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Letter to the Editor: Congrats to men’s basketball

20 February 2013 No Comments

Speaking as a 91-year-old Towson Tiger, Class of 1942, and a lover of athletics, in reference to your articles, “Towson scratches out upset victory” Dec. 6, 2012 and “Dukes strikes revenge on Tigers” Feb. 14, 2013, I wish to congratulate the basketball Head Coach Pat Skerry and his great team for the outstanding season which they are enjoying and bringing so much joy and satisfaction to the Tiger Campus.
As I read these articles, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, as I was only 5-foot-5 inches tall and weighed 108 pounds when I was there, but was still the captain of our basketball team and was selected as a member of the All State Basketball Team. In soccer, was also the captain and was selected as a member of the All Southern Soccer Team. For my accomplishments, I owe it all to my mentor and coach, Donald Doc Minnegan, who worked with me incessantly, and in addition how to interweave my athletics into my academic studies. Doc never allowed me to say, “I can’t” because he said there is always a way if you really want it, and bless his heart—he was absolutely right.
Not that I was working for it, but was pleased and honored that I was selected as a “Member of Whose Who in American Colleges and Universities” in 1942.
After graduation, I didn’t want to be drafted, so I enlisted in the Navy and soon became and officer, and was assigned to the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier, as a communications officer and spent over two years aboard her in the Pacific and participated in 13 major battle engagements.  Five years after discharge, I moved to Columbia University in New York to seek my Master’s degree. I was there for three days and was called back to the navy for three more years during the Korean conflict.
After release again, worked for Naval security and the CIA for three years, when Headmaster Robert Lamborn chased me down and convinced me I should come to his McDonogh Independent School and be the head of his new middle school, the first in the nation. After signing on with him, I stayed for 32 years where I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and was soon convinced that the middle school was the most important and impressionable years of a youth’s life, and it was so pleased as it was soon adopted by all school throughout the U.S.
Please forgive me readers, I am certainly not bragging, but only saying THANK YOU to Towson State Teachers College (was then) and to Doc Minnegan and President M.Theresa Wiedefeld—and later Hoke Smith and James Fisher. If it weren’t for them, their educational institution (which is now called Towson University) and their outstanding personnel none of the above would have been possible.
I salute YOU, Towson, and many, many thanks for it all from the bottom of my heart and soul.


- Q.D. Thompson, Towson Alum, Class of ‘42

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