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What’s the Buzz: Pistorius, Clarkson, Kardashian

20 February 2013 By Emily Hite, Columnist One Comment

Olympian Charged with Murder

Oscar Pistorius’ career and legacy have crashed and burned after he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of Valentine’s Day. Pistorius shot Steenkamp through their bathroom door, claiming he thought she was an intruder. He said he shot because he was vulnerable without his prosthetics. When he realized Steenkamp wasn’t in bed he broke down the locked door and proceeded to try to revive her and carry her downstairs. At his bail hearing Pistorius’ released a statement saying, “I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated. I had no intention to kill my girlfriend.” He is being charged with premeditation murder and carries a life sentence.

Davis Calls Out Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson and Clive Davis are in the midst of a smack talk rematch, once again about Clarkson’s mostly self-written album “My December.” The original Idol and her former mentor first feuded in 2007 when Kelly penned the deeply personal album and Clive blasted her in label meetings and pushed for her to cancel the album’s supporting tour because her songs lacked commercial appeal. Even though the album did not reach the same success as her first two albums, it still hit platinum. Over five years later, Clive has brought the feud back into the limelight in his new autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” Once again, Clive insists that “My December” wasn’t a success because Kelly had a heavy hand in writing the album. Kelly took to Twitter to defend her hard work saying that she has also co-written many of her “pop hits.” She also points out that Clive conveniently leaves out how he often belittled Kelly, which included insulting her hit song “Because of You” after she tearfully played it for him.

Kardashian Drama


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t flown commercially in so long, it seems that they’ve forgotten that security checks are necessary before boarding. While returning from Carnival in Brazil, the couple was escorted around a checkpoint and into a private airport area before boarding their plane. When the security blunder was discovered, the pair was taken off the plane, which caused an hour delay for the other passengers.

Rumor mill

Kim has also shut down rumors that little sis Khloe was fired from “the X-Factor” after her first year of hosting. Rumors suggest only Mario Lopez was asked to return, but Kim insists that it isn’t too late for Khloe’s contract to be renewed. Meanwhile, Kim’s ex (kind of), Kris Humphries, has hit a major block in his path to suing her for fraud. Kris’ attorney has quit because Kris has no grounds for an annulment. This is the fourth trial delay for their marriage that ended nearly a year and a half ago.

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