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What’s the Buzz: Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Jelena

11 November 2012 By Emily Hite, Columnist No Comments

Christina gets ‘Dirrty’

As if her new platinum blonde and fiery red hair weren’t inclination enough that Christina Aguilera is starting to revisit her “dirrty” days, a story has just emerged that the singer recently propositioned Vanessa Hudgens to a threesome. Apparently after some intense, but innocent dance floor antics, Christina decided to take it to a whole new level after some liquid courage. A source for Radar explained that it got to a point where Christina was obviously role-playing a type of seductress. Christina then abruptly started pleading with Vanessa to join her and her boyfriend back at their home. However, Hudgens gracefully declined the proposition.

Cyrus surprised on Ellen Show

Miley Cyrus was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this past week, where the actress and bride-to-be was met with the typical surprise while chatting. Ellen has become notorious for surprising her guests backstage or in the middle of an interview with a quick scare. However, Cyrus was treated to a mini bachelorette party complete with two stripper “mechanics.” While on the show, Cyrus gushed about the her plans for her future wedding and was adamant that despite rumors, she and Liam Hemsworth would only be throwing one wedding. On the contrary, after making his Broadway debut in the musical “Chicago,” Billy Ray Cyrus told press outlets that his daughter is in fact having three ceremonies. For someone who claims that she does not care what color the napkins are, it seems doubtful that Cyrus would put herself through three times the planning.

Jelena break-up

Well it’s official: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have called it quits. The royal couple of teenie boppers have been over for about a week now and it was apparently Selena’s doing. Unfortunately for now, the details are rather bland—too much time apart—but, I’m sure having the Biebs hanging with Victoria’s Secret’s models for his “job” wasn’t easy to swallow. While attending events for the VS Fashion Show, Selena tweeted a picture of Justin hanging out with Lil’ Twist and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin and the caption ”…..” And then there’s the usual random man in Michigan making wild accusations that Bieber had an affair with Ke$ha, which makes functioning as a normal couple just that much more awkward.

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