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Pitch Please: Tigerfest Tantrum

28 March 2013 By Christopher Jones, Columnist No Comments

Two weeks ago, the lineup for this year’s TigerFest festivities was revealed. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that I was not too enthusiastic about the choice of a headliner or supporting act. I have no idea what a Breathe Carolina is and the first song that I looked up on YouTube was a song that seemed to glorify binge drinking.

Since my freshman year, we have had a rapper (or rappers) play TigerFest. We had N.E.R.D, Far East Movement, Kid Cudi and now Wiz Khalifa. I heard that the year before I entered, they were able to get The All-American Rejects (when they were still relevant). I haven’t attended any of the TigerFests and have only heard stories from my friends or archived police blotters to know how the environment is and I would rather be listening to music in a cramped van on its way to Florida for 12 hours rather than be surrounded by people who won’t remember the event because they pre-gamed too hard.

However, I did appreciate that my sophomore year they attempted to have a number of smaller acts instead of a large solo one, so kudos to whoever came up with that idea.

I understand that it is stressful and time consuming for the people at Campus Activities Board to plan a festival so that us college students can unwind and have a bit of fun. However, they should understand that not everyone is going to be pleased with the people that they select, which means you should be prepared for any criticism and maintain a level of professionalism. From what I’ve been hearing, most students are actually excited for Wiz Khalifa to come, which generates buzz and will probably entice more students to go because their friends are. Or just be able to smoke marijuana because he is here and 4/20 is the next day. But I digress…

Students also have to understand that Towson is on a budget, so you shouldn’t expect anyone like Lil Wayne or Britney Spears to show up, which wouldn’t be worth it anyway since Britney doesn’t really perform anymore. Indie artists wouldn’t make it any better, because If CAB tried getting an act that only five percent of the student population has heard of, they won’t sell tickets and it would be lame.

I know I wouldn’t have the patience to plan a TigerFest, but I feel that releasing an online survey that only a select number of people look at shouldn’t determine who comes to perform and if you’re going to bring a rapper (for the umpteenth time), bring someone who has some kind of relevancy like Kendrick Lamar or Juicy J. At least I can enjoy myself singing “Bandz a Make Her Dance” rather than “Black and Yellow.”

There’s always next year…

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