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Bank Shots: Wiz still shooting for magic touch

5 December 2012 By Jesse Jones, Assistant Sports Editor No Comments

The first Washington Wizards’ game I ever saw was at what was formerly known as the MCI Center and was against the Miami Heat. It was Michael Jordan’s last season, the Wizards won the game and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

A decade later, the Wiz Kids can’t seem to buy a win, literally. Every night for the past few seasons it seems that the Wiz lose.

Except for this past Tuesday night when they beat the Miami Heat and LeBrick James, who missed three three-pointers in the final stretch of the game that would have given his team the lead.


In the offseason, owner Ted Leonsis took on the huge salaries of Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor. Nenê was brought in during the latter part of the season last year, and the team drafted Bradley Beal with the third overall pick in this year’s draft.

Let’s not forget John Wall was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft.

After finishing last year on a seven-game winning streak, there was a lot of optimism coming into this season thanks to the roster changes and Wall entering his third year. The Wizards were picked by some, including myself, to make the playoffs as either the seventh or eighth seed.

Fast forward one month into this season.

The Wiz Kids are a lousy 2-13, but they are really not as bad as their record says. Just ask those guys from Miami.

The majority of the losses this season have been by 10 points or fewer. Why? They don’t have a closer. It’s that simple.

Wall has yet to play because of a stress injury in his right knee. Head Coach Randy Wittman said just the other night that there is no timetable for Wall’s return.

Jordan Crawford is a prolific scorer and has swag for days, but is playing in only his third season in the league and is still developing as an all-around player.

Kevin Seraphin has shown that he is extremely talented in the paint and can play with the best of them. However, he is still learning the game and can’t be the closer.

Trevor Ariza is a proven player in the NBA but has never been a closer and is expected to miss up to three weeks, according to Wittman.

Let’s also remember that the team has been dealing with a banged up front line almost the entire season so far.

Nenê missed the first few games of the season because of plantar fasciitis, and now Trevor Booker, the team’s best forward off the bench, is injured.

They’ve also only played 15 games in an 82-game season and are without the face of the franchise.

With such a small sample size and a depleted roster, it’s irrational for somebody to say that the Wizards are a joke of a franchise, although Ernie Grunfeld is a joke of a General Manager, but that’s a topic for a different day.

Until Wall comes back, nobody will really know just how good, or how bad, this team really is.

We can speculate, which we all do anyways, but we won’t really know until the man with the smoothest Dougie this side of the Mississippi returns to the court (check YouTube to witness the greatness).

But for right now, being a Wizards fan is more painful than a woman in labor.

OK, I have no idea how that feels and I’m sure I’m wrong.

Picture the Adidas Derrick Rose commercial where the city of Chicago is motionless after he tore his ACL last season.

That’s how D.C. has been for the past few seasons during the NBA calendar year while its team struggles.

Hey, at least D.C. fans have the Caps to look forward to! Wait, never mind, time to crawl in a hole until Wall comes back.

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