as you would all like it to be.

  • Dazed and Confused said:


    Does Ambrose think he’s above all the charities he helps support and has the football players volunteer their time to help? He does many things to support the Towson community. I do know Rob and have since he was about 8 years old. To paint him as someone that looks down at people is wrong. Can he stop and chat and have lunch with 20,000 students? No. He is a confident, almost cocky person which helps make him very good at what he does. He’d also give most people the shirt off his back.

    I don’t see a complaint about Ambrose talking down to a player or even cursing at a player. The complaint lists a pregame speech in which Ambrose has apologized about. It also lists practice times being fabricated. That was investigated and no wrong doing was found. Of course the coaches yell at the players. As TUBLACKANDGOLD said, take the yelling and use it as motivation to get better. They don’t yell at the players because they don’t like them, they yell to get their attention and motivate them. It’s done starting at the Pop Warner level on up.

    Look at the simple facts. You have an EX player that was kicked off the team complaining that his religous beliefs were hurt and that they practiced too much. That is it. If it was such hell that he describes, why wait 4 years to complain? Do you think he got kicked off the team for no reason? Wake up. The guy obviously screwed up several times, got in trouble, lost his spot and then went crying to daddy.

  • Dat BOi said:

    Dazed and Confused is 100% correct.

    Trevor is bitter and got several members of the team, some of whom allegedly didn’t know what they were signing, to rally behind his cause. The whole situation is very sketchy. I just find it hard to believe that Ambrose is so terrifying and powerful that it’s impossible to stand up to him. I know that he is cocky and that he likes to talk. I can guarantee you though that if he truly was torturing these kids and being Satan like you all say, than someone would have stepped in. I mean it’s D-1, yeah, but it’s Towson. We aren’t talking about Saban, or Miles, or Spurrier, or even the late JoePa. Those men have complete control over the program and, in some cases, the entire school/administration. It would not be that hard to step up to the head coach of Towson and get things under control.

    To Trevor Walker:
    Good job, buddy. You’ve turned a community (and possibly the nation, as this has spread like wildfire) against a good man. A man who took one of the worst football teams I’ve ever seen, of which you were a member, and made them champions and winners. Thanks to your lack of problem solving skills, lack of manhood, and cowardice, Ambrose is now being crucified (like Jesus, whom I would knock the fuck out of in a game) for something that is not a big deal. Go fuck yourself Trevor. You are not worthy to call yourself a Tiger and you’re damn sure not worthy to suit up as one.

    This incident will never take away my love for this team. We are Towson and this will not stop us. We’re on the cusp of greatness, and we will not be derailed by a bitter little boy who couldn’t handle his business after Gordy left.

    Long live Ambrose. Restore the Roar, upROAR, whatever. Go Tigers.

  • Wilt M said:

    I am a parent of a former TU football player. My son played for Coach Combs an the experience was great. I also live in Towson. I have been very involved with the community for years, and often spoke proudly of my sons team and the university. Recently i have become more and more disturbed by things that have been happening at the school. Over the past few years a number of incidents have involved the athletic department and the community. These incidents were not handled in a manner that i would have expected. The arena project communication was mishandled by the university, Mike Waddell assaulted a member of the community at Wells, a number of athletes have had issues with housing in the community, and the list goes on. These things never happened 5 years ago. If the community had a problem, the university would step in and do the right thing. Now the athletic department/university acts like they could care less. I say all of this because i feel it comes from the leadership. Mike Waddell is an arrogant jerk, he allows Coach Ambrose to act that way (maybe encourages it). Lets get rid of these guys and go back to the days when the community respected Towson and Towson was respected.


    ^^ Yeah, Towson was way more respected when we prayed for 3 wins a season

  • Player said:

    @dazed and confused.

    You mentioned Tyler Wharton and how valuable he was. i agree with that but are you aware he was a two time all-conference player and the only thing Ambrose gave him was a half scholarship for one semester. And paid nothing for his final semester. Ambrose sounds like a great guy who gives people the “shirt off his back”lol

  • SMH said:


    People have been instilling weakness in their children? Maybe you were instilled with the idea that football is the most important part of life. That winning is the only thing that’s important. That carrying yourself with dignity and class is secondary to pushing out your chest over something as trivial as a football team.

    Towson won the CAA Championship last year. When Towson played LSU, I had a number of people telling me they didn’t know Towson had a football team. Football isn’t that important. Deal with it.


  • Dumb23 said:


    It is a shame that towson University covering up this matter and not dealing with the sitaution. My fellowtemate Frank Bitre who take upon himself o put out an attack on Trevor because he is obligated to Ambrose because he paid for his vacation to the domincan republic. Be careful man. Iam not going to stand by and she a great person like Trevor be chastised for your dedication to Ambrose. <——- why don't you bring that to the newspaper ? I know why, because you are wrong. Every school has an athlete emergency budget, tell Trevor Walker to look into it. If Trevor Walker was playing this would've never happened. He just could not handle the fact that he was a senior and was not playing or even on special teams. Trevor Walker is a COWARD who did not want to work hard enough to play so he chose the easy way out. I hope your family is proud Trevor Walker.

  • Dumb23 said:


    Your son is most be a loser the way you talk


    Has anyone actually looked at the by laws? I can’t find any reference to the total number of hours allowed, but it looks like the hours are per athlete. It looks like the school newspaper is just adding all of the hours that each squad had practiced.

    “ Hour-Limitation Record.
    Countable hours must be recorded on a daily basis for each student-athlete regardless of whether the student-athlete is participating in an individual or team sport. Anycountable individual or group athletically related activity must count against the time limitation for eachstudent-athlete who participates in the activity but does not count against time limitations for other team members who do not participate in the activity.”

  • Crabs said:


    Going to agree with SMH here: football is just a game. No different from tag or capture the flag, but for some reason people put tons of emotion and money into it. It’s common for division 1 schools to treat their football teams like they matter, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s straight up dumb to deify athletics. Like every TU sport, TU football is a money sink for all students and its win/loss record is meaningless to most.

  • Former Tiger 2010 said:

    This is becoming a laughing stock.. total amateur reporting by The Towerlight (as expected by an amateur paper). The practice hours in question were related to spring ball which have no boundaries in official in-season practice logs. In case you have wondered, there are serious reasons why these former players were dismissed from the team.. Trevor committed a felony involving a coach.. something The Towerlight wouldn’t tell you. “Player #2″ (Danzel) physically and verbally assaulted an advisor within the athletics department after his 8th strike as a Tiger. Harris failed a drug test the week before the Lehigh playoff game last season.. (guess he’s still pissed off) .. REALLY??!?! You are going to take their word on a subject related to INTEGRITY and HONOR and TEAM?!?!?!? Great reporting Towerlight! Keep up the amateurism! Ambrose keeps getting rid of low life players that are the leftovers of PEE WEE FOOTBALL! Just because I used to play doesn’t mean I don’t get updated on what goes on around the team.. Ambrose is more TOWSON than any other coach we’ve ever had.

  • Mike said:

    Do you have any proof of that former tiger 2010?

  • TUalumni99 said:

    Who Cares. Does Anybody Have Any Proof Of Anything?

  • Dazed and Confused said:


    You act as if the scholarship money comes out Ambrose’s pocket and he gets to keep what Warton didn’t get. You obviously know that he has at most 63 scholarships due to NCAA rules and has to divide them amongst the 90 plus kids that play. There are certain players that aren’t coming to Towson without a full scholarship, others that get partial scholarships and some walk ons (preferred or not) that get nothing. You really don’t think he’d like all players to get the full scholarship? That would help recruiting but unfortunately break NCAA rules.

    It is great to see Tiger 2010 shed some light on these people making the complaints. Felonies, failed drug tests and assault. Amazing credibilty there Trevor.

  • Get your facts straight said:

    @Former Tiger2010
    It’s disgusting that you’re using false information to discredit Trevor. A felony? Look him up then kids, maryland has a public criminal record system. Shall we submit his criminal history report as well? Because I would love to. In addition to your completely false rumor, why would the Towerlight have ever published this story if that was the case. They went right to Ambrose and There are quotes from Ambrose in these stories, you don’t think he would have cleared it up from the start and said ‘Trevor was suspended due to a felony’?
    You idiot learn that an accusation can be disregarded when it’s false, only those completely disillusioned and uninformed can fall for that type of stupidity, and Trevor doesn’t answer for those the towerlight interviewed.
    I can make things up too. You’re Coach Ambrose, or who I really think you are F.B. How disrespectful to throw around accusations like you are, God will handle those lies. Trevor is a respected member of this school and community. You want to claim he committed a ‘felony’ yet mike Waddell, Ambrose, and Devin Crosby all were interviewed and none said anything. Gosh, how odd, I wonder why?

  • Get your facts straight said:

    @former player 2010
    Also I’d look up Trevor’s bio before you pretend he’s a disgruntled player upset who never played. He was a starter and one of the leading tacklers on the team until injury last year and this year. He is no longer on the team due to speaking up, as prior to this he was still on it after coming back from injury. Or was his injury that ‘felony’ he broke?
    This story is not about playing time, as was never mentioned, and your accusations were created to get off topic of the actual story. Those who never did a thing wrong, including Trevor, signed that petition and have negative things to say say about Ambrose, so you’re examples of those who did wrong on the team are irrelevant, unless you can name the 25 signatures and tell me all about each of their ‘felonies’ or ‘failed drug test’. You got a couple uninformed people, but for those smart enough to think and read, you should probably stop commenting. Way to do Ambrose’s dirty work ;)

  • Dazed and Confused said:

    @Getyourfacts straight

    Why was he doing punishment running at 6:00 AM? Please set us straight as to what he did wrong. Did he or did he not have a physical altercation with someone regardless of whether he was convicted of a felony?

    No one is really believing that this isn’t about playing time. So you say he started for the 1-10 team. They then got better players in, he got hurt, and now he can’t see the field. Why did it take 4 years of this torture to complain. Why didn’t he speak up back when he was a starter?

    And there is no way Ambrose or Waddell would ever respond to the story by saying a player was suspended because of a felony.

  • Get your facts straight said:

    @Dazed and Confused

    No, he never had a physical altercation with anyone, he verbally and respectfully asked to meet with Ambrose and the president. After speaking to a representative, the matter was not resolved. I don’t think it was ever a question if Trevor was physical with someone…

    It was never about 6 am punishment, this was just a very small piece of the story and the aspect the Towerlight initially focused on. Trevor did not have 6 am punishment, he is aware of the 6 am punishment time and he, along with teammates, saw the practice logs where this time was never recorded.
    Everyone is attributing every aspect to Trevor because he was the strong one who stood up. I would be curious to see how many people would still have the audacity to claim anything if all 25 players had unveiled themselves. Unfortunately only one had the courage, with 25 others on record wanting to but being too afraid.

  • TUPay said:

    He’s not strong. He’s weak. He is the only of the 25 who is not a coward though.

  • Alumni said:

    I blame Terri Hall and her tailgating policy!


    YES! This is all Terri Hall’s fault! She put everyone in a sour mood with her anti-fun policies. This, in turn, made Ambrose a sad panda. He then took his anger out on the students. everything is Terri’s fault.


    Uh oh… looks like the DC of Georgia is about to be in the same mess that Ambrose is in!



  • sps said:

    After talking to some Towson football parents today and getting their side of the scoop………lol at these malcontents. The rest of the team is rolling forward just fine and understands the rigors of D1 football. The parents I spoke to were very excited about the level of dedication and discipline their sons display. Nice win today.


    Damn right sps. This team is better than this childish behavior and proved that today. We are a nationally ranked team. We don’t need clowns like Trevor plaguing our program.

  • 1983 Alum said:

    To all the so-called “players” complaining about Rob Ambrose – crybabies, cowards for not using your names and losers because you can’t play football. Amborse coached the team to the FBS playoffs last season and all you can do is complain!. Traitors!!!!!!!!!!


    The Cowardlight has removed other articles about this issue, most likely because of the content of the comments. I realize that this paper hates free speech and honesty though so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    To the user SMH, I posted a complete analysis of your post directed towards me in the comments of said article. I would love to pick up the debate where we left off, assuming this farce of a publication will allow me my right of free speech. I’m aware that they reserve the right to remove any comment blah blah blah, so save it.

  • SMH said:


    Nothing was deleted. It’s all right here. Not sure how they hate freedom of speech. Aren’t you the one saying they shouldn’t print letters from players in the same manner they’d print letters from any other student with a gripe?

    Anyone interested can read your meandering argument at the link above.


    Yeah I was too lazy to save the link or check back in the archive far enough. I’m bored of this now. I hope you weren’t being serious, as I haven’t been. For the most part. I keep losing track of which account I’m using and what article I’m posting on.

    Trolling is an art that I have yet to master.

  • may lanh said:

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  • StillAshamed said:

    I am a former football player at Towson and I am ashamed of how Rob Ambrose treats the kids on the team with contant verbal and mental abuse. About a year ago a brave young man, Trevor Walker, spoke out about these abuses, yet nothing happened to Ambrose. Earlier this week, the same type of thing happened at Eastern Michigan, but there the abusive bully of a head coach was fired.


    I guess Ambrose and Matt Hachmann are untouchable and can do whatever they want as long as they are winning games? Sad commentary on where we are as a society and as a University.

  • PaperTiger said:

    Rob calls the guys out and tells them if they play like a bunch of pussies. If you can’t hack that you can go back to the nursary school that you came from. Rob Ambrose is one of the greatest ball coaches in America and is the only coach we have ever had in football that has the balls to make us great. Well be lucky if he is not coaching at Texas or Florida next year because those schools have already sent their feelers out for him to be their coach after they fire their loser coaches after the season. Fuck all of you pinkos for trying to turr down the only sport worth a shit here. Dum shits.

  • Latoya said:

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