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Pokémon preferred to finals

5 December 2012 By Jonathan Munshaw, News Editor No Comments

As finals week slowly approaches, there will come a time that I must have to make the ultimate choice: study for finals or play Pokémon.

If you would like to read my Punt, Pass and Pick entry in the Sports section this issue, you will soon know that I really like Pokémon. In fact, I probably take it too seriously, if that was a thing.

Therefore, it’s important for me to take a step back and realize that grades must come before Pokémon.

Wait, I got that backwards, sorry.

Pokémon comes first.

I have two final tests and two final projects that I’m currently working on, so it’s important that I reward myself for work with Pokémon.

For example, if I look over one page of my study guide of CSS, HTML and Javascript, I reward myself with a solid three to four hours of Pokémon. This can include anything from working on my team on “Black 2,” to working on my Pokémon card deck and perhaps most importantly Pokémon Showdown, a simulator and perhaps the greatest website in existence.

If I write one paragraph of my final feature story, I reward myself with about an hour of Pokémon, however that does not include the 30 minutes of trash talk against my friends that precedes every battle I take part in.

It also helps if I equate my classes to Pokémon. If I’m really confident in a test, I’m feeling like a Blaziken, who is incredibly overpowered. I don’t stress about the test too much, I feel like I can just use Flare Blitz and take out the test in no time.

However, for tests that I am actually concerned about, I’m feeling more like a Zoroark. I’m not actually all that strong in the class, but I can use Illusion to give off the illusion that I actually know what I’m doing in the class, and that can at least propel me to a B minus.

And there will always be that one class that by the end of the year I stop caring about, so I turn into a Luvdisc. So, pretty much worthless. That class sits on the back burner until the last possible day and I just turn in some filler assignment. Most of the time it actually works though, whereas if I tried to plug in a Luvdisc to a fight, I would probably just fail. Because, I mean, it looks like a butt cushion.

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