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Athletics Task Force backs up Athletics recommendation

19 November 2012 By Alena Schwarz, Sports Editor 13 Comments

On Monday afternoon, University President Maravene Loeschke revealed in an email sent on her behalf to the Towson campus that the Athletics Task Force decided that cutting the men’s soccer and baseball programs would benefit the University.

“The Task Force concluded that the discontinuation of men’s soccer and baseball is the most viable way for Towson University to achieve compliance with Title IX requirements, long-term financial stability and competitiveness. The report includes a minority opinion expressing concerns that are counter to the majority recommendation,” the email said.

However, a final decision on the program cuts recommended by Director of Athletics Mike Waddell on Sept. 26, 2012 has yet to be made. Loeschke said in the email she will take the coming weeks to conduct her own investigation and evaluation of the task force’s decision before making her own.

“Over the next several weeks we will reconfirm all data, facts and budget projections used in the athletics proposal and task force report,” the email said. “It was, and remains, my intention to put this matter to rest in a timely manner. It is my hope to issue a final decision as soon after the winter break as possible.”

The final report from the Athletics Task Force can be found on the task force’s website.

The Towerlight will update this story as more information becomes available.


  • Coach Cecil Elliott said:

    Madame President;
    My name is Cecil Elliott. I’ve coached youth & club soccer in the Greater Baltimore area, for over 15 years. Many of my players would go on to Towson, playing for Coach Frank Olszewski.
    The Greater Baltimore area is one of the dominant hot beds of soccer talent in the nation. Several of the premier club teams in the area – Dundalk American Legion Post 38, the Soccer Club of Baltimore, the Baltimore Bays just to name a few, have all won National Championships. After college, a good number of our players, would play pro soccer either for the now defunct NPSL, MISL or MLS. Regarding the area college programs themselves, the coaches all possess Level One Coaching Certificates or licenses from National Soccer Coaches Association of America and/or the United States Soccer Federation. Most important, they all have national, professional or international coaching experience.
    Eliminating the Men’s Soccer Program at Towson University, in order to comply with Title IX, is sending the wrong message. The findings of the Athletics Task Force, needs to be reviewed with a “Fine Tooth Comb”. If necessary, bring in an outsider with no ties to the University, for an independent audit. Questions have been raised about “Double Counting”, especially with the Track & Field teams. Cancelling the program outright, will disrupt the stability of the Greater Baltimore Soccer Community. Most important, the move would leave us with a “Black Eye” & many will be asking questions!”

  • fan said:

    Do what is right.Save both programs. Don’t sellout to big time football which seems to be what the AD wants. He looked like a greedy little kid on 60 minutes. Big time footballs comes with big time problems. It turns into a business.Before you know it the academics go out the window, Graduation rate goes down. As nice as it seems it is not worth the risk. Towson is well rounded academically and athletically. Don’t change that. The school will lose its integrity. It was nice to see the president did not jump on the rigged task forces recommendation today. it shows that there is one person at TU who would like to try to find a solution. I applaud her for that. great football and basketball programs are not built overnight. Don’t use baseball and soccer as the fix. Let the president know how you feel.

  • 1983 Alum said:


    This was a foregone conclusion even before all those meetings or discussions took place.

    My big question is, where is the CAA – Towson’s athletic conference – on this issue?

    With the Terps making the jump to the Big 10 to support their student-athletes, why hasn’t the CAA given Towson some sort of financial assistance to save the baseball and soccer teams?

    Maybe Towson should consider jumping to a better and more supportive conference if the CAA can’t or won’t help save Towson baseball and soccer.

  • Philip Morrison said:

    In response to part of the Task Force Report -

    - ‘perfect storm’ issue?

    “The current situation, in which the university finds itself has been described as the
    “perfect storm” as evidenced by the following: 1) after decades of regular growth, the institution
    is currently not receiving growth dollars from the State of Maryland, and thus has decided not to
    grow voluntarily, eliminating the new student fee income otherwise associated with growth,,,”

    ‘no current funding for growth’ – What does this mean? Why was this never discussed – in the recommendation or on the FAQ’s? Why is this coming up at this late date? The soccer team has not suddenly become a burden on the budget (after 90 years!!) Why would a lack of ‘growth money’ put the soccer team at risk? It has been there for 90 years; underfunded for the majority of those years. The support for the Men’s Soccer & Baseball teams should not depend on the availability of ‘growth money’ – how can this be logical? What AD would think in this manner?

    The money transferred (in FY 2012) from a special account to balance the books – from previous surpluses – did not go to the soccer team!! The Men’s Soccer budget did not suddenly grow to $400K!! (from $0). The AD has spent money on raises, new hires, severance – this has led to a budget deficit. This money spent on raises, new hires, severance is not directly benefitting any student or student-athlete. The operating costs for the Men’s Soccer and Baseball teams did not suddenly increase and cause a burden.
    Why all the secrecy? Why all the shame? We all know why…

  • MAT student said:

    Perhaps it would be better to put this to a vote of the students – do they want to have football or do they want to have soccer and baseball?

    Also, I wonder if anyone thought about eliminating the number of players on the football team. How many are there? If there are over, say, 30, then perhaps some discussion needs to be made about downsizing the football program.


    ^ Over 30 players is a lot? If you have 11 offensive starters and 11 defensive, that 22 players. Not to mention back-ups and special teams players.

  • fan said:

    The only people are against keeping the 2 sports are Waddell and several members of the rigged task force.Other then that i have not heard anyone for this plan. The majority want them saved.Listen to the people. Who wants a big time football program with a coach that swears all the time. Listening to him on National TV(60 Minutes)and his previous comments about Jesus and the Disciples along with the Fbomb were embarrassing to Towson. Yet he never apologizes or is called out on that.Is that kind of talk accepted by The AD and his department. His 60 Minutes swearing was yet another black eye to the school. How can this continue. No other coach shown on that show sounded like that.So lets not blame it on how all coaches talk

  • what the heck said:

    I heard that W

  • what the heck said:

    I heard that Waddell and a task force member were out to eat today.How does that look ? I say have an independent panel look at everything.Not the AD’S pals. Let these programs have a fair chance.Stacking the deck makes everyone look bad. If it can’t be done fair. Then maybe it should not be done at all. They want competitiveness , i call that cheating. They should be ashamed of themselves

  • Tualum said:

    The fact the task force was loaded with Waddell acolyte’s and the “fix was in” has become well known. The AD must think the student body and alumni are idiots, what a disgrace…. The President must have recognized the AD’s ploy and is going forward with her own review. The AD’s beyond absurd spending increase of $2,500,000 is to blame for the current budget situation. The soccer and baseball program’s shouldn’t be the sacrificial lambs for Waddell’s irresponsibility.

  • jenny said:

    This is part of Granny Loeschke’s plan. If you want to see the future of Towson, look at what she did at Mansfield University. It was so bad the faculty held and passed a “No Confidence” vote in her. If anyone thinks this is solely M.W’s fault, it all comes from Maravene.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    It’s pretty well know that Loeschke was brought in to stunt the growth of Towson University. Maryland’s board of regents can only afford to have one very good school in this state and doesn’t want Towson University climbing the ranks and starting to compete.


    Thank God people are starting to see the real issues here. “Dr.” Loeschke is a cancer that is killing Towson. She is trying to halt the growth of the school, and the state of Maryland has no problem with that.

    UMD is quickly becoming a joke. It’s moderately academically prestigious, but an education is what you make of it. It isn’t getting any better. The sports teams are awful now and joining the Big 10 will bring in money, but no wins. The football team will become the new Towson of old. A joke. College Park is a total dump. The fact that UMD is located in CP made me not apply. That place is horrible. Yet, that is the “flagship” university in the state of Maryland. THE University of Maryland. (BTW, I know about UMBC, UMES, etc. They are UM schools, but no one refers to them as “University of Maryland.”)

    Conversely, Towson is moving in the opposite direction. Located in a beautiful location (I’ve had friends from other schools/out of state/etc. say that TU has the best area surrounding campus that they have ever seen), sports teams (that aren’t being cut) are becoming more successful, Greek Life is vastly improved from even two years ago, and our prestige as an academic institution is rising. We are a school on the rise. We should have a much larger campus than we do. We should have Greek Housing. We should have a greater number of students living in the houses/communities that surround campus. But the powers that be won’t have it.

    The last thing that the UMD School System (or whatever it’s called), College Park, and the Towson community want is for Towson to continue to grow and become the flagship university of the state of Maryland. They would be horrified if Towson became the biggest and best school in the state. A school that was “Towson State” as recently as 1997.

    We need to get Maravene out of office and put someone qualified in her place. Someone who wants the University to grow and to thrive. Someone that actually cares.

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