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Astrolo-holic: Party ‘scope

20 February 2013 By Ashley Beall, Assistant Video Producer No Comments

You might think you know what makes a great party, but that could be your astrological sign talking. Every sign has its own party personality, so what’s yours?

Aries will most likely be found chatting up strangers at a party. Arians love a good debate, so they might use the party time to stir up a little controversy in the discussion topics. Tact isn’t really something the ram is well known for, so if Aries has had a few too many drinks, it’s likely someone’s feelings will end up hurt.

Taurus can usually be found by the food table. It’s a good comfort zone for the bull, who would probably rather be at home watching Netflix anyway. Taurus probably won’t want to dance, but with enough persuasion from a more risk-taking friend, Taurus could find themselves busting a move on the dance floor.

Gemini is definitely the comedian of the party. Geminis are clever, and their wit is especially apt for entertaining groups looking to have a good time. This sign can be bored easily however, so if the party isn’t up to standards, then the Gemini will probably ditch out early and take some of the guests.

Cancer makes a great friend to take to parties. They often fuss over other people and what they need so much, that they’ll be getting you another drink before you’ve finished your last glass. The crab is the perfect sign to keep an eye on their friends, and most likely to make sure you’ve got a cab ride home if needed.

Leo is most likely the person throwing the party and you will be sure to know it. A party thrown by a Leo always goes above and beyond, just like the rest of the lion’s style. If Leo isn’t the host, and bothers to attend the party at all, then you can be sure they’ll arrive late to the scene with a fashionably grand entrance.

Virgo will probably be late to the party, because they take forever picking out the perfect outfit to wear for the occasion. Parties usually require an amount of spontaneity that Virgos aren’t as comfortable with. Virgos are more likely to drink at parties if only so they can be more comfortable in the unfamiliar atmosphere.

Libra is good at fitting in at parties and moving among the crowds. It doesn’t matter to the Libra what kind of get-together it is, small or large, frat party or high-class shindig. They will adapt to the occasion. This sign is also known for their ability to decorate a party, usually with colorful streamers and flashy lights.

Scorpio can be found flirting it up at a party. They’re most likely to take a partner to the bedroom and let sparks fly for a good, one-night stand. If the scorpion isn’t single, then they’ll be rather attached to their date. And if they catch anyone flirting with their partner, then Scorpio’s mood could become dangerous.

Sagittarius is often the storyteller of the group. Like Gemini, this sign is found with a crowd of people around them, hanging onto their every word. The archer should be careful not to get too boisterous though, because with enough drinks, their honest stories start becoming obvious exaggerations.

Capricorn would rather attend a party to meet people than to get trashed. Even if the goat just goes to have fun, you can be sure they’ll still have their eye on any person they deem important in the room. Music is important to this sign, so if the party has the wrong tunes, the Cap won’t have any fun.

Aquarius is the sign you’ll most likely find on the dance floor. They don’t need a drink to want to go crazy, although they’re still likely to accept one if offered. Aquarius needs to be careful not to get too wild, because they could find themselves with a new tattoo or piercing when they wake up the next day.

Pisces usually have a different definition of party. The fish would rather dream away their night than dance, so at a party, they’re more likely to look for a person or substance to help them escape reality. The Piscean could also probably be found outside by themselves, staring into the infinite night sky.

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