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Astrolo-holic: Your sign, your groove

3 April 2013 By Ashley Beall, Assistant Video Producer No Comments

Dancing is a language, one that every astrological sign understands differently. The zodiac doesn’t just affect how each sign dances, but also what kind of dances each sign enjoys.

Aries is a sign full of passion and energy, which is translated through their dance. Whether the ram is dancing alone or with a partner, the life needs to be felt. Aries would be especially adept at dancing the Tango or belly-dancing.

Taurus is a grounded sign that needs more regulations when it comes to dancing. They’re more prone to partner dancing, as they generally do not like moving by themselves. The bull may find comfort in the Rumba or the Cha-cha.

Gemini likes a dance with a lot of creativity and movement involved. The twins particularly like music that has changing tempos and rhythms. Gemini would be good at Swing dancing and different forms of street dance.

Cancer is a sign that likes to dance with a partner they feel emotionally connected to. This attachment makes them more prone to dances that are more sensual. The crab would be particularly interested in Blues dancing and the Mambo.

Leo is flamboyant and flashy when dancing. The lion’s confidence allows them to excel in showy dances with lots of glitter involved. Leo is likely to be found dancing the Flamenco, or attempting to Disco.

Virgo is specific when doing anything, including dance. This sign will not let go to how things should work, so their dances of choice are generally more regal and elegant. Waltz and Foxtrot are excellent choices for Virgo.

Libra shines in dances that require a lot of talent and dedication. The scales can master the art of making a difficult dance look easy to do. The scales could be exceptional at Ballet or different forms of Aerial dancing.

Scorpio looks at dancing as a expressive art form. When the scorpion dances, they put every ounce of poise and meaning into the dance as they possibly can muster. Exciting dances like the Salsa and Hip-hop are good for Scorpio.

Sagittarius hates rules when it comes to dance. When the archer is feeling the music, they want the dance to be as free and unrestricted as they are. Modern dancing and break-dancing are both excellent choices for Sagittarius.

Capricorn wouldn’t enjoy feeling foolish on the dance floor. The goat would much rather have pre-determined sets and movements laid out for them to practice. Capricorn would be better off choosing dances like Line dancing or Square dancing.

Aquarius is extremely fun and playful, which makes dancing just another way for the Aquarian to enjoy life. If the dance is too serious, Aquarius will stop immediately. Interesting dances like Jazz and Interpretive dance are good choices for this sign.

Pisces is known for being good on their feet. This type of talent allows them to maneuver in dances that require much more difficult footwork. The fish would be happiest mastering the Quickstep or Tap dancing.

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