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Mathews will not return as Head Coach

24 February 2013 By Kyle Casey, Staff Writer 5 Comments

Towson athletics officials announced in a release dated Friday, Feb. 22 that they will not be renewing the contract of women’s basketball Head Coach Joe Mathews.

Director of Athletics Mike Waddell said he met with Mathews Friday to inform him of the news.

“Joe and I and our Deputy Director of Athletics met on Friday afternoon and discussed where the program was headed,” Waddell said in a Sunday interview. “Because of some timing issues with Coach Mathews’ contract, we had to let him know something by a certain date. And with that date approaching, we decided to go ahead and meet with him and let him know about our decision to make a change at the end of the year.”

Mathews could not be reached for comment.

Waddell said he did not solely make the decision.

“It was the consensus of our athletics administration that we needed to move forward,” he said.

Mathews had previously signed a three-year extension last May that lasted through the 2014-15 season, but according to the press release, Mathews will not return as coach once the season ends.

In his 12 years as the head of the women’s basketball program, Mathews posted an overall record of 144-206 (.411) and a conference record of 67-146 (.315). His team is currently 9-17 this season.

In Mathews’ career at Towson, he led the Tigers to five winning seasons. The best record posted during his tenure was by the 2007-08 team, which finished the season with a school-record 22 wins.

Mathews’ lone postseason appearance came in the 2009-10 season, when his 15-15 squad earned an invite to the Women’s Basketball Invitational. In that same season, Mathews’ biggest win as a coach took place at the Towson Center when his squad knocked off No. 25 Maryland, 67-55.

While Mathews is still under contract until the season ends, Waddell said he is already beginning the search for the program’s new coach.

“We’d like to have a new coach in place by the women’s Final Four in April,” Waddell said. “We’ll do a national search and have a search committee that has representatives from faculty and staff, and some of our Tiger Club members may be involved as well. We’ll have that … started this week.”

Matthew’s team has three games remaining, including two at the Towson Center. His final home game as coach of the Tigers will be Saturday at 6:30 p.m. when Towson takes on William and Mary. He will also coach the team in the upcoming Colonial Athletic Association tournament.

Waddell said he is confident he can find a replacement that is willing to take the women’s basketball program to the next level in the Baltimore sports scene.

“We’re looking for the best fit for Towson University to move our program forward,” Waddell said. “Women’s basketball at Towson has a unique opportunity in the Baltimore sports landscape to be the top women’s sports brand in town.”

Waddell said he hopes the opening of Tiger Arena for the 2013-14 season will help bring exposure to not only women’s basketball, but all women’s sports at Towson. He said he also intends to find a coach who will bring Towson success both on and off the court.

“We want the right fit that will embrace those ideals and come in with a plan to put a women’s basketball program on the floor, graduate our ladies out, do well in the classroom and be great ambassadors for Towson University,” he said.


  • Larry said:

    Joe deserved the opportunity to open up the new tiger facility next year. I am extremely disappointed with the administration of Towson because of their lack of loyalty. He has been at the school for 12 years. There is no question that this was politics and poor politics are destroying our society….not just in DC but also at Towson. Joe is in an incredible individual, does things the right way and I doubt Towson will be able to fully go to the “next” level as this article states. Joe is a top notch coach and irreplaceable.

    This is truly a loss for Towson. I wish Joe success wherever he goes. He is a first rate classy individual and will be missed. I just wish Towson could have stood above all the politics and made the right decision.

    Thank you to Joe for everything you have done for the school and the town over the last 12 years!!!!!

  • Dalton said:

    Mike Waddell is such a piece of crap! This firing was all political. Joe does not buy into Waddell’s “Win at any cost” mantra. Joe helps girls grow and get an education. Along the way he had some marque wins and a 20 win season. Shame on you Mike Waddell. I hope it is cold and dark on the unemployment line when you get there Waddell, it will be soon!

  • Wesley said:

    In his 12 years as the head of the women’s basketball program, Mathews posted an overall record of 144-206 (.411) and a conference record of 67-146 (.315). Hard to say this was political when you cannot win even half your games.

  • Larry said:

    You want to talk about the epitome of class and professionalism and a spirt and commitment that should be retained at TU, just look at the job Joe and his team did in last night’s game against Northeastern. Even after this inexcusable decision by Waddell, Joe and his team had the heart and courage to post one of the most amazing and exciting games I have ever witnessed at TU, and I attend a lot of events. After being down by 26 points in the second half, the team had an incredible comeback and won in overtime. Joe did a marvelous job coaching and the players responded and finished the game strong. It was amazing. A tremendous effort that my family enjoyed and will talk about for years.

    You could read about it but you would have to go to NU’s sports website to get the awesome details. Waddell and his marketing staff missed a great opportunity to highlight the success and effort of this team but there was no written article in the Sun or Towerlight or any other paper locally. It has been more than 24 hours and there has been no positive press generated by his staff for this outstanding and memorable victory. That is poor leadership on Waddell’s part and I would love to know why, especially when he considers marketing as his strength.

    The important thing is that Joe and his team know that their efforts are appreciated. They are a great group and have a great future. It is just inexplicable and sad that they will not have a leader like Joe to guide them next year.

  • Wallace said:

    Larry – You are 100% correct, Joe is a class act and cares about the girls greatly. You are also correct that Mike Waddell is a classless jerk who bullies people around.

    I have worked on campus for almost 15 years and have seen many people come and go. Joe Mathews is one of the classiest coaches i have ever met. Joe is a straight shooter with a big heart. Everyone loves Joe. As much as i think he is a great man, I agree that it was time for Towson to make some changes.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, is Mike Waddell. He may be one of the most hated people on campus. He has not earned one ounce of respect from a single member of the campus. Mike Waddell is a bad person. He is dirty, deceitful, and a classless idiot.

    We will miss you Joe!

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