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Greek This Week: Rush expectations

10 February 2013 By Alexandra Salas, Columnist No Comments

If you want to join a sorority, then you have to rush. Sororities’ informal rush process occurs in the fall, and formal in the spring, which is flipped from two years ago when formal rush was in the fall.

The change happened because it was decided that freshmen needed time to adjust to school before they went through the rush process.

So the Greek offices decided to make the change. Sorority formal recruitment is in the spring.

Women can select from 10 Panhellenic sororities. Rush began the first weekend of February and will continue throughout the week in the University Union. Each sorority has its own location for each round of rush, and a different theme for every party you attend. Every sister of that sorority is dressed the same exact way.

Rush is a way to learn about all the sororities and see where might fit in the best.

During the parties with the sororities, you do a lot of the talking. They sing a chapter song when you walk in, show you pictures and bring you around to meet other girls in the sorority.During the first round of formal rush, it is required that you meet every sorority for a short amount of time over the course of two days.

On the first day, you meet five sororities and the second day you meet the other five. You then rank your top seven sororities. If your pick is mutual with the sorority, you will attend their next party. If it is not mutual, you will not attend their next party.

When you are not at a party, you can get lunch or hangout with your recruitment group. Every group has two or three recruitment counselors. These are people who are there to talk to you after every party you go to and see how you are feeling.

The process is kept secret which sorority these counselors are a part of and they will not judge your opinion. Until bid day, you won’t find out which sorority they are a part of.

This year, Sunday, Feb. 10, girls attended the seven parties they ranked that they were also invited back to. They got to spend a little more time with each sorority and then re-ranked their picks later.

Friday, Feb. 15 they’ll find out what sororities they’re going back to. After that Friday night, people usually have a good idea of what sorority they want to join. By Saturday, the number of parties they have to attend decreases, and then on the final day of rush, the maximum number of parties they can attend is two.

It is then that they make the decision if they only want to accept a bid from their number one choice. The other option is if the sorority they rank as number two is allowed to offer them a bid as well. Otherwise, they are not allowed to offer them one.If they receive a bid, they can accept or decline it.

Then, on bid day everyone gets together with their pledge class and takes pictures. They also find out what sorority their recruitment counselors are in, if they haven’t guessed already.

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