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23 January 2013 By Kristopher Jones, Staff Writer No Comments

I remember back in my senior year of high school (when I got my first iPod) that I went on a music-adding spree like no other. The 50 or so songs that were on my primitive 256 megabyte mp3 player weren’t cutting it anymore and I had a few notebook pages full of songs that I had to have. You would think after having a couple thousand songs people would be satisfied, but I know people who have almost 10,000 songs in their library. I wondered how they did it and I got my answer by doing it on my own: active listening. Unless a song really grabs my attention, I get bored with it easily after a few hundred plays or so. I’m also guilty of killing a song, which means that I will listen to a song over and over for hours on end until I’m disgusted with it. That happened with a few songs last year and it doesn’t help that mainstream radio plays some of those songs five or six times an hour. This brings me back to the point of discovering new music.

Discovering new music isn’t as hard as it sounds, you just need to be open to some suggestions:

Randomly click on the YouTube videos next to the one you’re watching. The people at YouTube (better yet, Google) come up with suggestions that they think you as a consumer would enjoy. That obscure band with only a few thousand views may become your next obsession.

Look at the music charts from different countries. It’s always fun looking at a foreign countries chart because they usually vary a lot and those variations are usually the best ones to listen to. There are also apps that you can download for your smartphone (like Music Top 100 Hits) that allow you to preview these tunes.

Listen to different radio stations. You may like your Z104.3 and Mix 106.5, but what about those stations that don’t get any lovin’ on your dial like 102.7 Jack FM or 89.7 WTMD? Take a day and change up the dial and see if there is anything that you could see yourself listening to.

Join a music forum. Forums allow you to find out who’s releasing what, but also can act as a tool for you to discover little known artists. However, be wary because forums can be infested with delusional people who believe they know the in and outs of every famous person’s career and will bite your head off if you say otherwise.

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