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What’s the Buzz: Ke$ha, Rihanna and celebrity couples

25 November 2012 By Emily Hite, Staff Writer One Comment

Couples News

Jesse James and not-Sandra Bullock

Jesse James is engaged for the fifth time. The untamable bad boy, most notoriously known for cheating on Sandra Bullock, has taken a nose dive from Hollywood royalty to drag racer Alexis DeJoria for his fifth marriage.

Taylor Swift versus Cara Delevingne

Apparently Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles aren’t a thing, despite all of the clues. According to an “inside source,” Harry has his eyes on model Cara Delevingne and told his dad that “she is the one.” Let the battle of the blondes begin.

Britney Spears’ love square

Britney Spears has found herself in one of, if not the most, weirdest love triangles (or squares) in Hollywood history. Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline’s ex and baby mama, is now dating Jason Alexander who was famously wed to Britney Spears for 55 hours.


Rihanna’s not-so-lucky seven

Somewhere between Berlin and London in the early hours of Nov. 18, the Rihanna 777 Tour went into mutiny mode. Rihanna’s tour featured seven countries, seven days and seven shows and included a press party of 250 people. While en route to London, those 250 journalists became fed up with Rihanna’s lack of appearances and how little material they were able to pull together. Many accused the star of disappearing and not living up to her promise of a “once in a lifetime experience.” While aboard their flight, chants of “Just one quote” and “I need a headline” roared through the plane and an Australian reporter decided to take it a step farther and strip naked. Ironically, the “Unapologetic” singer issued an apology, albeit an empty one. Rihanna said the experience for her was excellent and she would definitely do it again and explained, “I know you guys got barely any dirt, but I had to be good.” Despite their woes and lack of “dirt,” it seems as though the reporters did indeed get their headlines anyway.


Ke$ha gets creepy

When Lady Gaga wore her raw meat dress, it hadn’t been done before (see: The Beatles, America’s Next Top Model). However, Ke$ha may have just set the bar for an “I think they went too far with that” outfit. The pop singer asked her fans for their teeth and not only did she receive teeth, she was sent more than 1,000 human teeth. Thanks to her generous fans, Ke$ha made a bra, headdress, earrings and necklaces that she has worn out on many occasions. It’s hard to decide which is more troubling: wearing human teeth or ripping out one’s tooth to send to a pop star—probably the latter. In the same interview, Ke$ha once again discussed the sexual experience she had with a ghost explaining, “I don’t know who the ghost was, but there was sexual energy in the air.” It may sound like crazy talk, but Ke$ha isn’t all that dumb, even though she dropped out of high school. The “Die Young” singer scored a 1500 on the SATs, which is on-par with many schools’ averages.

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