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Tigers left out in the cold in playoff selection

18 November 2012 By Jonathan Munshaw, News Editor 15 Comments

Despite winning the title of co-Colonial Athletic Association champions, the Tigers were left out of the playoffs by the selection committee.

As the team sat in the locker room awaiting the Division 1AA playoff bracket, Towson was not part of the 20-team playoff. Although the Tigers were left off, New Hampshire and Villanova, who claimed the at-large bid for the CAA, were put in, although Towson defeated New Hampshire 64-35 this weekend at New Hampshire.

“The goal is for the best 20 teams to play for the national title,” Head Coach Rob Ambrose said. “I can’t speak for [the selection committee] but I can say I’m disappointed by them. These young men earned it.”

The Towerlight will update this story as more information becomes available.


  • Fire Waddell said:

    Once again the wisdom of Mike Waddell has hurt Towson Athletics. His desire to plan 2 FBS games, in his words “Take the money and run”, hurt Towson in the long run. When is Towson going to fire this idiot. He has screwed everything up and it gets worse everyday. The football team did almost everything they neede to this year. If they would have played another FCS school and won, they would have been in the playoffs with a shot at the national title. FU Mike Waddell!


    ^ Or, maybe we shouldn’t have lost to a mediocre JMU team because of terrible prevent defense at the end of the game. I agree that scheduling two FBS teams was a bit of a mistake, but it’s not the sole reason that we didn’t make the playoffs. The CAA is an incredibly competitive and it is tough to make the playoffs as a member of this conference. I dislike MW very much. However, I believe that you are just looking to find ways to bash MW.

  • rstwr911 said:

    Coming from the Phil Albert/Dave Megget years, while I think this team got jobbed, I think it’s great that TU can feel disappointed. Lots of progress. It’s a good idea to play an FBS school ($$$ are obvious, but it raises the competitive bar, too), but yeah, one a year is plenty. No playoffs this year, but yesterday was one hell of a way to finish.

  • Subbed said:

    The selection committee is made up of athletic directors form FCS schools. Most of these people despise Mike Wadell (as does anyone who has ever met or seen him). Towson was a long shot with 4 losses. Couple the loses and the distain for Waddell and you have a recipe for the snubbing. Lets get Mike Waddell out of the picture so Towson can move forward as a University.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    I got a C- on my term paper! This is all Mike Waddell’s fault!!

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    The snub by the committee is really more of an embarrassment for them since it absolutely takes away from the credibility of the FCS Playoffs.

    You would think that the FCS would want to market itself as a league that is just as good as Division 1-A. That’s pretty much common sense.

    Towson played Villanova this season and beat them by 14 points. We also beat them last season by 21 points.

    Towson is ranked #16 in the nation, Villanova is ranked #21.

    According to the Sagarin Ratings that are used to rank Football Bowl Subdivision teams as well as FCS teams, Towson is 122nd and Villanova is 125th.

    Towson lost to Kent State who finished the season at 10-1 and will be playing for the Mid American Conference Title. Towson also lost to LSU who is now ranked #9 in the country. Villanova lost to Temple, who finished at 4-6 and 5th in the Big East.

    Towson got national television exposure in games against LSU, where Towson dramatically exceeded expectations, a win against New Hampshire, and a segment on 60 Minutes last night.

    Stony Brook also made they playoffs. The didn’t play one ranked opponent all year and have a Sagarin ranking of 141.

    It’s not even up for debate, Towson should have been included. Trying to blame Mike Waddell just makes you look stupid.

  • TU Alum 2006 said:

    By the way Coastal Carolina also made the playoffs.

    They finished with a 7-4 record.

    They were not ranked in the FCS.

    They had a Sagarin ranking of 162.

    They didn’t beat a ranked opponent in the FCS.

    They didn’t play an opponent in the FBS.

    They played in a much weaker conference and did not win the conference title outright but rather shared it.

    The FCS Playoffs are a joke. Stop blaming Waddell.

  • 1983 Alum said:

    Using Mike Waddell as an excuse for Towson not making the playoffs is an inceredible insult to Coach Ambrose and the Tigers football team. Maybe Towson didn’t make the playoffs because they lost 3 more games than did last season. Was Mike Waddell to blame for that one loss too?

  • jo said:

    If I recall correctly, didnt towson get a break last year and get in over Delaware. Face it. Last year was a fluke and this year proved it. I suspect next year they will win even less games and we wilk be back to 5 fans in the stadium.

  • TigerFan said:


    You don’t recall correctly.

    While Deleware did beat Towson in 2011 their overall record was 7-4 (5-3 in CAA) in the CAA. Towson went 9-3 (7-1 in CAA)

    Towson beat 5 ranked opponents that season, Deleware beat 1.

    Towson finished the 2011 season ranked #8, Deleware finished ranked #17.

    Towson didn’t get a “break.” Seriously, do some research before making a fool out of yourself.

  • TigerFan said:


    Also, this year wasn’t a fluke.

    Towson had a higher ranking than Villanova, they had a much tougher schedule than Villanova, they beat more ranked opponents than Villanova did.

    Villanova only had 1 more win. That came against Maine the same weekend that Towson put up 22 points against LSU.


    @ Jo -
    You are a fucking moron. 2011 was in no way, shape, or form a “fluke.” We won 9 games. Most of those wins were quality wins over ranked opponents. You are completely wrong. And how exactly does our season this year prove last year to be a “fluke”? We won two less games. We played two FBS opponents. If anything, it proves that we belong at the top of the CAA and deserve to be taken seriously. I’d put money on the fact that if we played a season full of FCS teams or lower, we would have gone 8-3/9-2 at WORST. Perhaps our ambition and desire for quick money/notoriety screwed us a little, but don’t EVER pretend like our missing the playoffs is based on a lack of talent or that our 2011 was a fluke. You are WRONG, plain and simple.

    People didn’t expect us to win even five or six games this year and we proved them wrong. We put up 22 points on a LSU team that is, as of this very moment, ranked #7 in FBS and is shutting out a SEC opponent , albeit a weak one, in Arkansas. FBS teams can’t even put up 22 on LSU this year. Call it them not playing hard or whatever excuse you want, but facts are facts. Our team is good. We are becoming a threat in the FCS, whether you want to believe it or not.

    Even if we go back to winning one game a season, you can bet your ass that I’ll be one of the five people in Unitas screaming my head off.

    If you aren’t going to support the team, fuck off and don’t come. The real fans will be there.

  • TigerFan said:

    Only two teams scored more than 21 points against LSU this season, Towson and Ole Miss.

    LSU played three opponents in the top 10 this season (#1 Alabama, #3 South Carolina, #10 Florida), not one of these teams scored more than 21 points.

    Someone who doesn’t know much about football would probably say that LSU wasn’t playing hard that game.


    LSU was #4 in the country at that point and obviously playing every game to position themselves for another national championship run. Up until that point they were undefeated (5-0) but had also not played a ranked opponent yet. In order to even be considered for the BCS national championship you have to have a very tough schedule and basically win every game. Sometimes teams will make the national championship with one loss.

    If you do decide to play an FCS school like Towson, the same weekend that your biggest rival (Alabama) is playing a much tougher opponent in Ole Miss, you come out and play very hard. Playing on your home field in front of 92,000 people will do that as well.

    LSU played very hard that game but Towson is a good team.

  • TU Alum 2012 said:

    And Villanova lost to Stony Brook today. The selection committee should really be embarrassed.

    By the way I stubbed my toe today, it must be Mike Waddell’s fault right?

  • Mike said:

    TU ALUM 2012, Villanova won the caa championship through a tiebreaker, the selection committee did not pick them. ODU and UNH got at large bids.

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