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Terrance West’s tweet causes uproar

21 October 2012 By Alex Glaze, Staff Writer 16 Comments

Tigers running back Terrance West sent out a tweet Saturday night that raised speculation he might leave Towson University.

“It’s been good Towson !!!!!,” West tweeted.

Head Coach Rob Ambrose said he had not heard anything about West leaving Towson before the tweet was posted.

“I heard that there was a tweet,” Ambrose said. “I was told about it very late [Saturday] night, and I said OK. As far as I know, Terrance is checked in and he is in his position meeting.”

The tweet has since been removed.

West stood on the Towson sideline Saturday and did not record one carry against Old Dominion. Toward the end of the game, West had taken his helmet off, put a fitted hat on and stood distant from the offensive huddle.

Last season West only started one game but was still named the Football Championship Subdivision’s top freshman and awarded the Jerry Rice award. In the 18 games West has been active, he has already set Towson’s career rushing touchdown record.

West is Towson’s leading rusher this season with 561 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground. He averages 4.6 yards per carry and close to 77 yards per game this season.

West could not be reached for comment.

The Towerlight will update this story as more information becomes available.


  • T-Money said:

    T-West said he was leaving for a school that had baseball and mens soccer. Can’t blame him for thinking that Mike Waddell is a bag of shit.

  • Aaron Rose said:

    I EXPECTED him to transfer, but at this time? You can’t really transfer in the MIDDLE of the football season. It’s just not realistic. I think he’s frustrated about the loss and had a disrespectful tweet. Rob Ambrose needs to calm him down and say “I understand you want to play for a Division 1-A school, but it is unrealistic to do that in the middle of the year, where scholarships and starting rosters are already far underway. What is best for you is to have a great next few games, and you will get more big schools looking at you for next year.”

  • Dat BOi said:

    I heard his family talking in the stands about how much they hate Towson and how they want him to transfer. Kind of annoying that our best player would leave the school that gave him a chance and put him on the map.

    I can’t speak for all of campus, but I know I speak for all TU football fans when I say that we NEED TWest. We don’t want him to leave and he shouldn’t. We can win games at this school.

  • TU FAN1005 said:

    It doesn’t sound like anyone of you even watched the game. He is the freshman player of the year and he didn’t even get in the game Saturday for a single snap. Maybe only speculation but this seems to be the reason he is upset and his family has problems with Towson. Notwithstanding the fact that the game was as important as it was and there has been no official explanation why he did not play.

  • Dick said:

    He didn’t play because he skip practice on Thursday and some other related issues.

  • waddell is a douche said:

    i hope football loses every game and as well as basketball (but they dont even need to try). everyone will soon realize waddell is moron for cutting baseball and soccer and he will run the athletic department right into the ground, as if he hasnt already. #saveTUbaseball #saveTUmenssoccer

  • Dat BOi said:

    @waddell is a douche,

    You’re an idiot. Cutting two sports that no one gave a fuck about 2 days before the announcement was made (which didn’t even confirm that the sports will be cut, just announced a recommendation) is really not that big of a deal. To wish losses on the football, basketball, or any other team shows me that you are not a TU fan. You are angry and bitter over the loss of soccer and baseball. You are completely entitled to your opinion, but if you truly want other sports to fail and think that MW alone made this decision, than I have no idea why you even go here. You are so uninformed… makes me sick.

  • TU FAN1005 said:

    Perhaps what “Dick” says is true about missing practices but that is not the real issue. The issue is as a coach you can’t just sit someone like West with no explanation. If you do you get the reaction of this article and others. If he missed practice then make an official statement. It is like when the new U of MD football coach ran the starting QB out of town. It didn’t go over well because you can’t just take action on a player like that and expect no one to care. If we deal in the facts all we seem to know is this, that West was upset and so was his family. No one is upset for no reason therefore we have to conclude that West was not of the understanding that he was not going to play and neither was his family. If you say nothing as a coaching staff you get speculation.

  • Christy said:

    I am not really sure what is going on with the Towson Football team this year. How could a team do so well last year be struggling at the rate they are now ?? I see alot more RB’s on that sideline besides T. West …. yes he is good ???? But I beleive any of those players on that sideline would be just as good if given the opportunity. The coaches have created a monster making this one player think he is the only and best player on that field. Now they have to deal with it. I agree with one of the comments above that #28 has been given a great opportunity and now he wants to leave b/c he did not get in the game. If he has some stuff going on then he needs to straighten it out so he can get back on the field. I have heard that he is very disrespectful to the coaches. If there is other things going on at the school the players need to speak up.

  • Robby C. said:

    Hey guys,
    Robby C. here again. As the owner and operator of a luxurious Smart Car, I feel that I’m more than qualified to speak on this matter.

    Mr. Twest is probably just frustrated with Coach Robby Ambrose’s disrespect towards him. I get disrespected sometimes for being a virgin, or for kids being jealous of my car, or because their jealous of my hot bod. Regardless, I hope Twest stays a Tiger. He makes me feel good about things.

    I love you Mr. West

  • Mike said:

    I was wondering why he didn’t play, anyone know the reasons?

  • fred said:

    Hah! I’m cruising through here to try and find some info on whether or not this kid will play Saturday (i need to pick a winner!) and I’m quite taken aback by most comments. The first thing I heard was that he missed the game because of a death in the family. Now, it appears he was actually at the game. Common sense would allow that he is in the coach’s doghouse for whatever reason. Kids these days generally react to punishment in a disrespectful way. As for SOCCER and baseball, both sports are usually carried by the money made from football. Say what you will about soccer, but it will never become a huge sport in this country. It’s for taking little kids to when they’re young, just to get some exercise. Tell me the last time you saw ten thousand people at a college soccer, or baseball game. Whatever the reasons, I’m going with the Wildcats just because a sad sort like this kid (and his family)can ruin an entire team.

  • all of you sone stupid... said:

    @TUBLACKANDGOLD You pay thousands of dollars to watch TU sports… Hold on Playa something aint adding up…

    anyways i presume none of you have played a college sport and do not know the stress that coaches like these can cause. i hear that TWest had a family issue and that is why he missed practice. I can see why he would feel disrespected by the coaches. And I truly feel that he should transfer, and play somewhere else. If the coaches want to be disrespectful show them the same respect and move on because when these guys are finished the coach will give two shits about any of his past players.


  • tu said:


    actually no sports at towson produce revenue. football and basketball included. They all lose money at the end of the year when said and done. Waddell came in and hired so many new positions within the athletic department, 31 to be exact, which is why baseball and soccer are getting cut because he came in and spent way too much on salaries for jobs that aren’t necessary. Also Ambrose makes about 500,000 a year and the basketball coach is in the 300,000 while the baseball coach makes about 50,000 a year which makes him the lowest paid coach in Division one. Doesn’t make much sense. Plus basketball blows and football had their first good year in however long last year and are struggling this year while baseball and soccer are in the CAA championship almost every year.

  • fred said:

    tu, you say that baseball and soccer are in the CAA championship almost every year. That is not true. I looked it up.

    Actually Towson Baseball has only made the CAA Tournament once in the last four years and that was last spring when the field was expanded by two teams over the previous year. Towson is 18 games under .500 over the last 5 years and has had 4 straight losing seasons and 5 straight losing seasons in the CAA.

    Towson Soccer has not made the CAA Tournament in 5 years and has also had 5 straight losing seasons in the CAA. Towson is 11 games under .500 since 2008 and 15 games under .500 in the CAA.

    Also, Rob Ambrose does not make 500K as it was reported last year in the newspaper that he made about half that amount. If the basketball coach makes 300K good for him as basketball coaches make more than other coaches at most places. I have no idea about how many jobs have been added over the past few years but that seems high, if true. Based on your other information it does not sound like you have good facts.


    I’d be willing to bet big money that Terrance will never play at Unitas ever again.

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