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All the tales on his guitar

5 December 2012 By Thomas Martinson, Staff Writer No Comments
Music education major starts refurbishing company, takes to stage
Matthew Hazlett/ The Towerlight

Matthew Hazlett/ The Towerlight

When students walk into the Center for Fine Arts, they walk past classrooms of ballet dancers, choral singers and painters.

But sitting on a lone bench, one might find Will Zuccarini and his guitar.

The junior is studying music education with a focus in classic guitar, but he also runs a guitar refurbishing company called Z-Guitarz Custom Shop.

“I became inspired by popular guitarists who built their own guitars,” Zuccarini said. “I started hacking apart guitars I found at yard sales and gradually began to hone my own skills after that through online forums and web pages to perfect my craft.”

Zuccarini’s guitar business began more than two years ago. People began to see Zuccarini’s work and began asking for custom projects such as paint jobs and modifications to their own guitars to make them play better, Zuccarini said.

He said his business was inspired by Eddie Van Halen’s famous self-made guitar, the “Frankenstrat.”

“Halen’s guitar was actually this cobbling of different parts and pieces that made the ideal sound he wanted,” Zuccarini said. “At that point in my life I was a young guitarist and I was focusing on the heavy hitters, and I thought I’m going to try and model my guitar after that.”

Zuccarini’s personal genre, however, varies.

“My personal preference towards music is blue sand jazz. I’m starting to get into jazz fusion a little bit, but I’ve always grew up in that blue rock genre,” Zuccarini said.

While he has played at several venues including dance theaters, the Baltimore Theatre Project, Dance Place located in Washington D.C., and the Kennedy Center, he said he is also active in Towson’s musical community.

“I typically do solo projects. Lately at Towson I’ve been working with the dance department,” Zuccarini said. “I have also worked with several of the senior dance majors, performing collaboration for their senior seminar pieces. Privately I work with a friend. He does rap and spoken word poetry. Kinda like a fusion of jazz, blues and hip hop.”

Zuccarini said his goal for the future is to teach in a high school, but whether or not he wants to make music his actual profession is something he has flip flopped on.

Gina DeGasperis, his girlfriend and fellow music education major, said Zuccarini often underestimates his talents.

“I’m definitely proud of him, it’s really nice to see him enjoy himself as he can pursue what he wants to do,” DeGasperis said. “I think mostly he could include more confidence, and this goes for a lot of musicians, he needs to recognize the accomplishments he’s made and it’s still very early in his career.”

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