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Follow your sign for career clues

1 May 2013 By Ashley Beal, Video Producer One Comment

As college students, most of us have already chosen the course that we will follow in our lives. But for those of us who haven’t found the way, or even for those who have, our zodiac sign clues us in on the career path that fits us.

Aries needs an occupation that keeps them on their toes. Jobs with odd hours and new challenges everyday are best for the ram. Aries would thrive in journalism, advertising and publishing.

Taurus needs stability in the workplace as much as they need it in the home. If the bull can work from home, that’s even better. Taurus would do well as an accountant, an architect and even a gardener.

Gemini likes to be able to use their wits about them in their career. They are good with their words and with people, which gives them a unique advantage. Gemini would be a brilliant writer, salesperson and actor.

Cancer is good at seeing the bigger picture of things, which makes them good leaders of people. They try to find both sides of every story. The crab should look into becoming an organizer, politician or even a journalist.

Leo looks for an occupation more grandiose than most. They are natural-born leaders and hate to take orders from other people. The lion would be a good film director or producer, or a CEO of a company.

Virgo is detail-oriented, which makes them adept at tasks and jobs that would drive others crazy. They don’t like to do things haphazardly. Virgo would succeed as a researcher, an accountant and a teacher.

Libra believes in justice and fairness, especially in the workplace. They often find themselves wrapped up in others’ drama, even if they don’t mean to be. They would be excellent as lawyers, but would also do well as writers and musicians.

Scorpio understands the human mind and how it works better than most. They’re natural observers, absorbing minute facial expressions and body language. They would flourish in psychology, media and law enforcement.

Sagittarius is optimistic enough to reach for dreams and careers more unobtainable than other signs would. Their natural charm often helps the archer succeed in these endeavors. Sagittarius would do well in TV, advertising and writing.

Capricorn is aware of the importance of money in their lives. They often don’t see the point of working a hard job if there won’t be a pay-off later. The goat would do well as an engineer, politician or doctor.

Aquarius sees the world differently than others, making them a unique asset in the workplace. They need to love what they do to succeed as well. The Aquarian would thrive in music, linguistics and computer technology.

Pisces strongly believes that helping others and helping the earth is the best way to live. Their job would therefore be something that can change the world for the better in some way. Pisces would be a veterinarian, a nurse, a social service worker or an inventor.

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