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What’s the Buzz: Teen Mom, Chris Brown, Lawsuits

30 January 2013 By Emily Hite, Columnist No Comments

Teen Mom Show Faces its Fate

Not even two months ago, “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans was happily married and now, within a span of nine days, she has announced that she was pregnant, filed battery charges against her husband and suffered a miscarriage, all of which she seemed to have live-tweeted. Jenelle’s turbulent lifestyle may lead to the end of the “Teen Mom 2” saga because she is too much of a liability, according to E! At this point insiders are saying that Jenelle’s antics could be blamed on MTV. Jenelle’s current husband isn’t the only guy to be caught in her line of fire as she accused both of her previous boyfriends of abuse.

Chris Brown and the Iron Fist

To no one’s surprise, Chris Brown has once again put his fist where his words should be. Over the weekend, Brown and fellow artist Frank Ocean brawled over a parking spot (I wish I was kidding), which left Frank with sliced fingers and Chris in a hard cast. Frank tweeted that his injury has left him unable to play guitar and therefore he may not be able to play during his upcoming Grammy performance. Despite the cast on his throwing hand, Chris is adamant, claiming he did nothing wrong and that Frank threw the first punch. Frank has filed a battery report with Chris, who is listed as a top suspect for investigation. Chris responded by comparing himself to Jesus—yes, that Jesus. Chris shared an image of Jesus Christ on the cross with the caption, “painting the way I feel today.” What a martyr.

Television Lawsuits

Storage Wars

Former cast member and resident villain David Hester has hit A&E’s hit show “Storage Wars” with a lawsuit. In the suit, Hester accuses A&E of planting valuable items and memorabilia in the lockers for specific cast members to find. When Hester reportedly confronted the show’s producers, he was promptly fired. Hester is seeking $750,000 in damages while A&E claims that Hester’s motives are purely to distract from their current dispute over Hester’s misuse of the network’s trademarks.

American Idol

Meanwhile, “American Idol” has also been confronted with a lawsuit consisting of nine black former contestants who say that they were forced off the show as part of a racist scheme. Another former contestant’s lawyer has conducted an investigation and found that nine others were also publicly disqualified from the show and they all happened to be black. The lawyer found that no contestants of other races have ever been disqualified, and none of the disqualified contestants were ever convicted of previous crimes and that “Idol” producers were breaking the law by asking about prior arrests. For now, FOX has declined to comment.

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