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Task Force close to decision on program cuts

14 November 2012 By Alena Schwarz, Sports Editor 38 Comments

It’s been over a month since University President Maravene Loeschke announced the athletic recommendations from Athletic Director Mike Waddell that could end the men’s soccer and baseball programs.

Since that time, a task force has been elected, which has held two forums, one specifically for students and one for the public. The task force has also recruited outside opinions to help it with its eventual decision.

“We’ve called in numerous people in the course of our deliberations for information and opinions,” Head of the Athletics Task Force and chair of the Board of Visitors David Nevins said. “The Athletics Director has been called in and other University staff members have been called in and we’ve sought many, many opinions on the subject, ranging from a couple public hearings to lots and lots of research and a number of emails and phone conversations we’ve had with experts around the country. We’ve done a lot of research, including speaking to the Athletics Director numerous occasions.”

Recently, accusations were made in the Facebook group “Save Towson Baseball and Men’s Soccer” that the original recommendations did not count indoor and outdoor track & field as separate teams. The teams, and their rosters, need to be counted as separate teams, according to recent Title IX court cases.

Waddell said the issue has been resolved and the numbers are correct.

“Recent court cases permit universities to double count indoor and outdoor track participation to achieve proportionality,” he said in an email. “The original athletics recommendation has been reviewed by the Task Force and adjustments have been made using the double count, as well as a variety of different track and field roster totals in the several models that are being considered. The Task Force is continuing to do their due diligence and will provide the President with their recommendation once they have completed their process.”

While Nevins said the task force expects to finalize its delegations and hand their proposal over to Loeschke within the coming weeks, Loeschke made a public statement Wednesday saying a decision was expected to be made in next few days.

“After speaking with the student athletes, it is critical we make a timely decision,” the statement reads. “With that in mind, I have closely followed the task force’s progress while simultaneously conducting my own extensive review. We have an efficient timeline in place. I anticipate their final assessment within days, which I will review carefully. I will then move quickly to announce my final decision shortly thereafter.”

Nevins said the task force is continuing to do its research and doesn’t want to hurry this important issue.

“We’re running through all the numbers in every area and we want to make sure that the numbers that we’re studying, whether they be record numbers or roster numbers, or whatever the case may be, are accurate,” he said. “This is complicated stuff.”


  • Tommy said:

    This is another great example of Mike Waddell being a dirty lying scum bag. Everything this guy says is a lie.
    So in two years at Towson – He assaulted a wine merchant, got caught chasing young girls around, wrongfully terminated at least 10 people, pissed off the athletic directors of Loyola, Maryland, and others (so they won’t schedule games with Towson), and now he was caught lying to the president and everyone else about Title IX. If this dos not get him fired i guess nothing will.

  • LuLU said:

    OMG, OMG, OMG – Can he get away with intentionally lying to the president about such a big deal. He manipulated the numbers to his benefit so he could cut the sports.

  • MathWiz said:

    So in conclusion, Mike Waddell either 1. Lied to the University and the public about the numbers, or 2. He is so incompetent that he has been compiling the wrong data and filing it with the NCAA for over 2 years. Either way it is grounds for termination.

  • Towson Alumni said:

    This is pathetic! Kudos to the task force for ferreting out AD Waddell’s nefarious plan to cut the Soccer and Baseball programs under the smoke screen of Title IX. Given the programs together are only about 4% of the total athletic budget and both programs have a long-term track record of success, Waddell’s 3 pronged plan of attack to destroy these programs falls apart. The fact that he either egregiously mislead the administration and task force or is incompetent on Title IX is inexcusable.


    Waddell is a liar and a scumbag. Fire his ass so we can bring in an AD who cares about the success of the school, not just building his resume.

  • Reality Check said:

    I think the writing should be on the wall for Waddell. Whether this was intentional or through an honest mistake isn’t really relevant. Either way it’s pretty much inexcusable. Hopefully, Waddell will be enough of a leader to apologize for this mistake and apologize to student-athletes, coaches, administrators, parents, and alumni for creating this plan on faulty information.

  • Mooney said:

    I am looking forward to the report from the task force. That should shed a lot of light on this ordeal. I get the feeling that there is a lot that we do not yet know and am not jumping to any conclusions.

  • towsontiger said:

    Anyone who has met Mike Waddell knows that he is the most important person in the room – just ask him. When he is shaking your hand, he is looking around the room to find the next most imporant person to meet. I feel badly that Dr. Loeschke has been saddled with this person by Dr. Caret…Waddell was hired by Dr. Caret to carry out Caret’s vision, not Dr. Loeschke’s vision (btw – Caret tried to do a similar thing at San Jose St.). Towson University is Dr. Loeschke’s University now and this is HER community and so I am confident that she will make the right decision. Let’s not forget that Mike Waddell doesn’t even live/own a home in the community (during the best time in recent history to purchase real estate)…from what I understand, he rents a home in Parkton, MD. This tells me that he is a temporary resident in the area…just waiting to build his resume from football and basketball so that he can use Towson as a stepping stone to the next level (see Delaware’s former A.D….now at Stanford). This is not about Title IX, competitiveness or finances – this is 100% about Mike Waddell. I love Towson University and I know that Dr. Loeschke’s does too and that she is her to stay. She will make the correct decision.

  • Philip Morrison said:

    The Task Force should reject this recommendation. The President must reject this recommendation.

    It is surprising that the women’s rosters were counted inaccurately. If this was intentional by the AD; shame on him. If this was by mistake/misunderstanding; shame on him.

    After ’18 months’ of debate and consideration – why were the women’s rosters counted inaccurately? What part of the ‘Athletics Leadership’ failed to notice this? What outside consultant failed to notice this?

    Philip Morrison TU Men’s Soccer (4 years – ‘75 to ‘78); Men’s Soccer Captain ‘78

  • Philip Morrison said:

    The Task Force should reject this recommendation. The President must reject this recommendation.

    From the Towerlight –
    “Senior safety Jordan Dangerfield has been suspended for Towson’s final game of the regular season the Colonial Athletic Association announced Thursday.”

    Item regarding TU Men’s Soccer –
    “With a team Grade Point Average of 3.29, the Towson University Men’s Soccer Team has received the prestigious National Soccer Coaches Association of America College Team Academic Award 2011-12 for the third consecutive year. Congratulations to the boys on a job well done and to their Academic Advisor, Michele O’Connor.”

    The President needs to address the bad publicity that is emanating from the football team. The President needs to reward the efforts of the student athletes on the TU Men’s Soccer Team.

    Philip Morrison TU Men’s Soccer (4 years – ‘75 to ‘78); Men’s Soccer Captain ‘78

  • Tawny said:

    I have been following this story from the beginning and it seems like this whole thing has been a dog and pony show. The AD lied. The President is the AD’s boss. If she lets him get away with this, she is just as bad as him. It also shows that the tail is wagging the dog. I guess if Mike Waddell is still the AD come January, then athletics really runs the university.

  • Junior Steele said:

    It seems like this Mike Waddell character is a punk. He bullies his staff, threatens store clerks, and fires anyone who crosses him. Seems like a very poor representative for Towson University. If all of these accusations are true (which seems to be the case with all these new findings), why has he not been terminated? Is the President giving him this long of a leash, or is she giving him enough rope to hang himself? Which is it? I want to know, so i know if i should continue to support this university and this president.

  • dc said:

    The task force created is set-up. This is kind of like selecting a jury who you feel will match your client the BEST. They were selected to approve Waddell’s plan. People that were on Waddell’s committee to formulate this plan to drop the sports (Gasparich & Berkely)are also on the task force. His second in command (Crosby) is also on the task force. The lawyer (Gold) that the athletic department uses when athletes get in trouble is also on the task force. This lawyer also talks to teams about what to do and say when you get in trouble with the law. They used Rittenhouse who is a big basketball booster for the women’s team and a member of the Tiger Club Executive Board. They picked a baseball and a soccer alumnus to make it look like the task force was going to be fair. These two are 2 of the 3 people on the task force who voted to keep baseball and soccer.They wanted to find a way to keep the sports and make it work, but the task force was not created to find a way to make this work or find a solution. IT WAS CREATED TO APPROVE WADDELL’S PLAN
    The task force was already in place the day that Waddell came out with his recommendation to drop baseball and soccer (October 2nd). SET UP!!!!!!! There are a lot a shady things going on. There is the issue of Waddell only counting women’s track and field as one sport and one opportunity for a female. It should count as two distinct sports and two opportunities for a female. There is the issue of financial mistakes by Waddell with him being able to run a deficit budget.
    Here the report see it for yourself. You can see the numbers of athletes for each sport.

  • Wayne Edwards said:

    I wonder how much Waddell and Crosby spend on travel per year. It is not normal how much they travel. It is almost like a fantasy land they live in.

  • MW said:

    Poster above DC – You forgot to announce the 3rd voter against cutting sports. Did you not want to draw attention to yourself? DC used the task force to retaliate against the athletic department for not supporting him and his business. Keep digging this hole deeper “DC”!

  • dc said:

    are you saying you don’t support T.C. Smith Management Consulting and Executive Coaching?

  • Michael Jessup said:

    Athletic Fundraising has always been a problem. They have made new hires in that area but unfortunately they lack the experience or backgrounds to plan, implement and raise the necessary funds for the program. I addressed inadequate fundraising at the Public Forum and Mr. Nevins gave the answer we have heard for the last 20 years, “we know!” Really than why is the fundraising as or even more pathetic now than it was 20 years ago! No accountability in the athletic program!

  • Tiger4Life said:

    Looks like this fight is spilling out into the street. Come on guys, do you realize how bad this looks that committee members are taking pot shots at each other on the school newspaper comment section. Lets all get along for Mike Waddells remaining few months. No need to drag the public into this fight. This does not look good for Mike Waddell as his “Stacked” committee is turning against him and making the PR rounds to defame his character.

  • Steve M said:

    I’m glad DC shed the light on the TaskForce. It was not a group of people that was chosen to find a solution to keep the men’s soccer and baseball teams. It was mostly made up of a group of people that were there to “rubber stamp” the AD’s agenda. It is unfathomable that a group of people looking out for what the community, students and alumni of Towson U. would want in this situation, could still vote 8-3 for dropping the soccer and baseball programs after the new Title IX findings. It should have been made up of individuals that had no ties to the athletic department. Even if some of the individuals wanted to vote to keep the teams, they would never do it because it could directly affect their careers. There wasn’t any NCAA investigations against Towson BEFORE these findings, now there is DEFINITELY no Title IX issues at Towson. There also are no funding issues. The Athletic Department has increased their budget by 3 million since Waddell got here. They can afford all the sports. The only reason to drop the teams that is left is they want to be MORE competitive. Well, they’ve already increased the salaries of coaches, they have upgraded the lockers, the turf and the stadium for football. A 70 million dollar arena is opening next year for basketball, gymnastics and volleyball. There is a TV contract that the CAA never had before for football and basketball. Two of the best basketball programs, VCU and Old Dominion are leaving the conference. Doesn’t all of that make us MORE competitive IMMEDIATLEY. In addition to all of that, the projected growth of the university over the next decade is about 5000 more students. That’s an additional 4 million dollars for athletics that comes out of every students tuition! Yes, they say this growth may be delayed, but the growth is going to happen. Maybe not as quickly as anticipated, but it WILL HAPPEN nonetheless. If they really needed the extra money IMMEDIATLEY to cover the 800k that Waddell overspent, they could add $40 to each students tuition until all of this additional money starts coming in. Oh, and I failed to mention new money coming in from advertising at the new arena and football stadium, and more fans going to games for football ( since they turned their program around) and basketball because of their shinny new arena next year. So what was the reason this reccomendation was made again? One, Title IX issue. ( Doesn’t exist.) Two,funding programs now and in the future ( only argument may be a short term issue that can be resolved.) And three, be MORE competitive. ( That is already going to happen.) Unless of course Mike Waddell needs us to be SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL Competitive TODAY so he can get his big promotion at a BCS school. The President HAS to save these programs. If she does, I will praise her for her leadership. If she doesn’t than I will voice my opinion to the contrary and will agree that the Atheltic Department is running the show and not the heads of the university.

  • FAN said:

    If the President has any integrity she will save these programs, To abolish them after the deception by Waddell would be wrong. He never wanted to find a solution. Just make himself a name.Well he did. Liar.He should be fired along with the trash mouth football coach. It is embarrassing to Towson. This cant be what the school and president stand for.Do the right thing. don’t cut them

  • average guy said:

    Waddell will never be big time.Too many skeletons in his closet. funny the things you can find on the internet on people.


  • More on Cheating said:

    Mike Waddell is also listed on this site as someone who cheats on his wife.


    So we now know that he is a CHEATER and a LIAR!

  • Amazed said:

    Reading the venom on this site is over the top. Printing information about where the guy lives and then posting information about the guy on sites and then putting that information here – what is the point? I guess we are at the point where anyone can say anything about anyone with no accountability. It’s a sad commentary on the world today,

  • reality check said:

    I am not a Mike Waddell fan but pushing rumors that he cheats on his wife is ridiculous.

    Waddell either through incompetence or through intentional, malicious deception misrepresented Title IX numbers. Let’s not gloss over this to focus on rumors.

    Let’s also focus on the fact that this committee better keep Men’s Soccer and Baseball considering each team would have to drop a few players from scholarship at most, or drop down full-rides and spend those scholarships through the team.

  • Alumni supporter said:

    So Towson’s press release that the task force would be made up of a balanced and independent group is just another of the many deceptions and lies sent out to the public in the quest to justify killing the baseball and soccer programs. Hide the truth about Towson’s Title IX compliance, recommend cutting baseball and soccer after an increase in spending of 2.5 million dollars, and create a task force with the lion’s share of the members in the bag for AD Waddell. That Towson is just a stepping stone for Waddell is clear. The question is whether President Loeschke, thankfully a Towson grad., is willing to buy into the AD’s crumbling justification to cut these programs or will care more about the integrity of the school and preserving the long-term institutions that baseball and soccer are at the university.

  • STUPID said:

    BINGO – Wrong Mike Waddell – Everyone else, GREAT finds!

  • Wayne Edwards said:

    Did Towson football spend two nights in New Hampshire?

  • Towson fan said:

    They lied on the title IX numbers. The task force was rigged. Now the decision will come the day before the kids leave for vacation so there is no backlash. What are we teaching our young people. This is not the right way to get to go.This cant be what Towson and their president represent. If so, they let every student and alumni down. Challenge the president to do he right thing. email her, let her know this is wrong and not what this school is about.

  • college mom said:

    I sent my son Towson to get an education and play a sport. To learn values and become a good person. This is not teaching any of our kids that. What message are we sending to these young kids. distort the truth about title ix, stack the Task Force,and ruin the lives of these kids and coaches. This is not what this school is all about. The members on the task force who voted to drop the programs should be ashamed of themselves they did nothing but support the ad knowing it was wrong. puppets. That is so wrong. I hope the president can do the right thing or this will be her legacy.

  • reality check said:

    Court case is interesting but proves nothing. The Mike Waddell in the cheater articles is a hunter, not the AD.

    Again, I pretty much hate Mike Waddell with a venomous passion, but this is about his bad management. It has nothing to do with his family life.

    Let’s hope the committee does the right thing. From what I have heard, the proposals by Gottlieb and Olszewski leave their programs a total of 4 student-athletes over the Title IX proportionality limits. Hopefully they can accept these reasonable proposals and keep these sports alive.

  • baseball fan said:

    Nice image for Towson on 60 minutes.The football coach said about 8 words and 6 of them were swear words. Nice.i bet the school is real proud of that. Is this the goal for the future. Does he swear all the time.

  • save tu baseball said:

    okay the football coach was swearing like crazy on national tv and Waddell was acting like a little kid. if you can’t see that he will do anything to have a big time football program you have to be blind. even if that means selling out baseball and soccer with lies and a stacked task force. The president has to take charge and save these programs.The image for your school’s on the downside. Yet another swearing incident from Ambrose.This time on national tv. I did not hear any other person on that show swearing

  • TU Fan said:

    For someone to honestly believe that playing “guarantee games” against power house programs is going to up the image of the university and interest in students going to Towson they’re drinking more than the Waddell kool-aid. His scheduling 2 of those games ended up keeping the team out of the playoff’s. Hopefully the President will see through Waddell’s personal ambition of using Towson to move on to a BCS AD job and preserve the baseball and soccer programs. With Title IX revealed to be a non-issue and the revelation that the task force make-up of members was just a window dressing excercise to provide cover to end the sports, the President through her own review should stand up to Waddell for the good of the university and support continuance of these class programs.

  • average guy said:

    i cant feel bad for the football program, all the coach does is swear. on national tv. Great image of the school. is that the way they wanted to be represented. No playoffs. I guess Jesus and his Disciples won this one. Cant wait to see his next interview.dont let the young kids listen

  • football fan said:

    no playoffs.Lets wire Coach for sound today and see how many bleeps we get.Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep

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