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Colleen Calls It: Serious side for veterans day

11 November 2012 By Colleen Sullivan, Columnist 3 Comments

I usually write a funny column, about how beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent and witty I am.

I would like to take a hiatus from my usual satire, however, and talk a little bit about Veterans Day. I went out to eat with a few friends yesterday and the restaurant was providing free entrees for veterans. On this day, they were giving out pins and allowing us to write little thank you notes to veterans.

I know, I know.  Normally, I would probably make a joke about someone in the restaurant or about the food, or perhaps about how ridiculous my friends are.

Instead I want to talk about how much I appreciate the lengths this restaurant went to to honor veterans. I have many family and friends who have served this country, and in my humble opinion (because I’m always humble) I want to take the time to let veterans on campus and everywhere else know that I genuinely appreciate their dedication, their bravery and their sacrifice for this country.

Oftentimes, we take this type of service for granted and we forget to say “thank you” or “we appreciate everything you’ve done.” This is why I feel like it is especially important to recognize on Veterans Day.

I think it’s amazing to log on to Facebook or Twitter and see all of the posts from people honoring veterans and recognizing people in their families who have been veterans.

There is something to be said for Towson students taking the time to appreciate and honor people who have served their country, something that we do not do often enough.

This week my column goes out to everyone in the service and everyone who has fought for this country.  Thank you for everything you do, everything you’ve done and the great impact that you’ve made on this country.

I hope you enjoyed a break from my usual sassiness and can appreciate the fact that even I can talk about something serious.

Until next time, Towson.

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  • MAT student said:

    This is a far better column that anything you’ve put out so far.

    You aren’t funny, you are not doing satire, and you are not sassy.

    No one owes you “a little love”, especially when you insult them. If you put that kind of crap out, you’re going to be criticized for it. This may come as a shock to you, but just because you try to do something doesn’t mean you are any good at it, or are owed any accolades.

    Continue to write seriously, because the world has enough self-important jerks.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    Well said MAT Student.

    Any goof ball writer for The Towerlight should give serious consideration to what they write and put their name on.

    Most reputable companies do pretty extensive research on new hires and finding articles which make broad and ignorant accusations, even if they are intended as a joke, will not go over well.

  • Amanda said:

    Not to seem malicious, but I have to agree with the above two commentors. I appreciate that you’re trying to do satire in your usual column pieces, but I’m not sure you entirely understand what satire is. When you try to use it, I more often find myself confused than amused. It isn’t funny.

    Just try working on it! I’d study up on satire a bit more if you plan to continue doing it.

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