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Black Tiger Affair: Easy to be green

18 November 2012 By Joshua Venecia, Columnist No Comments

As consumers, we do not put too much thought into how our clothes are made. We are more concerned about how the clothes look on us.

Most of the time, clothes are not made to be environmentally friendly. When clothes are made non-organically (clothes that are made with chemicals like pesticides), they leave a carbon footprint. Sustainable fashion (also known as eco-fashion) is a growing philosophy in fashion to create alternative methods in production of clothing that are environmentally friendly.

An enormous amount of damage is done in the production of clothes when they are processed. Pesticides are a good way to protect crops, they target all pests that might destroy the crop. The bad thing about pesticides is they are extremely toxic to anything that comes in contact with them: animals, humans—everything.

Most of the damage (about two-thirds) is done after harvest. Processes after harvest, such as tanning leather and dyeing clothing, are particularly damaging to the communities around where these processes happen.

Clothing industries are focused on producing to the mass population as quickly as possible. As consumers, we buy large amounts of clothes every year.

Instead of reusing or recycling, most of the time we throw out clothes that are still wearable but are out of fashion.

When clothes are produced with such harmful processes, especially in large quantities to indulge our aesthetic appearance, the environment suffers.

With the increased awareness of pesticides and the environmental impact in producing clothes, there are ways to still create clothing that is not harmful to the environment.  There are companies that develop organic clothing that is just as fashionable, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Another alternative to creating sustainable fashion is recycling old materials.

Materials from old garments can be reused.

Maybe it is time to move on from traditional methods of creating clothing and move into a world that is sustainable.

We can still produce items in bulk without being harmful to the environment.

If we care as much about the environment as much as we say we do, as consumers we must be aware of what we wear. It is possible to still be a symbol of fashion while being a symbol of environmentally conscious clothing.

Over time, green can become the new black.

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