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Letter to the Editor: Alum still supports TU soccer

28 November 2012 By Greg Flaherty, Men's Soccer Alumnus 20 Comments

I get it, American football is the biggest commercialized sport in America and it is so highly influenced by the extreme amount of money that is put into the sport and the profits earned by the companies and individuals that support it. So yes, in theory, if you can raise the level and recognition of a University football team that University will gain more recognition on the national scale. But I ask, at what cost

I played soccer, or better known as the world’s game of football, at Towson University and due to this controversial decision that American football is the way to recognition for Towson University, my alma maters men’s soccer program is on the chopping block. Let’s just say that Towson will lose an overwhelming support both financially and intrinsically from the Men’s Soccer and Baseball Alumni groups that can never be gained back if the University goes forward with the decision to cut the men’s soccer and baseball programs. A final decision to cut Men’s Soccer and Baseball teams will leave so many Towson sports alum, family members of current Towson students and graduates, and members of the Baltimore community with a highly-negative opinion of Towson University and the new direction Mike Waddell is seeking for the TU athletic program.

I along with so many of my fellow alumni had a great experience at Towson University. I had the opportunity to play in the NCAA Sweet 16 as a member of TU men’s soccer program against powerhouse Wake Forest and also made my first trip abroad with Towson to play in England against premiership reserve teams. I made my decision to attend Towson to play D1 soccer from out of state and didn’t know anyone at the school or in the area upon my arrival. I met my wife at TU and we quite often return to campus to relive our glory years and my wife only gave me a chance because I was on the men’s soccer team. I made many lifelong friends with teammates that I keep in touch with regularly from all over the country and all around the world while playing at TU. I have supported both the TU men’s soccer program and Towson University emotionally and through financially contributions as an alum. All the positive lifelong memories that I cherish from my time spent at Towson will be tainted if they decide that the school is better off without the men’s soccer program.

Does the University really want to have this kind of public standing with committed, passionate, and loyal members of its alumni like myself and many others? By getting rid of the men’s soccer and baseball programs at TU, there will be a significant decreased public opinion of Towson University throughout the region and Maryland among so many Towson graduates, students and community members dating back generations and many decades. So I ask President Loeschke, is Mike Wadell’s personal career agenda more important than this significantly large group of current student athletes and TU Alumni that will lose respect, discontinue support, and halt financial contributions for Towson University if Mr. Waddell’s recommended direction for TU the Athletic Programs is championed by you and the University?

I just hope to see and will be extremely excited for the first home TU men’s soccer game next season. Go Tigers!



  • T.F.W. said:

    As an alum of Towson and one of these sports the renewed Tiger pride I now have is off the charts. Let’s see if I have this right. The AD who has created a large deficit recommends dropping sports because of title 9.A task force is very quickly created full of athletic dept. yes men,Berkley,Crosby,Gasparich,Rittenhouse,and Gold. For those that don’t know Devin Crosby is Mr. Waddell’s 2nd in command. The fact that the president’s office put him on is an insult to the intelligence of the entire university community. At this point the president’s credibility has to come into question. Next the numbers Mr. Waddell is using to justify us being out of compliance with Title 9 are proven to be erroneous. Whether he lied about them or made an honest mistake ( incompetence) how can he continue to be respected here by the campus community. Finally in the task forces final meeting infighting breaks out over frustration caused by the “yes” men. The final decision is delayed until January possibly by the Board of Regents who are now involved. This is a full blown embarrassment. Mr. Waddell is certainly at fault but the president over saw this whole process. She has unintentionally allowed this to blow up in our (Towson’s) face. This is about $850,000, less than 5% of the overall athletic dept. budget. They can find the money to fix this. They need to. This is too much of an embarrassment if they don’t. The president’s tenure will be permanently tarnished if it hasn’t been already.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    What I want to know is why did Granny Maravene create an athlete task force is she was just going to disregard their recommendation. Sounds like she is a big fan of wasting peoples time. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the faculty at Mansfield gave her a vote of no confidence. Still wondering how and why she was hired as our president.


    TU ALUM 2006:
    Maravene is in NO WAY qualified to be Towson’s president. She’s a theater major or some shit. Fuck that. She has no idea how to run a business or a university. She needs to go.

  • Miggy said:

    So it sounds like we have a dirty lying athletic director reporting to a clueless old lady president. Somebody give us the straight story and stop screwing around.

  • SMH said:

    TU Alum: I don’t agree with cutting the sports, but are you seriously questioning whether or not the university should organize people to do their diligence on whether or not it’s apt to cut programs and evaluate options? I guess there isn’t a point to having Congress either because the U.S. President can just make decisions autonomously, right?

    SINCE TUBLACKANDGOLD LIKES TO USE &^&% CAPS SO &*^&*^* MUCH I’LL ADD(*&*^&*&(*RESS HIM THIS WAY!!!!!!!! I’m not sure what you think makes someone qualified to be a university president. I’d say that two decades serving in positions of increasing executive authority, including department chair, college dean and president of another university, sounds about right. Again, though, I want to thank you for articulating your argument so clearly and with such researched insight.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:


    A university is a business. The primary goal is to educate but the next one on the list would be to make money. One could even argue that making money would be the most important given the fact that it pays the salaries, funds the research, and makes sure all the bills are paid. There are a variety of ways in which universities and colleges make their money: tuition, state funding, gifts and donations, athletic revenue etc.

    In order to do any sort of job, there has to be a certain level of qualification to do it. The job of the president is to serve as the public face of that institution and be instrumental in raising money for the University. They also oversee the administration of the university.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    @SMH – Continued

    It would be foolish to think that someone who does not have the proper qualifications could teach a biology class, coach a basketball team, direct a musical etc.

    Let’s look at Maravene’s qualifications. She graduated from Towson University back in the 1960′s. It wasn’t a very good school at that point by the way. She received degrees in English and theatre.

    She also has a doctorate in philosophy from the Union Institute in Cincinnati. This is an online degree. Anyone who has a serious doctorate would laugh at this. This also came into question as a “qualification” when she was originally hired.

    Either way, she does not come from a prestigious educational background.

    Now lets look at her career. She worked as a faculty member and dean at the college of fine arts for 30 years. She also served at provost at Wilkes University and President at Mansfield University. There are both very small, private, liberal arts schools. Not really on the same level as a major state institutions with aspirations of becoming a nationally recognized school.

    By the way, she received a vote of no confidence from the faculty at Mansfield. That’s bad, that’s really bad. That means most people at that tiny school thought she wasn’t qualified to do her job.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    @SMH continued

    I am sure Maravene is a very nice person and more than qualified in the area of theatre and fine arts but that’s it. Let people who are qualified to do their job do it.

    I am a Towson Alum who wants to see the school rise to new heights. Robert Caret was extremely aggressive in starting to turn this vision into a reality. He Towson University connections but was also extremely qualified, had a great background as president of San Jose State, and was a very confident person.

    Maravene is more of a students president. There are articles written about how she offers you candy when you come into her office and how her front porch light was always on at Mansfield so people would know she was there for them if they needed to talk.

    Towson students don’t need a babysitter or a shoulder to cry on. And that person certainly shouldn’t be the president of the University either.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    @SMH Continued

    It’s not unreasonable to think that the authorities at the athletic department are qualified to make the decisions regarding that branch of the school.

    It the President does not have confidence in the AD, or their associates, and feels that changes should be made then that’s the sort of thing that should be done in private behind closed doors.

    This whole soccer and baseball debacle has turned into a smear campaign for the University though. Maravene has been at the forefront of it too. She first threw Mike Waddell under the bus by basically saying “I know this is unpopular but it was all his idea.”

    She then requested that an athletic task force create a report with their recommendation. When they agreed with Waddell she very publicly disregarded it and said she won’t make her own decision but needs 2 1/2 more months to do it. In doing this, she basically has said that a person with fine arts qualifications can make a better decision than a consortium of people with backgrounds in athletics.

    Sorry, i’m not buying it.

    Maravene just wants to be the cool president. The students president. She will have all the soccer and baseball players over for milk and cookies once she is done dragging Towson through the mud,

    It’s a big lose lose.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    @SMH continued

    By the way a university is not a democracy. Things are not decided by popular vote. I wouldn’t compare Maravene and an athletic task force to how the country is run by the President and Congress.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    By the way Granny Maravene cut football at Mansfield. It’s no secret that she is not a fan of the sport and probably doesn’t want to see it advance at Towson.

    She will give you a call though after your boyfriend breaks up with you in an attempt to cheer you up.

  • Mike said:

    hey tu alum 2006
    if you look further into the union institute (where she recieved her phd) it did not gain accreditation until a few years AFTER he obtained her PHD. The school had also only been created a few years before she went there for her PHD. Now, someone might ask, why would she try to obtain her phd at a school across the country in a random field of study (Philosophy)? Because it was a joke school that’s why. Shortly after she obtained her PHD the school went bankrupt, after it was reestablished the specific phd program she studied in was shut down because they were giving out degrees too easily.

  • Mike said:

    “The consortium filed for bankruptcy in 1978. Emerging from its bankruptcy, the institution renamed itself The Union Institute in 1986.
    The Union Institute & University’s Ph.D. program came under scrutiny by the Ohio Board of Regents in the late 1990s early 2000s, which scrutiny culminated in its 2002 Reauthorization Report. The report was critical of the Union Institute’s Ph.D. program, noting in particular that ” … expectations for student scholarship at the doctoral level were not as rigorous as is common for doctoral work … ” (OBR 2002 Reauthorization Report, page 13). The Union Graduate School was dissolved and the Ph.D. program was restructured. Formerly it had been a Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences. A new Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in good standing was established, and the former Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences is no longer accepting students.”

    The school began to grant degrees in 1971, She gained her PHD in 1975, they usually take many years more than that. It wasn’t even accredited until 1985.
    This college professor wrote an article about someone in the same situation and the Union Institute.



    “SINCE TUBLACKANDGOLD LIKES TO USE &^&% CAPS SO &*^&*^* MUCH I’LL ADD(*&*^&*&(*RESS HIM THIS WAY!!!!!!!! I’m not sure what you think makes someone qualified to be a university president. I’d say that two decades serving in positions of increasing executive authority, including department chair, college dean and president of another university, sounds about right. Again, though, I want to thank you for articulating your argument so clearly and with such researched insight.”

    Where did I consistently use caps and when did I ever use symbols like that? I used caps to emphasize words. Two words, actually. If I could have made them bold them instead, I would have.

    What makes someone qualified? Perhaps graduating from a school with even a tiny bit of credibility. Maybe having a degree in something that would qualify someone to run a business or University. Maybe someone who can gain a vote of confidence from the school he or she runs. She ran a tiny school that no one knows or cares about. She got a sham of a PhD from a school that was not accredited. I can’t argue that she has held jobs of power, but I can argue that she should not have been in those positions. She is more concerned with saving face and being the “student’s President” than she is with running the school properly. Fuck her candy and cookies, I want to see my school succeed.

    Once again, go fuck yourself. You can praise her all day, but the fact remains that she is an unqualified candidate with a joke of a degree from a joke of a school. Go ahead and critique my swearing or the way in which I type and argue. It’ll be a nice way for you to deflect and not address my points. You are wrong. Deal with it.

  • R. Simms said:

    >TUBLACKANDGOLD – Thanks for your intelligent postings. Anyone who uses language like you do must be a very learned well-adjusted individual and not on the fringes of society at all. Well, maybe not.

  • TU Alum said:

    It is too bad that more students, faculty, and members of the media do not understand where Towson University’s president got her degree, and how this makes the university and the entire University System of Maryland appear. People will laugh at Towson when they find out, but it is better to get it over with before she does too much damage to the school. Who will come here or donate with this sort of leadership?

  • TUPay said:

    R Simms
    So because someone swears, they are unintelligent? His points remain valid, poor wording or not. You are an ignorant person.

  • Attorneys said:

    Thank you for this handy article.

  • JosieAndThePussycats said:

    Maravene is the greatest President ever. She remains but that boy soccer team is gone forever.

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