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UPDATED: Towson football coach accused of misreporting practice hours

23 October 2012 By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Editor-in-Chief 108 Comments

Current and former Towson football players have alleged that Head Coach Rob Ambrose inaccurately reported team practice times in logs he submitted to the Office of Compliance.

Trevor Walker, an inactive linebacker, and another former player who spoke under the condition of anonymity, accused Ambrose of submitting the incorrect practice logs in a letter to the editor with 25 signatures of current and former players who wished to be kept anonymous.

Ambrose sent a text message to the team Wednesday Oct. 24 that read “If you knowingly or unknowingly signed Trevor’s petition and you regret it you need to come forward before your name is published. There will be no punishment.”

The Towerlight informed all players prior to conducting interviews that all names would be kept anonymous for their protection.

Ambrose is required by NCAA standards to submit full records of any training the team does including team practice, strength and conditioning, competition among the teams, films and meetings.

On Sunday, Aug. 12 a schedule dated Aug. 1 that was distributed to the football team states that the defensive line lifted weights while offensive line performed a “walk through,” or assignment review, from 10:30 – 11:20 a.m. Then from 11:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m., the lines switched activities.

Later, from 2-2:30 p.m, special teams met and from 2:40 p.m. – 4 p.m. and 7:15 – 8:45 p.m., position meetings occurred.

This totals more than five hours, but on the log, Ambrose reported only three and a half hours of daily activity.

On Tuesday, Aug. 28, Ambrose recorded four hours of daily activity. The schedule, however, states that from 8:30 – 8:50 a.m. special teams met, 9 – 9:50 a.m. the offensive lines met and the defensive line performed a “walk through.” From 10 – 10:50 a.m., the two lines switched activities.

From 2 – 2:30 p.m. special teams met again, and from 2:40 – 3:20 p.m. and 8:45 – 9:45 p.m. position meetings occurred. A taping also occurred at 1:15 p.m and a team meeting occurred at 8:15 p.m.

This totals over five hours.

Ambrose said that all logs he submitted were factual.

Walker said that both Ambrose and Defensive Coordinator Matt Hachmann consistently disrespect members of the team to the point of crossing an ethical and professional boundary.

Walker said that Hachmann used crude and disrespectful language in an exchange that occurred around Oct. 14. Walker said he approached Hachmann about receiving more playing time, but that the defensive coordinator reacted harshly, cursing and ordering him to leave his office.

Ambrose refused to comment, referring all inquires about the incident to the President’s office.

Jennifer Gajewski, the chief of staff with the president’s office, said in an emailed statement that the president’s office,  the Faculty Athletics Representative and the Deputy Director of Athletics conducted an investigation into the allegations.

“The investigation included but was not limited to: unplanned practice observations, review of football student-athlete exit-interviews, and sports medicine reports,” the statement reads. “No findings suggested that the well-being and welfare of our student-athletes were placed in jeopardy. We will continue to uphold the values of the institution and appreciate the department of Athletics swift action to address this student-athlete’s concern.”

Athletics Director Mike Waddell said that the Office of Compliance also conducted an investigation.

“No improprieties regarding practice times were found and no findings indicated that the physical well-being of football student-athletes was placed in jeopardy,” Waddell said in an email. “As a matter of departmental protocol, the language that was reportedly used between the coaches and student-athletes would not be in line with the core values of Towson University and Towson Athletics. This is being addressed with all parties involved, coaches, staff and student-athletes.”

 A current player who spoke under the condition of anonymity said that this pattern of disrespect is usual for Ambrose.

“Coaches yell at you but that stuff is behind closed doors,” the player said. “I personally have seen him on specific players. I never went through anything like that.”

These accusations come off the heels of Saturday’s game against Old Dominion, in which star running back Terrance West did not play.

West tweeted, “It’s been good Towson !!!!!,” which sparked rumors he might transfer to another institution.

Ambrose said he met with West Monday, but that the tweet was not a topic of conversation and that West is still on the team.

West refused to comment.

The Towerlight is investigating these allegations and will update this story as more information becomes available.




  • Dat BOi said:

    If Ambrose’s behavior causes talented players to leave, there will be Hell to pay. I’ve heard rumors of RA being less than pleasant to deal with, but this is insane. He’s finished haha

  • tigercub said:

    It is possible that the student-athlete was not required to go to each scheduled time based on their role and position on the team. This would allow the coaches to report the 3 hours as stated. Does it not seem odd that an unhappy player is going to the newspaper with his complaints. Leave it to the kid who thinks he should be getting more playing time to say he was yelled at and the coaches are verbally abusive. This staff has brought football back to towson through hard work and dedication, don’t try and break down what they have worked hard to build up.

  • Mitch84 said:

    Ambrose is not getting fired over this silly complaint. This is just the rant of an angry kid who feels like he should get more playing time. The problem i see here is an athletic department that is in complete disarray. The Title IX issues, the financial mismanagement by Mike Waddell, the staffing issues, assaults, and now this story about falsifying compliance reports. Mike Waddell and his boys did a good job of holding it together for the first two years but now it is all falling apart. Waddell needs to be let go soon so that the hole does not grow too big. The school has worked too hard to let one guys bad decisions ruin everything.


    Dude is just bitter because RA cut him, plain and simple. Don’t want to get yelled at? Don’t play D-1 football you pansy. Don’t want a coach saying things about your religion? Don’t play for him or stop being so butthurt about a fairy tale. If you can’t handle D-1 ball, don’t play. I’d love to see how long these little girls would last playing for an SEC coach like Saban or Les Miles. Boys would be running home to their mommas before the end of the first practice.

    Forget saving TU soccer and baseball, we need to save the integrity of our football team. America is becoming pussified and I will not let my team get ruined because of it.

  • womanofintegerity said:

    Apparently you have no selfworth and no integerity. Be careful when you start supporting someone when things are going in your favor right now on the team. Because Ambrose will throw you under the bus. I support the guys who stood for something. There is an old saying you must stand for something or else fall for everything.

    Iam proud of teh young man Trevor Walker

  • Anti-Towerlight said:

    Total clown. Hey editor why don’t you let the sports writers write the sports stories. What a novel idea that is. How are you going to take the word of an angry player who just got cut and is obviously bitter and write this garbage story.

    And let’s not forget about the dumbest sentence ever published “Trevor Walker, an inactive linebacker, and another former player who spoke under the condition of anonymity, accused Ambrose of submitting the incorrect practice logs in a letter to the editor.”

    You included his name and wrote that he spoke under the condition of anonymity! What kind of journalist does that?

    I don’t usually read this garbage rag, I wouldn’t even let my dog piss on it cause it would be rude to his urine. But when people in class bring this to my attention I feel it is necessary to let you know how embarrassed you should be.

    Don’t get rid of Men’s Soccer and Baseball, the president should get rid of The Towerlight.

  • teammate said:

    Several other teamates support trevor and also have complaints too. On that letter written to the editor several of our signatures are on there. There seems to be some teamates covering for ambrose obviously in the comments above. There is no justice in battering a player. This is not what D-1AA football is about.

  • teammate said:

    A top running back is speaking about leaving, this is not wether you can handle D1 football.

  • confused said:

    Can someone explain to me why misreporting practice hours is bad (aside from the ethical implications)?

  • Steve M said:

    We all would love football and basketball to win,but let’s do it in a way that it makes TU, it’s alumni and community proud. Accusations like this and the tweet from a disgruntled RB, are just the beginning of an athletic department and school too focused on a “win at all costs attitude.” If baseball and men’s soccer are dropped and the money and funding start getting dumped into bigger programs, it will send the school down a path of questionable recruiting to get a better athlete to play at Towson, more sanctions because our teams start getting filled with players that are more “athlete” and less “student.” Towson is not an SEC school and we shouldn’t run our athletic department like we are one. Let’s face it, many players at bigger universities are not in school for an education. They’re there to make it to the professional level. Is that the type of programs we want at Towson?

    Keep Towson’s athletic department well rounded by keeping sports like men’s soccer and baseball, continue recruiting true student-athletes that play hard on the field and work hard in the classroom. Graduate these young people and train them to be pillars of society.

    We can still be “competitive” AND keep the athletic department well rounded. They are not mutually exclusive. By dropping sports and putting so much emphasis on just basketball and football, will lead Towson down a slippery slope of regret.

    Towson is about educating young people while giving them a great college experience. Let’s keep it that way.

  • Steve M said:

    To “Confused”

    You are only allowed to have student athletes practice a certain amount of hours per week. If you go above the amount of time that is allowed, you can have NCAA sanctions brought down onto the university. It’s to keep the integrity of “student-athlete.” You’re not just in school to play a sport. You also need time to handle your class load, which is the more important part of why you are in college, to get an education.

  • Raj said:

    It all starts at the top. Mike Waddell needs to be fired.

  • Bobbi said:

    Anti-Towerlight, you read that sentence completely incorrectly. Go back to English 102.

  • 2014tiger said:

    Mike Waddell is such a douche bag. He has one of the most offensive mouths i have ever heard. He is completely inappropriate and hurtful. How he can make a statement like that is just ridiculous.

  • Former Player said:

    Some of you aren’t realizing that these are accusations supported by a good portion of the current team from star players to starters to players on the bench. This is something that has been building for years and is finally coming to surface. These issues have been brought to Mike Waddell and brushed aside.

  • Susan Stein said:

    Sad state of affairs when wrong is right and right is wrong. Life is not about an oblong ball that flies through the air. Get real! How many of these kids are actually going to succeed in having a football career after college? These coaches have the opportunity … no, strike that … the PRIVILEGE of teaching these young men how to win, how to lose, how to persevere, and how to conduct themselves on this earth and they are failing miserably.

    Has anyone heard the term “bullying?” That’s a dangerous word and a dangerous tactic to employ today. We’ve seen the traumatic results of bullying too often. But, these coaches seem to have no fear of running this team through bullying tactics and intimidation. Well, if messing with the minds of these young men doesn’t have any repercussions for the coaches, hopefully violating NCAA regulations will!

    And for those of you who think that this young man is simply reacting to being put off the team, I think you may have it backwards. I think he was put off of the team for daring to speak up, for daring to question, and for daring to stand up for what’s right.

    Finally, just an aside for you, Chuck … I would hire this young man in a heartbeat. This country was built on those who were willing to stand up for justice, in spite of how uncomfortable it made their own lives. And for the team members who feel safe for now and don’t want to stand with Trevor, that’s understandable. There’s a lot on the line … many of you are on full scholarships, and that would be a huge sacrifice. However, if you don’t want to stand with him, then at least sit and be silent. And when things start to improve, remember that it is due to the courage of those who were willing to STAND.

  • sps said:

    Disgruntled players betraying their teammates. As a former college football player I can say that everything described in the articles today is pretty run of the mill….especially gaming the practice hours. Hell I was up at 6am doing windsprints or rolls plenty of times. Ambrose’s Jesus comment was vividly profane but i’ve heard worse playing for Catholic schools. Football is a violent sport…the culture around it isn’t for the timid or easily offended.

  • sps said:

    Ok so we’ve gone from 25 signatures which was claimed in the last article to …..”several”? How many are there really?

  • Anti-Towerlight said:

    Let’s get real people, this is football. If you can’t handle a few curse words than get off the field and put on a tutu. He is upset because he got cut. Maybe if he spent extra time working in practice and trying to perfect his craft instead of crying about it than he would still be on the team.

    Sps said it best.

    Susan, its apparent that you, like the writer of the article have never played competitive sports. Athletes are a different breed of people and are taught to have tough skin. It would be nice if the rest of America could see have tough skin and not grow up to be a bunch of weaklings.

    Instead of crying about it, work harder, get better, or simply quit the team. It’s not rocket science.

    To Jeremy, before you write a story put in some leg work. You as “editor-in-chief” should know this. You have not only disgraced the “publication” you work for but every that currently is associated with The Towerlight for not doing your job to the best of your ability. You should be ashamed of yourself and possibly find a new profession…cause you won’t cut it printing garbage like that.

  • Grammar said:

    The Editor-in-Chief capitalized Head Coach in the first paragraph. Wow. Big grammar mistake right there. This is just one of the many reasons why I can’t take the The Towerlight seriously.

  • richrod said:

    Fire the AD, he seems to be the root of all towsons problems.

  • football fan said:

    Any idea why Terrence West did not play last weekend. He was at the game Anybody have the straight answer.

  • SMH said:

    ” Grammar said:

    The Editor-in-Chief capitalized Head Coach in the first paragraph. Wow. Big grammar mistake right there. This is just one of the many reasons why I can’t take the The Towerlight seriously.

    I looked through the other articles. Head Coach is consistently capitalized throughout the site. Clearly it’s part of their style. One of the many reasons I hate Internet trolls.

  • football fan said:

    How would Notre Dame handle a coach with a comment like that ? He would be lucky to get a job coaching a flag football team. This cant be how Towson University would want to be viewed. This can’t just end with a slap on the wrist. Embarrassing to the school. The AD has to go along with the the coach.

  • The Gipper said:

    Notre Dame’s head coach made decisions that cost a kid his life and he still has a job. http://articles.nydailynews.com/2010-11-02/sports/27079922_1_football-practices-brian-kelly-notre-dame

  • concerned parent: mad as hell said:

    As a concerned parent you can guarantee I will be writing a letter to the University on regards to this unbelievable misconduct involving our very own student athletes…Family?! Are you kidding me? Ambrose you have children correct? Now put yourself in the place of Mr. Walkers parents. I commend that young man for standing Up to you and for his teammates, I’ve heard plenty of stories in regards to the mistreatment the players have received, I am happy someone finally took a stand. As parents i believe we too have a responsibility here. Imagine if this was your child, I know for a fact I would have my childs back no matter what and I would hope others would join in to support my son/daughter. I want you to know Mr. Walker I thank you and Im on your side and parents WE NEED TO DO OUR PART, LETS NOT LET THEM FIGHT THIS ON THEIR OWN! I know someone out there is with me, and if this moves you in anyway as a parent dont hold back act on it because GOD knows I am, and sorry Ambrose but God wins everything in my life. Our turn parents


    Haha so many people are using this as an excuse to get rid of Waddell and it’s so stupid. If these accusations are true, which wouldn’t prove anything besides the fact that collegiate coaches yell to motivate, than it falls on Ambrose. He is the one making the decision to say and do the things he does. Get off of the MW Hate bandwagon for a second.

  • Former college athlete said:

    This story broke on deadspin today and as an alum of TU, I was ashamed on multiple levels. I played football for a division 1 program. I woke up at 5am four days a week for a “voluntary” running program. My coaches’ language was more vulgar than anything I’ve read through multiple online “news” sources quoting Trevor Walker.

    I attained my masters degree at TU and have followed the football team and TU community since Gordy’s days as the head coach. As an alum and a former college footbal player, I am appalled of the way in which Mr. Walker chose to handle this scenario. He chose to place the school, coaches, and most importantly his teammates on blast by going to the media. Trevor, this is unfortunately what college football is about. This is what happens at Universities and Colleges across the nation. I’m not saying it is right, but this is what you chose to accept when you accepted that scholarship. If you are not happy with the experience you are encountering, it’s simply time to walk away from the game. It’s not for everyone and from what I’ve read through multiple media sources, college football is not for you. Walk away from the team and finish your degree. You won’t be playing in the NFL anyway, so go ahead and focus on that degree.

    Also, to those of you in the general public, it’s obvious coach has already been tried through public opinion and based solely on the testament of one disgruntled player and the social media, he has been found guilty. Until you experience life as a college football player or even life as a TU football player, be careful with your judgements. You’re getting one side of this story and one side only.

  • Concerned parents?!?!? More like "Hellicopter" parents said:

    @concerned parent: mad as hell – If I’m interpreting your comments correctly, I feel bad for your children. As a parent who allows my children to make mistakes and learn from them, it’s appalling to see so many parents are standing up for their “kids.” If you’re son is in college, playing football, he is at least 18 years old and, guess what, he’s legally an adult. It’s time to take a step back and let him grow up. He needs to fight his own battles and “writing a letter to the University on regards to this unbelievable misconduct” adds another layer of that leash in which you’ve chosen to use when raising your children. It’s “kids” like Trevor that are babied by hellicopter parents which concerns me going forward in society. Do you plan on holding your child’s hand for the rest of his life? Do you still make his lunch each day? Do you carefully take his crust off the PBJ?

  • TUFOOTBALL said:

    If coach never made those statements then he should be getting out in front of this to set the record straight. So where is he now. I think that says it all. The i’m sorry statement wont cut it.

  • fan man said:

    i don’t think his comments were appropriate. I’m not a religious nut. But using Jesus and the Disciples along with the word ” fuck” is not something any kid or adult should be hearing. What is next, bashing ethnic groups. This is not how any student, parent or university officials want to be represented. Last time i looked this was not an NFL team. The LSU game went to his head.His empty head

  • Stand Up for What's Right said:

    @Former college athlete
    Mr. Walker did what was necessary after receiving no help from the university. As is clear through the multiple comments from “Teammates” on this very blog, his teammates have praised his courage for standing up to a man who thinks he is above all reprimand. Does that imply this is one “disgruntled player” when the team stands behind him? If Ambrose was not guilty do you not think there would be multiple posts praising Ambrose? I haven’t seen them, because no one feels that way about this man.

    You say, “I’m not saying it is right, but this is what you chose to accept when you accepted that scholarship.” Were you there when Mr. Walker was recruited? If it’s not right, why should no one speak up? Is that not how history repeats itself? If you have a job now, do you want your boss to come in every day screaming the f word and telling you you’re nothing? But no one should stand up…

    In reference to the general public, there are many facts they are missing. This is not one teammate complaining…this is one man standing up on behalf of many. To gather over 25 signatures from one team speaks for itself…

  • Stand Up for What's Right said:

    @Concerned parents?!?!? More like “Hellicopter” parents

    There are no “mistakes” these guys have made for their parents to “allow” them to learn from. As for Mr. Walker’s past, I don’t believe unless you know him personally you have a right to judge where he’s come from. As he is standing strong for what he believes is right with his team behind him when no one else would come forward, I’d say his parents did the right thing, and I hope my children will have the guts to one day stand strong for what they believe in. I’ll pray for your children as well..

  • sps said:

    I need more than what has been publicly presented to even be concerned. After exchanging comments here with a former player i’m still scratching my head as to what they think is happening that is so unusual for a college football program. Everything that has been mentioned I experienced in spades at every level.

    If extra practice, punishment runs, rolls/sprints until you want to puke (or do puke), excessive cursing, and some Jesus comments are all you’ve got….then get over it because that happens in D3 all the way up to BCS football. I’ve done 200 yards of rolls 2 hours before a god danged game because I was late to practice the day before. You think that was included in practice logs? Get real.

    I’ve read about and heard about Trevor….he doesn’t sound like he would be a whiner…he sounds like a tough guy. So i’m left believing there could be more to this story. If there is severe, pyschological warfare going on against certain young men then lets hear some details. If you’ve told the University and they’ve done nothing…step up and tell us the deets. I’ve read a comment here that there are 25 players signatures backing this stuff up….then I read that there are “several” signatures. What is it?

    As it stands it’s pretty hard for me to judge whether this is ax grinding or the tip of an iceberg. Using my personal experiences as a football player….i’m leaning towards ax grinding.

  • Stand Up for What's Right said:


    There are over 25 signatures. These teammates wish to remain anonymous due to scholarships. It has been seen by others, which is why it was published as existing. There is much more to this story, the only thing published so far was one aspect of disregarding NCAA rules and abusing the players. There is said to be more to follow, hopefully addressing the details of the “severe, pyschological warfare going on against certain young men.” Like I said, as over 25 guys on the team were willing to sign this petition stating they feel extremely verbally abused and disrespected, I think it is clear the extent to which these coaches are abusing their power..it is not about punishment in the morning, or what they do at practice. It is the lying, disrespect, and abuse of power we are talking about.

    If Mr. Walker was simply a man complaining, I certainly doubt he would have even one teammate on here backing him up, much less several, along with former players complaining about the same things. The only difference is he is the one who put a face to the problem, the only one who finally had the guts to stand up. I think he should be praised for his courage rather than hated on because he stood up for the team.

  • sps said:

    25 digruntled players willing to sign a seemingly anonymous petition would not surprise me one bit if this were the 1st or 2nd year of Ambrose’s tenure. Since it is the 4th year this is certainly more alarming.

    Still waiting to hear more details about this verbal abuse though….former player claimed it happened but couldn’t remember any episodes which he could describe. You say it is clear the extent to which the abuse is happening….yet i’ve seen no clear description of what it is that is evidently happening.

  • thefather said:

    I’m just setting the record straight!!!

    I have read through the articles of the Tower-light/blogs & I want to say thank you to those that get what is and has gone on with the handling of these brave young men. The one’s that have not gotten it yet,all I have to say is I pray that your son or daughter-family member does not have to go through what these young men are going through. To begin with this not about any playing time period! This is about what is right!! My son has not been treated with the respect/dignity that any anyone would want to be treated with by Coach Ambrose & Coach Hatchman.

    Firstly the letter that I have pasted in this post below will validate that myself, wife & Trevor tried to get some resolution to this matter before it got to this magnitude! As soon as we started pushing buttons the asst AD Devin Crosby,& Coach Ambrose started to pressure my son about meeting with them, while the so called investigation was going on. We as a family decided this was not the best course of action for our son.

    Just think about it for a min! A student came to the administration for help because he was being verbally abuse by a coach that is supposed to uphold the standards of what I think is a great university! It only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch & this is what’s is going on!

    When I herd the tape of Coach Hatchman dropping F bombs on my son like it was no tomorrow I was speechless/shocked/Hurt! This was not the occasional curse word you hear on the field this was anger, disrespect, and degrading to a student that wanted nothing but a fair & decent conversation with a person that’s partly responsible for him while he is part of the program! In addition to the F bomb’s why would coach tell a student that he was always trying to justify his existence!

    The administration knew about the tape before hand & instead of treating my son like the victim he his they treated him as an offender by suspending him for no reason while the coach who’s conduct is unethical continued to work! Mind boggling!

    So I will end by saying to my son & the other players that have signed the petition don’t let negative influences stop you from doing what is right! To many times the cries for help from a student/athlete’s or non student/athlete’s around this country fall on deaf ears because the people in the position of authority make the choice that the program/university is bigger than a students well being/rights!

    Note: When you have children they will always be your children til your last breath and no matter how young or old they are you should always do your best to support them especially when they are doing the right thing!

    th , 2012 Office of the President Administration Bldg. Room 331 Towson University 800 York Road Towson MD 21252 410 704 2356

    James M. Walker

    Reference: My son Trevor M.A Walker current student/member of the Towson University Football program

    Good day Madam President,

    I would like to start this letter by informing you that this letter is written with a very heavy heart. I would also like to give you a little background about myself. I’m the proud

    father of six wonderful children that my wife Michelle L. Walker and I have raised to become respectful and productive citizens of our society. My wife has done most of the raising of our children and this situation has affected her very deeply. We know that our children are a blessing from GOD and he has charged us with protecting them no matter what is going on in their lives or how old they get while we walk this earth, and my children mean the world to me.

    In addition to knowing the makeup of my children I have served this country for 21 years in the Army and Navy. During the time I served I spent 65-70% in military law-enforcement, and almost another ten years as a civilian State Police Officer. I’m now involved in Federal law-enforcement. I’m not saying that I’m an expert but I have vast experience and training in recognizing people’s negative and positive behavior patterns. My wife also served this country for 12 years in the Navy dealing with hundreds of young people’s problems as a counselor, and she also has vast experience. I also was fortunate enough to have played high school, college, and military football/basketball/track. i have also coached hundreds of young people on the high school, AAU & military levels for over 20yrs and I treated everyone like one of my own.

    When I saw my son after this year’s St. Francis game, I knew he was not himself but was trying very hard to hide the stress and emotions that has built up inside of him from the mental and verbal abuse issued by his Head Coach Rob Ambrose and his Defensive Coach Matt Hachmann. Trevor has never been the one to be confrontational but the way he has been treated going back to last season has caused teammates to lose respect for him because the coaches have decided to make my son the practice dummy, which puts him in a box all by himself in addition to added negative stress.

    I must stress to you again that this is about the well-being of my son first and foremost. Before the St. Francis game, I spoke with the assistant AD Devin Crosby and asked him when would be best to speak with Coach Ambrose. He informed me it would be best after the game and that he would inform Coach Ambrose that I needed to speak with him. Before the start of the game, I crossed paths with Coach Ambrose and introduced myself to him again, although we have met before and asked him how things were going. His response was “Trevor is doing very well, up and down, inconsistent”. I have never heard of an athlete’s performance being described as such in my 30 plus years of being involved in sports. From the conversations I have had previously with my son and wife, his reaction to me elevated my existing frustrations. After the game I waited patiently for Coach Ambrose to complete all of his post-game activities, but was told by security upon the request of Coach Amrbose to leave the football office, which I then did. The assistant AD Devin Crosby then asked for me a number in which I could be reached. I gave him my number and my wife’s number.

    On September 24 at 1:24 pm, I received a phone message from the assistant AD Devon Crosby stating Coach Ambrose was aware that I wanted to meet with him; despite this, I was referred to one of the assistants, Brian Fleury. Now I’m even more frustrated because this was not about playing time, this is about my son’s well-being, and for that you must go to the source. We’re no strangers to the program because Trevor has been here for four years through the good and bad, including ending up with 6 of 36 incoming teammates from the class of 2008.

    I also want to briefly address Trevor’s injuries that he sustained in 2011 and 2012, as my wife and son will elaborate on this more. Trevor broke both feet in practice last year, 2011, and his hand this year, 2012. This concerns me as to how he sustained these injuries, as it shows my son Trevor has given his heart and soul to the football program. He has been an ambassador on and off the field. In light of certain obstacles in his life, Trevor has always remained positive and continues to move forward.

    With that said, Trevor does not deserve to be treated as he has thus far for no apparent reason. He deserves fair and equal treatment along with everyone else. My son is hurting mentally and physically to the point where he has lost weight dealing with these adverse issues. I have had family and other witnesses that just don’t understand the treatment that Trevor is receiving. I just want these issues investigated, and remedies instituted so my son can begin the healing process from these unethical NCAA breaches of conduct/ethics from a couple of coaches at this institution. Madam President, I thank you for your time and effort in this matter and I trust that you and your staff will have sound judgment in this matter.


    James M. Walker

  • concern parent said:

    Wow! I am disgusted with this University Thay supsended the Kid for speaking up. They have evidence of the abuse. This has been brought to theUniversity’s attention. No findings. Wow time for actions! what madness this is I need to report this to the NCAA ,The college board.
    Trevor Walker Im proud of you! Will be praying for you.

  • Tim Tebow said:

    Jesus isn’t even good at football anyways. Why is everyone so upset?

  • sps said:

    Mr. Walker,
    Please don’t take offense to any of this because I am just trying to explain to you why so many people might still be sceptical of this whole situation…I do not believe that you or your son are lying about anything at all. I can also see that you are a Chrisitan family who probably took great offense to the comments about giving Jesus a boot in the ass. I am sure you are a tough customer who knows what it is like to take some licks as a military vet who has played the game. My question to you is do you and Trevor have a documented list of events that details a pattern of excessive verbal or physical abuse? What you’ve provided in your post above isn’t sufficient. Telling me a coach used an excessive amount of F bombs toward someone is not something that makes me proud about football…but is not that out of the ordinary. Does it happen every day in obviosuly excessive quentities to the same people? You mentioned something about a Coach bringing up “justifying existence”…i’d be interested to hear this in it’s full context. As to your complaints about not getting enough face time with Rob Ambrose…. every college football coach in the country deals with helicopter parents and becomes an expert at shutting them out….because their sons are adults. In this case it sounds like your son is not a recent HS grad but is a full grown man at 22 years and 7 montsh old.

    I see that Trevor is one of the last holdouts that was recruited by the old regime. This type situation not at all uncommon. I’ve been involved with 2 squads during coaching transition periods. I’ve seen it all. Mutiny, unfair treatment, favoritism, roster cleansing, verbal and even physical confrontation between players and coaches. I can completely believe that Trevor has been treated unfairly. I don’t condone it but until I see further evidence i’m certainly not ready to call for Rob Ambrose’s head.

  • sps said:


    It sounds like Trevor has had a rough time and I’m disappointed his senior year has been tainted so badly. Like I said before….I compeltely believe the coaches have ridden him way too hard. I’ve seen it happen before with young, immature coaches who lack self awareness. I’m sure that if 25 teammates have put their signatures down then there is a problem that needs to be addressed decisively with the coaching staff. The fact that none of Trevor’s teammates have commented to support their coaching staff is telling.

    I’m still retaining cautious skepticism since their could be jobs on the line here. Best of luck and I hope a fair resolution is made.

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Mr. Walker and Family,
    Thanks for setting the record straight. I have much respect for you all and I am praying for the correct resolution. My heart goes out to your son. Don’t let the comments of a few deter you. May God bless.

  • teamate210123 said:

    It is a shame that towson University covering up this matter and not dealing with the sitaution. My fellowtemate Frank Bitre who take upon himself o put out an attack on Trevor because he is obligated to Ambrose because he paid for his vacation to the domincan republic. Be careful man. Iam not going to stand by and she a great person like Trevor be chastised for your dedication to Ambrose.

  • Former college athlete said:

    Although I’ll defend Trevor’s right to free speach and his parents’ right to back their little boy, I still do not agree with this on several levels.

    As someone who experienced exactly what Trevor has gone through, I can tell you, Trevor, that life does not get an easier. Your public testament to your experience with TU Football was moderate compared to what I experienced playing at the Division 1 level. I hate to tell you this but my life as a young professional was WAY harder than anything I experienced on the football field. You will have a boss that is this demeaning and you’ll encounter people in every day life that do not allign with your own personal agenda (especially in regards to religion).

    To be honest, I’m glad I had that experience. It has prepared me for the real world. I’ve been more successful than most of my non-college athlete friends due to the experience I’ve encountered. Most of the people posting on here are not speaking from personal experience playing college football and while I respect their opinions, it is hard to embrace someone who has not been through this experience. Trevor, if what is happening on that team is actually worse than what you’re describing, you need to speak up immediately. However, as it stands now from your description, you haven’t really encountered all that much.

    If you’re unable to survive a very basic college football culture, I’m a bit concerned about the challenges you will encounter in a few short months as you enter the real world. It does NOT get any easier as an adult in the real world…

  • 1980Grad said:

    As a former student and football player, it seems no one is really getting the big picture. First, this Division 1 Football now at TU, played by men not boys. It is not some high school were a parent can walk in and complain his “kid” isn’t playing. While I respect Mr. Walker and his son for there concerns, presenting it to the media as a story is not the solution. As a former member of the military, I would be surprised that Mr. Walker never heard a foul word during his time in the military and State Police?. It sounds too much like spoiled grapes. His son wasn’t playing and that is the issue. As a former coach, I’ve seen this scenario too many times. I’m shocked that any media outlet would not see through this issue.

    When a scholarship athlete accepts money for a free education, they also accept the consequences of their performance on and off the field. It does not always go as planned. I myself became injured in my first year at TU and never played another down. I never oomplained, and went on to a Masters Degree in Economics and Business.

    Football is an aggressive, violent sport. Preparing MEN to play at this level requires more discipline, training and commitment than most young men are prepared. Preparing MEN for the future challenges ahead is what counts. I support Coach Rob Ambrose because he is, and continues to be a leader of MEN. I also support our athletic director Mike Waddell who has brought TU to national prominence, without ever sacrificing the ethics we all expect from our TU leadership.

    Successful Division 1 programs around the country deal with these issues everyday. I’m sure our TU leadership will continue to set the right example going forward.

  • sps said:

    I think the fact that Trevor is 22 years and 7 months old….not a wide eyed 18 year old freshman straight out of senior prom should be recognized. I don’t fault Coach Ambrose for not wanting to speak with a grown man’s parents.

    It’s still entirely possible that there is more to the story and the abuse bordered on stalking or some such thing. I haven’t ruled that out at all. I’ve just yet to see the evidence.

  • Jim said:

    I call foul on Mr. Walker. As a former member of the military, you’d understand chain of command. Does not sound like it in this instance.

  • Mike said:

    Trevor broke one foot in practice because his friend stepped on it (by accident). Then the same thing happened to the other foot, I’m not sure how he broke his hand. He was cut halfway through his fifth year here at Towson, but he had not played since the 2009 season. The letter was written right after he was cut and sounds very whiny regarding the cussing and jesus comments(those are things you need to deal with in sports it wasn’t particularly offensive unless you’re playing middle school girls hockey).

  • tom said:

    Dear Jim,

    This article was just brought to my attention by a friend of mines who live in the school vicintity. Apparently you have a problem with comprehension. According to Mr. Walker all neccessary steps were taken and to no avail.
    Im really disturbed by the whole situation. People prioritties are all mixed up. I thank You fellow vet for your service. American fight everyday in diverse wars to protect our rights and freedom.
    We proudly play the National Anthem belt out the words liberty and justice for all. Yet when someone proudly stand up for justice we find everyway possible to intimidate them. I carefully studied Mr. Walker’s letters and I wonder how much do people pay attention to details. When he brought the matter to the University he was supsended? According to the response from their chief of staff she tried to resolve this problem. Come Ms. Do you think people are that stupid.
    Jim and the only thing you can about is chain of command.

    Wake up people!

  • current player said:

    Ambrose has sent a text saying, “if you knowingly or unknowingly signed Trevor’s petition and you regret it you need to come forward before your name is published. There will be no punishment.” Does that not seem like someone trying to blackmail his players so he can cover his tracks???????

  • Concerned Outsider said:

    @current player:

    I’m confused by what I just read. Are you saying that the coach sent a text to the team members, telling them they won’t be punished if they signed the petition and regret it and come forward? Does the reverse, then apply, and is the implication that they will be punished if they don’t come forward?

    And there are some who are defending this coach? He’s pretty openly threatening his players. Wow – this is eye-opening!

  • sps said:

    That text by Amrbose doesn’t sound all that surprising at all to me. I could see my college gipper doing the exact same thing….he would have had our heads on a spike (not literally). He obvuiously thinks he’s in the right or he wouldn’t have sent a text that he doubtlessly understands would be shared with the public.

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Ambrose text sounds like a cover your a@$ move to me.

    I still don’t understand why grown men can not talk to grown men without cussing at them, embarring them and degrading them. I knew of a coach that called the players by Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith, etc. and talked to them like he respected them and was their mentor. He got stern when needed but in return got 100 plus percent from them. Why is that so hard?

    Oh, I forgot, power and ego.

    And it sounds from some of the posts that football should pattern itself like the military or a police academy.


  • sps said:

    “I still don’t understand why grown men can not talk to grown men without cussing at them, embarring them and degrading them. I knew of a coach that called the players by Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith, etc. and talked to them like he respected them and was their mentor. He got stern when needed but in return got 100 plus percent from them. Why is that so hard?”

    There are plenty of good coaches who handle themselves in this manner. I agree with you that this is the way it should be done….it’s the way i’d prefer my coach behave.

    Reality is a different matter though. There are a TON of football coaches at every level that still use fear as their main motivator. It comes from the very nature of the sport and the type of people it attracts.I’m not saying that it is right. But it is the truth. If I was a coach I would be the kind of mentor that you describe.

    I don’t know the full story of what has happened to Towson football players over the last couple of years. All I have to go by are a few tidbits from a player who has just been cut and his dad who felt the need to speak up for his adult (almost 23yo) son. I also know that there are 25 signatures…to what exactly they signed I am not completely sure.

    As someone who grew up with football and was formed by it….I know both possible ways this story could go. Ambrose could quite easily be an out of control meglomaniac (this isn’t the first time i’ve heard people speak poorly of him)….or this could be the case of a disgruntled player with an overbearing parent who divided the lockerroom. I am not proposing either of these as fact…but both scenarios are quite common in football culture. Or the answer is somewhere in between…and let me tell you that it in between for most young men who play football.

    As a result i’m not going to join in on the mob scene calling for Ambrose’s head yet.

  • Former college athlete said:

    Am I the only one who finds it a bit disturbing that our “knowledge” of this subject is being framed around the word of people posting comments online as a follow up to a “letter to the editor” of a student-run newspaper?

    I’m just as guilty for assuming I know what is going on based on what I’m reading in comparison to my own personal experiences, but there is ZERO credibility to anything you’ve read not only in the original letter but in the follow up statements as well. How do you know a) I actually played football and had the experiences I claim I’ve had? b) Trevor actualy wrote the letter in the first place? c) The “current player” is actually a current player on the team? d) The players actually just received a text? etc etc etc…

    “They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true”


  • Brisket said:


    It’s kind of outdated, this idea that being a man is being a “tough,” insensitive jerk. Rarely does the adult world reward crassness or machismo. Rob Ambrose is a rare exception to that, though, getting paid $250 grand to be a jerk to student athletes. For that kind of money I would expect more professional conduct. It would be nice for the coaching staff to set a more adult example for the players and not resort to childish verbal abuse.

  • Rick said:

    As a parent of a current player I have a suggestion. I think the team should hire huggers to give any player that doesnt feel special as they walk off the practice field a big hug! Then they could tell the player how great they are and that their position coach doesnt know what he is talking about! What are we talking about here folks, someone was mean to my little boy? Transfer, leave the team, whatever.

  • Towson FB fan said:

    At the St. Francis game, in I believe the first quarter after the TU offense looked terrible, Ambrose followed them to the sideline and yelled “sit down” then yelled “shut the F#*K up”. Could hear it up in the stands, I sit in row R. Glad it was just me and not my kids. I suppose I expect to hear that coaches use foul language, but honestly a little disappointed that it happen in this particular way. Whether coaches like it or not, they are watched by lots of people. People form their impressions about people based on their limited information.

  • sps said:

    Ya’ll should watch a Coach K during a Duke baseketball game if you wanna see a real master at the use of the F Bomb. Only guy in college basketball who could drop f bombs at the same pace as Gary Williams.

  • Alumni John 88’ said:

    I agree that a full investigation should be conducted. I believe that every player that was offended by the coaching staff’s language voluntary submit all electronic devices that contain any form of music and videos. They should also provide all passwords and logins to any form social media or website they subscribe and endorse. I would also call for a listing of all movies viewed in the past 12 months by these players. Then take an unbiased third party committee to review all contents for any offensive language, gestures, opinions, political meaning and or sayings found on the electronic media and movies.
    If their accounts are void of any unethical sayings, gestures or behavior then the coaching staff should get the appropriate disciplinary actions. However, if their accounts show the same or more offensive behavior then their accusations of the coaching staff I believe each player should be given a Hurt Feelings Report, (we have all seen them float around the net) to fill out and take the required action.

  • player said:

    It honestly is making me sick that what happens in the locker room can’t stay in the locker room. If people don’t like how their being treated then leave. Because the fact of it now is that instead of being the “big bad man “that stuck up to coach ambrose. It’s effecting all his former teammates and current players on the team. Yea the coaches use curse words. Oh man! Let’s go run home and tell mommy and daddy! What a priss.should have just left and kept his mouth shut.if your a 23 year old MAN mommy and daddy should no longer have to speak for you to your coaches. If he went and talked to coaches and didn’t like what he heard then he should have just left. Not taken it to his friggen parents.football is a man’s game. If you can’t handle the language or the criticism then don’t play.for those who are backing up Trevor, did you reflect on how bad of a teammate he is being? He was on the team once this season. He knows what the teams goals were, and he shared a brotherhood at one point with them. So now what has he done? Caused a huge distraction in the middle of the season and has put coaches jobs injeapordy? What about their families?what u people don’t realize is that because these few players have decided to make this so public, it is no longer between Trevor and coach Ambrose. It is the community against the TU football team. Awesome job people! Your ruining a great program over a kid getting yelled at during football practice. It’s a Damn joke that’s what is.people don’t get anywhere in life by being told their great at everything when their not. There’s a flag football league thast going on outside the union at night. Looks like fun. Maybe he should try that out.

  • Mike said:

    Alumni John, are you insinuating that college football players encounter vulgarity and profanity in their everyday lives outside of the locker room and off the football field?!?!?!? If so, that is blasphemy as we all know that only college football coaches use such language.

  • sps said:

    Are you a current player? If so beware speaking up against this story. There are folks around insinuating that current players who do not side with Trevor are only covering their tracks because they partook in NCAA violations. This is getting pretty nasty. Seems like some people savor the idea of seeing the football team get hit with sanctions. Cover your ass.

  • R. Ambrose said:

    Well guys, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I, like many coaches before me, used anger and yelling as a source of motivation. I can tell now that my methods have done no good for this program, 9-2 season, CAA Championship, playoff appearance, and a return to FCS relevance excluded.

    My actions have ruined not only football at Towson, but the lives and playing careers of countless D-1 AA athletes. Words cannot describe the deep feelings of regret that I have for ever doing anything that made a player feel bad. After all, I didn’t offer them scholarships to play football at a competitive level. I wanted them to play Division 1 FCS football at Towson University so that they could all have equal playing time, equal fun, and a rootin’ tootin’ good time. There is no excuse for telling a player that he has done something wrong or that I am not happy with them. These guys bust their rumps for me and darn it I should be kinder to them.

    I have made a few changes in my coaching style that I hope pleases everyone. If all parents, players, coaches, faculty/staff, and students do not 100% agree, we will talk it out and change it so that eveyone is happy.

    My changes are as follows:
    1. Replace any drills with contact with drills in which every player goes around and says something nice about a teammate. Then, we will lay on the field together and watch the clouds go by. Once the guys got tired we will head inside for a nap. I’ll make them all snacks and get them pillows and blankets. If they are extra good, I will read them a story and give them juice.

    2. No more yelling. Yelling hurts peoples feelings, and I can’t bear to see a 18-22 year old man feel bad about something. It just isn’t right. Instead of yelling or swearing, I will dish out varying degrees of compliments based on performance. Get a sack? I’ll hit you with a “Looking good out there sport!” Throw an INT? “You still look darn good in that uniform and you are still a valued member of my football team.” If the situation calls for it, I will hug players and express feelings of love towards them.

    3. No more practices. I’ve been leaving a few hours off of the logs every week and that is not cool. I also have been informed that making the players do drills to improve their talents and skills is also not cool. To remedy the situation, all practices are cancelled. All practice does is reinforce the idea that these kids aren’t perfect. A world where an athlete gets upset at getting yelled at is not a world that I want to live in.

    4. Players will have control of the play calling and depth chart. Again, I don’t want to offend anyone so I am letting the kids decide where they want to play and how they want to play. It’s about the kids people.

    I would like to again reiterate how deeply full of sorrow I am. I mistakenly thought that I was just the coach of a playoff-caliber Division-1 football program. I realize now that I am supposed to be so much more than that. I am required, contractually, to be the players’ sole role model and inspiration. Everything that I do is to be emulated by the players, and they are to live their lives based around my actions on the field. If I make them feel bad, they will never feel good about themselves and will live sad lives. Shoot, my yelling has probably prevented many Towson players from making it to the NFL and, in turn, the Hall of Fame because of how sad it made them feel inside.

    I am sorry that I have let you down. It is my hope that from now on, every student athlete gets the attention, praise, love, and support that they deserve. I don’t care if we lose every game for the rest of my career. Winning only creates a competitive atmosphere which leads to higher demand on players, which leads to players feeling stressed and upset. We can’t have that.

    I hope that I see you at Villanova this week. Remember to wear neutral colors (as to not offend members of the opposing team) and to cheer on both teams. Here’s hoping for a tie!

    Peace and love,
    R. Ambrose

  • Get informed said:

    It sickens you that what happens in the locker room cant stay there? What a shame that your precious coach is finally being called out. N he shoud learn that lesson, n not publicly scream f*** you to his players in front of parents and children. What a role model.
    One player is ruining the team? That’s funny, because 25 people signed the petition backing Trevor up. If you had any guts you’d take a stand too, but seeing as though you’re one of Ambrose’s two pets, and we all know what happens with them..I wonder what you get out of it?
    As a man like you claim Trevor should be, you should be grown enough to get done what you have to on the field and not let this affect you. Maybe you’re not as ‘grown’ as you want to pretend. Good luck out there

  • former player said:

    i was a former player at towson, and prob got into trouble more then any player on the team and was punished for it. I wasnt the biggest fan of Ambrose but he truely does care for his players, he helped me turn my life around and i am grateful for that. Ambrose is a good man and a great coach, he might not seem it by the choice of words he uses but he is and will do anything to help out his players.


    Seriously, are people this mad that Ambrose says “fuck”? This is absurd. I could MAYBE understand if this were high school ball, but this is the next level. These guys, bless their hearts, have NFL dreams. And as we all know, NFL coaches are the most respectful and supportive men on this planet. I just don’t understand why everyone has turned into a bitch. My brother played D-3 ball at a terrible school and got it just as bad as, if not worse than, these guys.

    Like it or not, it’s a part of the game. Don’t like it? LEAVE THE PROGRAM! If it’s so horrible for you, then leave. Transfer. Do something. Let the kids who want to play here play. No one forced Mrs. Walker to stay on the team. No one forced her to stick around after she got her feelings hurt all the time. And no one forced her to gather a supposed group of 25 other disgruntled ladies to try and run Ambrose out of town and the team into the ground.

    Feel good about yourself Walker. You just opened up a big ol’ can of worms. If the things that people are saying is true, you just became the face of the cause that killed TU football. I hope it was worth it because the NCAA is going to come down hard if Ambrose is really blackmailing, paying for vacations, etc. I’m not saying that those things are ok, but there are better ways to handle such a situation.

    Hope you guys are lacrosse fans… that’s the only (real) sport on campus that’s going to have any shot at a > .500 season come next year. And the next year, and the next, and so on. Trevor Walker and his supporters are weak, thin-skinned, hypersensitive, crybaby bitches.


  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Questions, are you a current or former football player? Are you related to someone on the coaching staff. Why all the name calling and exteme emotion?
    I’m just curious at why you are so heated? Can you please respond in a calm manner. Just asking.

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Please tell me that wasn’t the real R. Ambrose.

  • Get informed said:

    Trevor is supposed to feel bad..yet he did not mention Ambrose blackmailing or paying for things illegally. Other players stated that. Trevor told about what he knows, and others came forward with additional information. I don’t think Trevor, or anyone with a conscious, would feel bad that Ambrose may be punished or at least revealed for all the wrong he has done. Or wait, everyone should keep quiet so Ambrose can continue Doing whatever he wants. What kind of Warped mindset is that. Crazy.
    Thin-skinned? I guess MLK was too when people said mean things about him and he stood up to right wrongs. Sick.

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Appreciate your response to my previous post. All I’m asking is can’t there be a medium? Not extremes. If that’s a post from the real Rob Ambrose above, the sarcasm didn’t help the matter and I interpret it as immature and a great example of the ego and arrogance that he has been accused of.

    sps, I’m not calling for his head either and I do recognize what has been accomplished under his leadership and give credit where credit is due but I do respect this situation being brought to light if it is really a serious problem.

    Thank God there are not accusations of physical abuse and just maybe this could have curtailed the possibility of that potentially happening. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors unless it is put out there by the one receiving the mistreatment.

    I didn’t see one accusation of yelling. I thought this all started as a complaint of offensive statement concerning Jesus and an assistant cussing at someone in a direspectful manner. Obviously to the player and the family, since they were the targets, it was a concern to them. Who are we to say they shouldn’t have said anything or taken action?

    That post from R.Ambrose (if it was him) sound to me like a person that got messed up mentally along the way and in training to be coach adopted standard coaching methods of negative motivation and might believe there are no other alternative ways to coach. Because of course, if everybody does it, then it must be the right way. (sarcasm)

    Usually in these matters, the old saying is what goes around comes around. I pray it won’t someday apply to Ambrose family in the future since he is father with young kids of his own. I’m just saying.

  • Dan O said:

    This is disturbing to say the least. From what I’ve heard has been said, the Jesus comments in particular, it’s been wildly inappropriate and offensive. Obviously something has to be done about this. That being said, I’m reserving some judgement about the whole situation. I absolutely appreciate and admire someone standing up for what they believe is right, especially in the face of intense opposition. I also believe there’s more to this then some people know.

    Additionally, some of the comments coming from both sides of the argument on here have been utterly assinine. I know people will misconstrue this and inevitably think im referring to them, but some comments have been rather self-righteous and condescending while others have been downright ignorant and touted and highlighted the very issues that exist within our society.

    I’m sure most people understand that there is a culture surrounding football that makes stories like this merely par for the course, but in the end you still have to protect student-athletes. I’ll be very interested to hear any other details that come from this story as well as what the consequences of it are.

  • Dan O said:

    Also, I seriously doubt that was actually Rob Ambrose above. I mean c’mon, I think at this point he has too much going on to be leaving comments on a Towerlight article lol. That would be an absolutely terrible PR move in this case.


    @Concerned Parent
    My father was a former D-1 (FBS) ball player, brother played D-3, and I was recruited to play at several schools (a Rob Ambrose led Towson included), but didn’t play due to injury and increased apathy towards the game. Regardless, I am heated for several reasons. People are blowing this out of proportion. With the facts that have been given, Walker is a disgruntled former player with a grudge against Ambrose who is making unfounded claims. Instead of being a man, he cried to Mommy and Daddy and is now potentially killing our program over his lack of testicular fortitude. According to our school, an investigation took place and found no issues. Walker is a crybaby and is just out to ruin Mr. Ambrose. The comments about Jesus were in poor taste, but he has every right to say it. He has the freedom to do so in this country. Hell, he could look every player in the eye before the game and tell them he’s going to skull-fuck their mothers for all I care. It’s his team and he knows how to win. I hope that I answered your concerns.

    @ Get Informed
    I was going to agree with you until you compared Walker’s speaking up to Martin Luther King. That is borderline insane. MLK was a leader and a revolutionary man. He stood up for his race and for equality. Walker doesn’t want someone to insult his imaginary messiah or yell at him. Why would you even think that those two are the same? Walker keeping his mouth shut would allow a football coach to yell at some more kids. MLK keeping his mouth shut would have been devastating for race relations and the advancement of black people in this country. You, sir or madam, are a fucking clown.

    I’m glad to see that so many people who read The Towerlight have never done anything questionable in their entire lives. This is seeming more and more to be a case of a player who couldn’t handle being called out for sucking at football. Ambrose didn’t recruit the kid, didn’t think he was good enough for his squad, and that’s that. Y’all are straight up pathetic.

  • sps said:

    Lol at the people who think Rob Ambrose wrote that post. New to the internet?

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Do you have proof that it wasn’t him or was it you posing? If so good job sounding like something he would say. And yes I’m new to the internet. I’m surprised I figured out how to type and post. Where’s the off button on my computer?

  • RICK said:

    Question, if the coach had agreed to give him more playing time then said the f word 2000 times, would we be having this conversation? I dont believe we would. In my eyes this is a case of someone not getting their way.

  • The word gullible isn't in the dictionary... said:

    … don’t believe me? Look it up!!!

    hahaha, the Ambrose and Trevor comments are hillarious. For those of you who even had any doubt if it could have potentially been either one of them, check out this Peyton Manning post on Facebook: http://www.slanchreport.com/2012-articles/october/fake-qb-conversations-are-delightful.html
    Every post on this site is the REAL person saying it. Even the Big Ben comments. Thank God for legitimate social media sources!

  • Dan O said:

    hahahaha hell yea. that was fucking classic. nice link man, i got a pretty good laught outta that.

  • fan man said:

    Most people can handle the swearing. The comment about Jesus and the Disciples along with the Fword was just plain ignorant. This man is suppose to represent Towson in a positive way.Its wrong and he should pay the price. Maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think he has he apologized or made any statements about it. He cant hide from this. And they want to cut baseball and soccer. Those coaches don’t talk like that. I wonder if he spoke like that when he met the administration for his interview.

  • A TU GUY said:

    Funny. Coach Ambrose can swear, make crude comments about Jesus but can’t say a word now.

  • player said:

    @get informed.
    Yes I am a current player. And yea coach has said the f word to me. Should I quit the team? Saying that I’m not a man is probabaly the funniest thing I’ve heard. Your saying I’m not a man cuz I didn’t throw a bitch fit for a coach saying the f word. Well maybe your not an adult if you can’t handle that. As for the fans being upset about him using it on the sidelines, coach Ambrose isn’t there to please the crowd, he’s there to coach a winning football team. You say 25 guys signed it. Well as it turns out more than half of them didn’t even know what they were signing. It’s obvious that you have never played on a football team before or maybe even have never been part of a team. Curse words are normal language. It’s locker room talk. So what you are saying is that if at your job and you were in a position of authority and had to get someone in line and you said “the f word” then you should get fired?….. Well like I said before that’s a Damn joke. And your a joke. You have no idea what’s going on. And yea I’m his pet that’s a funny one too. I’m part of THE TEAM! I will not be getting a reward for this. No one even knows I’m posting this. The only reward I get is stating my opinion to someone like you who doesn’t know what team is and what a football family is. I think its very grown up of me for being able to deal with people on my own. Instead of handing my problems off for other people to deal with. And how is trying to get somebody fired from their job and hurting their family being a “grown up”? Sounds cowardly to me. Sounds like because he couldn’t get what he wants now he wants other people to suffer. Yea sounds like a real man to me……..real manly decision theirre. Oh and if someone on the street or at your job curses at you maybe try calling the police. And get that taken care of since its such a crime apparently. Good luck to you too asshole.

  • sps said:

    If Jesus had of crossed my path around 1PM on a Staurday during my playing career….I would have mucked him up too.

    Get a grip God Squad. Rob Ambrose is still a better Christian than half the Popes in history and the thousands of Crusaders who committed murder on behalf of your Vengeful Sky God.

  • sps said:

    Oh and anyone complaining about F BOMBS needs to shut the hell up because you’ve obviously never played a down of football….if you did then Rick Moranis must have been your coach.

    Watch a Duke basketball game and watch the Heroic Coach K drop F BOMBS like he’s a god damned B-52.

  • Dave said:


    I think your idea of free speech is a little off. A person can say whatever they want, yes (barring threats), but if that person’s employer deems it offensive then it’s absolutely reason for dismissal.

    All in all I guess this discussion is what I’d expect from one about football: a lot of people arguing about what it means to be manly. Puffing up your chest and calling other people ‘bitches’ is a sure sign that you have not yet entered the adult world.

  • just a person said:

    I cant figure out why Coach Ambrose has not made a statement yet. Is he afraid he wont be able to stop swearing. Swearing and religion are not good PR for the school. If he is such a stand up guy explain it to the press. Not hide from it. It only makes him and Waddell look bad.

  • EX TU FAN said:

    In as exact words as possible he stated: “I do not care what your religion is. I do not care if I offend anyone. But even if Jesus and his disciples come in here on Saturday, we are going to fuck them up and get them the fuck out of here.

    stop sticking up for this guy. Find a quote from any pro coach or college coach that said something as stupid as that. you wont. This is way past just dropping a few fbombs. It is down right ignorant and cant be defended.a disgrace to the school.

  • NCAA Rules said:

    We have a much deeper problem with all things going on in the Towson athletic department. We have fake practice logs, we have the verbal abuse, we have a “situation” with West, we have a title IX problem, we have a major financial problem, and we are cutting sports. The NCAA looks at this as the loss of “Institutional Control”. Institutional control is a major issue for the NCAA. If Towson had a long tenured AD or even one with AD experience at other schools this would not be as big of a deal. Since Towson has a first time AD with only two years under his belt, this throws up some major red flags. The school can’t fire ambrose because the would owe him at least $1 million to buy out his contract. They can fire Waddell, as he has broken his contract by losing control of the department and sinking it into over a million dollars in debt. I think this ends with Mike Waddell being let go, or asked to leave. Lets hope the NCAA does not sanction us, because i believe we are already on probation for the basketball APR problem (Another example of a lack of institutional control).

  • sps said:

    You’re out of your god damned mind.

  • Concerned Football Parent said:

    Ok. sps we get it. We get your position. We get your viewpoint. Can you stop scolding everyone that doesn’t agree with you? I’m sure you will drop a F bomb to me and my post in the name of Jesus. We get it. It’s a person’s right to cuss and athletes should embrace it or don’t play.


    People should not be this offended at the Jesus comments. Would you be offended if he had said “I don’t care if Santa and his elves come in here, we’re going to fuck them up”? Would you care if his statement had been about any other fictional character, whether it be religious or from popular culture?

    You people are acting like the Muslims who threaten to kill over depictions of Muhammad. “HE TALKED ABOUT MY RELIGION? IN RELATION TO FOOTBALL? WITH JESUS?!! HOW DARE HE! FIRE HIM!”

    You are clowns and loons. Jesus wasn’t and isn’t real; don’t get so offended at someone using your little imaginary friend as a motivational tool.


  • Paper Moon said:


    Your jealousy is too apparent. It’s the kind of jealousy that spews forth from one who deep down feels his life is insignificant. So to build up his own significance he has to tear down the significance of someone whom others cherish. It’s people like you who are responsible for the incivility in today’s world. And that’s the only significance someone like you can bring to this life.

  • TUPay said:

    @Paper Moon

    Where do you buy your weed? I want to get on the level of crazy that you’re on.

  • TU FAN said:

    Still Ambrose does not make a statement. I think his silence says it all. I thought he was a stand up guy. Not a guy who is hiding. Set the record straight.

  • Paper Moon said:


    What’s so crazy about expecting adults who are supposed to be shaping the lives of students to practice civility instead profanity? Whatever you’re smoking has perverted your values, that is if you had any to start with.

  • Paper Moon said:

    When is President Loeshke going to weigh in on this matter? It would be nice to know if the person running the school thinks it’s appropriate for one of her employees to be treating her students this way. By keeping silent she’s condoning it.

  • Dumb23 said:


    It is a shame that towson University covering up this matter and not dealing with the sitaution. My fellowtemate Frank Bitre who take upon himself o put out an attack on Trevor because he is obligated to Ambrose because he paid for his vacation to the domincan republic. Be careful man. Iam not going to stand by and she a great person like Trevor be chastised for your dedication to Ambrose. <——- why don't you bring that to the newspaper ? I know why, because you are wrong. Every school has an athlete emergency budget, tell Trevor Walker to look into it. If Trevor Walker was playing this would've never happened. He just could not handle the fact that he was a senior and was not playing or even on special teams. Trevor Walker is a COWARD who did not want to work hard enough to play so he chose the easy way out. I hope your family is proud Trevor Walker.

  • FAN said:

    Ambrose got a free vacation in the Dominican Republic? That sounds bad.

  • TUPay said:

    Twest signed it. He’s announcing his transfer at the end of our season. That much has been uncovered, but we have yet to learn where he is going. Early reports say he wanted another CAA school so he could play Ambrose, but that is unlikely. General consensus is that he wants to move to FBS.


    Hope you morons are watching the game. We are looking better on O then we have all season. D is stepping up too. Guess the players are really bothered by all this…

  • FAN said:

    i heard Waddell put the football team up at the Marriott during the storm. he loves spending money


    What’s wrong with looking out for their safety and having them all in one place? Stop reaching for things to attack the department with

  • gregory miller/father of recriut craig oliver said:

    this comes to no surprise .this is the same school flasely told my son they were giving him a scholarship to attend ,when the time came could not receive a call back from him or his staff.which cause div.1 to look other wise on my son.i would endorse TERRANCE WEST transferring .since he brought that school back to the championship calibier ..they have not stuck to what got them there .I t sems like he has changed and do that to that student /player ( walker) is just wrong..this whole team has changed since last year. for example t.west missed a game .they got destoryed,he takes it out on the team..t west comes back they have a good game t. west and the qb..meaning ..go with what got yall there before ..this QB ready to be mobile and be productive without the play action ..t west opens everything up..i might not be a coach but i watch and know the game well. T. west ..my advice take your talents else where ..where u can be appreciated as a player and person ..


    ^ There is no way that a grown man would type that. Garbage post. Get that shit out of here. Don’t push TWest out. We need him

  • gregory miller said:

    Yes I posted it and stand by it.I’m not pushing him out.THat coaching staff is cause if punishment comes down on the program the kids will suffer not there pockets. T.West is a grown man and will make his own decision.Are. you? “We need him”…get some balls son…u came to that school alone. U see T.West today tell him big Greg said scouts are in attendance and I’m watching as well.


    I will have a proper debate with you when you learn to compose a sentence with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Nothing you’ve said to me has been taken seriously because of the way that you type/talk.

    And don’t you tell me to grow some balls, asshole. I said we need TWest in the sense that he is a good football player. If I must correct myself to make my statement more accessible to idiots, I would change it to “The Towson University Tigers football team needs Terrance West in order to have a better chance at winning.”

    I’m sure TWest will give a single fuck that “big Greg” is watching him. Fuck you and your son. Hope he’s enjoying playing ball at whatever D-3 school took him.

  • TUPay said:

    Twest is apparently pissed off again. Say bye bye…

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