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In This Corner: Canning Cameron is good for Ravens

12 December 2012 By Jesse Jones, Assistant Sports Editor No Comments

For about two and a half years now, I’ve been begging for the Ravens to get rid of Cam Cameron.

Yes, I know he inherited a rookie quarterback and yes, I know he cannot control what little, if any, awareness that Joe Flacco has. But Cam has provided more than enough evidence throughout the past few seasons to get kicked to the curb.

For those who want to say that the Ravens’ offense has improved every year under Cam, you’re wrong.

The highest the Ravens’ offense has ever been ranked under Cam was 13th, and that was in 2009, Flacco’s second year in the league. This year, it ranks 18th. Flacco has clearly gotten better and the offense has added weapons, such as receiver Torrey Smith and tight end Dennis Pitta. Somebody feel free to explain that to me.

The offense also ranks in the bottom half of the league in total offense, rushing and passing touchdowns.

There’s absolutely no reason why the offense has gotten worse when the quarterback has gotten better and has more weapons. Zero!

Cam Cameron was also subpar when it came to making adjustments at halftime. The Ravens’ offense, as it did Sunday, will drop 21 points in the first half, and then look like complete garbage for the remainder of the game. The opposing defenses clearly made adjustments to halt Flacco and the rest of the offense, but Cam would continue to stick to what he had originally drawn up, despite watching the team accumulate little yards and zero points for quarters at a time.

Onto my next point, and this might be the most obvious of them all:

The Ravens have Ray Rice, a top-five running back in the league and clearly the best weapon on the team.

Well, Cam Cameron seemed to have amnesia at times and would just ignore Rice all together.

Two weeks ago I was at the Ravens game in Baltimore against that team from Pittsburgh. I watched Ray Rice run for a 34-yard touchdown and then on his next carry scramble for 10 yards and a first down. And then I watched as Cam decided to call plays the rest of the game that did not even have Rice involved.

I’m not blaming the loss on Cam. The defense, which is featuring numerous second and third-string players because injuries, sat back in soft coverage as Charlie Batch picked them apart (Dean Pees, you’re next to get fired).

However, even if Cam decided to stay away from running the ball, despite holding a lead, because the run game had struggled for most of the game, there were still plenty of ways to feature Rice in the passing game. We’ve seen it before. It’s just unacceptable to not utilize the best player in the offense.

Moving on to my last point, Cam seems to go away from players during games that were making contributions in the early going, especially Anquan Boldin.

Against Pittsburgh, Ike Taylor got hurt on the first drive of the game and the Steelers were forced to play backup corner on Boldin. For one drive, the Ravens went to Boldin consistently and it resulted in Boldin catching a touchdown. Boldin’s name was barely heard the rest of the game.

Against the Skins, Boldin had two touchdowns in the first half. In the second half, Boldin was barely utilized.

Now that’s not entirely on Cam, since Flacco is making the throws, but when something is working, you have to stick to it.

Now, I’m not sure if firing Cam with only three games left in the season accomplished anything, but in the long run, it was definitely the right move.

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