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Alumnus documents search to find Sandler

23 January 2013 By Thomas Martinson, Staff Writer No Comments

Fourteen years ago Towson alumnus David Seth Cohen was working as a wardrobe production assistant on the set of the film “Big Daddy,” starring Adam Sandler. While delivering clothes to Sandler’s apartment, he was invited inside for a drink. However, he had to decline the invitation because of work obligations.

Production ended, but that kept Cohen saying, “what if.” He decided to create his own film, one that would follow his pursuit of once again meeting Adam Sandler for a drink.

A few people called Cohen crazy. But production of the film “Finding Sandler” finished in 2012 after six years of persistence and long nights of editing. Cohen’s mission now is to raise money and awareness of the film through a campaign on Kickstarter.com, where anyone can donate to Cohen’s cause.

“Anyone who watches this movie will see this journey is out of the goodness in my heart. I have always wanted to become a filmmaker and that will translate on film,” Cohen said. “It is about friendship. The people who helped me did not become involved for money, they did it because they believed in my vision as a filmmaker.”

Cohen’s goal is to raise $35,000 by Feb. 1 to cover editing and production expenses and distribute it to the proper media.

The filming and production for “Finding Sandler” was spread over six years because of Cohen’s limited financial resources – scheduling was strenuous and conflicts were frequent as he shot in various cities through the country.

“We decided to go to Adam’s hometown in Manchester, N.H. to get more information about him for the film,” Cohen said. “After that, once I heard he was coming to L.A. for the ‘Chuck and Larry’ premiere, my friends and family helped raise and contribute money so I could film meeting him. I had a meeting set up with his agent, but that was cancelled, although I did have a brief conversation with him in person, but never did get that drink,” Cohen said.

Christina Weber, a Towson University alumna, said she noticed Cohen’s project on Kickstarter and found it inspirational, leading her to partner with him as a creative agent.

“Trust your life journey and don’t give up,” Weber said. “This film is six years in the making and every step David has taken has gotten him to where he is today.”

Another involved in the production of “Finding Sandler” was Jeff Waxman, a Hollywood producer/production manager.

“When I was approached with being a part of [Cohen’s] film, I wanted to help him out because he’s a really creative young filmmaker,” Waxman said. “He is one of the most persistant people I have ever met. I thought this film would be a perfect thing for him to do and I just wanted to encourage him.”

To Waxman, the message of “Finding Sandler” can be interpreted in multiple ways.

“The message is about a guy who sought out to have a simple drink with Sandler which is a long shot to begin with, but he grew up finding himself in the six year process of making a movie and getting help from friends,” Waxman said

Cohen said he is thankful for Towson students’ support of his film and has advice for current students, especially those majoring in electronic media and film.

“It is difficult to make film. The more you make, the more you’ll learn. Use the Internet as a tool, get your film on YouTube, showcase your videos on various websites. Be persistent, tenacious, be passionate about what you do,” Cohen said.

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