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Freshman woes, money blows

5 December 2012 By Daryllee Hale, Assistant Arts and Life Editor No Comments

“Hey, do you want to go to a concert?”

How could I say no?

Having upperclassmen friends is great—they know what’s happening around the area, they have cars and they make you feel a lot less like a lonely freshman.

But here’s the catch—they also have jobs.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned my first semester of college, it’s not to base your spending on people who have quite a bit more pocket change than you do.

Considering I started out the semester in the hole, after purchasing everything from bed sheets to books (and that pesky tuition), I probably shouldn’t have taken every opportunity to spend money that was presented to me.

But after two months of campus food, Noodles & Company just sounds so good.

The thing is, all of my splurges didn’t seem like so much while I was spending them.

An off-campus lunch here, some cash from the ATM there—Mom put some money in my account, so it should be fine, right?

I think the breaking point came when I spent $15 on Pokémon cards last week.

It’s safe to say it’s time to stop spending.

I’ll admit being on my own for the first time was hard on my wallet.

Looking at my account and realizing that I have barely enough money to buy toilet paper is somewhat disturbing.

Luckily, the semester is almost over.

But still, I’ve pushed it dangerously close to not just college-student broke, but full on begging-the-girl-across-the-hall-for-a-roll-of-toilet-paper broke. (I’ll pay you back next semester, Devorah, I promise.)

Next semester, I need to learn to say to say “no, thank you” to some offers, because if I keep up at this rate, I won’t be able to say “yes” when opportunities that really matter present themselves.

I’m hoping that next semester, I will be able to spread out my spending so I can successfully balance fun with necessities.

After all, squeezing my toothpaste tube for a couple minutes before brushing my teeth is just getting a little old.

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