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Spring ‘scope

23 January 2013 By Ashley Beall, Assistant Video Producer No Comments

Hey Tigers! I’m Ashley and I’m the Scope-oholic.

I’ve spent the last 11 years obsessed with astrology and I want to use this opportunity to pass what I know on to you.

Here’s how your astrological sign should prepare for the semester ahead:

Aries should be wary of work and money this semester. Later in the year, the ram will be in a financial bind, so they would do well to save their paychecks instead of spending them. The Arian should also focus on their studies and not let the work pile up.

Taurus should focus heavily on their mind and body this semester. As unnatural as it is for the bull, they should try to be well-rested, eat more healthy foods and surround themselves with positivity. Otherwise, the Taurus might find themselves dragging and losing their natural vitality.

Gemini will find their creative mind this semester. This energy shouldn’t go to waste, but Gemini should be careful of over-exerting themselves into their art. This sign should also get any health symptoms checked out. They could be the beginnings of bigger problems.

Cancer should be on the lookout for opportunity this semester. There are many doors to be opened for the crab, if they choose to look. This sign should also start saving up money now because it’s likely that one of these opportunities involves travel.

Leo’s energy this semester will be spent in many different aspects of their life, the lion will themselves wrapped up in a bit of everything. They shouldn’t stretch themselves too thin though, because that could cause some serious health risks.

Virgo has an important semester coming up in terms of reputation. If they are looking for recognition, now would be the time to make their move. This is also the best time to take a class that challenges one’s self. The Virgo’s mind is at the top of its game and they should take advantage of that.

Libra should be cautious at work this semester. It is not the time for messing around with coworkers unless they are looking to lose their job. While Libra needs to buckle down at work, they should also be careful not to forget their personal health.

Scorpio is in for a mentally straining and restrictive semester, which may cause negative energy. They should try to think positively and spend time with upbeat people. Scorpio will also have increased focus, which can be used to delve into intellectual pieces of literature.

Sagittarius will be inclined toward the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle this semester. A little indulgence will be healthy for the archer, but not to the point of excess. The Sag should keep an eye on family matters as well because some trouble might be stirring up at home.

Capricorn probably just came out of a difficult semester. Luckily for the goat, this semester should be much easier in comparison. Capricorn is feeling good in mind and body for the next few months, so as long as they remain proactive, they’ll be successful.

Aquarius has a slower semester than usual. They have more obstacles than they normally do, which can dishearten the normally upbeat sign. Many of the things they’ve built will be tested for value and necessity. The result of these tests could prove important for the Aquarian’s career.

Pisces’s enthusiasm will be heightened this semester, causing the fish to be more daring than normal. They will also crave self-expression, in both creative and sexual endeavors. A much-needed passionate relationship may begin this semester, but it will most likely be fleeting.

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