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In this Corner: Stop the LeBron Loving

12 May 2013 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief No Comments

Please allow me to go back a few years to the middle school days and pull out the line, “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”

This is exactly how I feel about the relationship between ESPN and LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

I was on Twitter while watching the NBA playoffs Friday night, and I was getting sick from all the mush that was flowing from ESPN to James and Curry.

Here are just a few examples of the lovey-dovey tweets sent out, showing nothing but favoritism for the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, James and Curry’s teams.


“It got out of hand early, but the Heat have this series…”

“Remember when people used to say LeBron can’t close?”

Not to mention that the second tweet came complete of a picture of James back-dropped by flames with the words “Back in Control.”

Now, I’m not bitter about this just because I’m a Washington Wizards fan and they’re terrible. I’m upset because ESPN, as a media source, is supposed to be un-biased, and in their broadcast and social media posts, they are showing a clear favoritism toward the Heat and Warriors, specifically their two stars.

On SportsCenter the Chicago Bulls, Miami’s opponent, have been made out to be these villains who must play dirty basketball, while the Heat are these innocent children who are just trying to have fun.

I know there are other media outlets that are at fault of doing this in the past, but these NBA playoffs have been one of the most egregious cases on ESPN.

This would be a completely different story if one of ESPN’s personalities were tweeting these things. Everyone knows Bob Ryan is a Boston sports fan, and therefore he can tweet whatever he wants about the Celtics.

However, ESPN is an international corporation, no just one person. They need to show balance. People turn to ESPN to get the sports news and reaction, not which team the person that runs the worldwide leader’s social media accounts think has the best crowd.

If the Miami World Herald wants to tweet out a picture of James after the Heat’s win, that’s fine. It’s the team that the paper covers.

ESPN does not cover one particular team. Instead of these overzealous tweets and Facebook posts, fans should expect updates such as SportsCenter’s tweet that read “C’EST MAGNIFIQUE! Tony Parker has 25 Pts, 4 Reb and 3 Ast at halftime. Spurs lead Warriors, 57-48.”

That is an actual update that provides news. Not just hype tweets that people who only root for those teams care about.

The worst part about all this is that no one actually cares. ESPN has such a stranglehold on the sports media that no matter how many fans like myself are out there to complain, there are five fans in Oakland who are stoked to see their team all over ESPN.

It’s not like ESPN is going to lose in the ratings anytime soon, they have the NBA playoffs on their channel. But maybe if the social media manager for ESPN is looking at this he/she might tone it down on the LeBron love for a little bit.


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