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Cheer team suspended

29 August 2013 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief 21 Comments

The Towson University cheerleading squad has been suspended for the 2013-14 academic year for violation of the hazing policy, according to Vice President of Student Affairs Deb Moriarty.

Moriarty said the team is currently appealing the ruling, but is not allowed to perform or practice during the appeal process. The official appeal is due next week, Moriarty said.

In a statement released by Towson, Moriarty said the University will not comment further on the situation until the appeal process is concluded.

The statement also says that the Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education was informed of the hazing allegations anonymously on Aug. 6.

“Upon learning of these allegations, the university immediately launched a full investigation with the support and cooperation of the Athletics Department,” the statement read.

According to the University’s official hazing policy, hazing is defined as “any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off campus, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Any mental or physical requirement, request or obligation placed upon any person that could cause pain, disgrace or injury, or is personally degrading or violates any federal, state, local statute or university policy is also considered hazing.”

Although cheerleading coach Edy Pratt declined to comment on the situation, senior cheerleader Lauren Crocetti said the team would just “…like the support of the University at this time.”

Former cheerleader Kaila Flood, who was a part of the team in 2011, said during her four years on the team no hazing took place.

“I was a part of that team for four years and was the captain for two,” Flood said in an email. “There never was a source of hazing before me, during, or once I left not one of those girls would ever participate in something like that. [They’re] good-hearted people it’s a shame what there are being accused of.”

There is no timetable for the appeal process, according to Moriarty.

The cheerleading team won a national championship last year, and had received an automatic bid for the 2014 national championship.

The Towerlight will update this story as more information becomes available.

- Jesse Jones contributed to this article


  • JosieandthePussycats said:

    Not only does the Football Coach run a player into the ground during preseason but now the Cheer team is hazing people?

  • gradcat said:

    How sad. I cheered in high school and always thought Towson’s cheer team was so talented. Every team has drama, but if this hazing thing is true, shame on them. More negative scrutiny that the University doesn’t need.

  • LMFAO said:

    Now this is hysterical!!! nothing more than a bunch of uptight, stuck-up snobby little twits who think their $%&* doesn’t stink girls who think they are better than those who don’t wear skirts that their @$$ hang out of are below them. Please keep the ruling and suspend the “team” for the year and expel the ring leaders!! Stop the hazing no matter what it takes.

  • ElaineB said:

    Wow! Bummer for the girls that weren’t involved. 1 or a few screw up…they all pay!

  • Mike said:

    “LMFAO” must be bitter she didn’t make the cheer team.

  • hymie porkenstein said:

    Sounds like another school that throws out tradition in favor of the liberal policital correctness BS from the queer lovers in the Democratic Party..I hope the college kids get smarter than they have since putting a n illegal nigger in the white house

  • Nicolas said:

    This should not impact members of the team who were not involved, if any.

  • CJB said:

    “hymie” Your name says it all…….you are a pig! It is a shame to drop that on a fine animal.

  • StormWX said:

    Okay – so what part of the hazing policy did they violate? Sending their members on a scavenger hunt that included pizza boxes?

  • JosieandThePussycats said:

    Show some young hotties show some titties, prance around campus after drinkin and smokin and some old uglies get upset?

  • Amanda said:

    No surprise here. This is what cheerleaders do. I hope when the evidence comes to light that there program is cut altogether. REALLY Towson cut soccer and baseball but kept a sorry excuse for a sport like cheerleading?!

  • Amanda Asshole said:

    Towson still has a baseball team.

  • YOLO said:

    There was hazing when Kaila Flood was on the team… thats really sad that they want to try and say that there is no hazing going on when there is. I know first hand, I was part of the team for two years and all the incoming freshman my year were hazed.

  • Paper Moon said:

    Is this going to negatively impact the female/male ratio numbers or the team numbers for Division I qualification?

  • Mr Equality said:

    Last year some Freshmen on the football team had to stand up and sing for the entire cafeteria at camp (coaches witnessed). That constitutes embarrasment and is considered hazing by the Towson definition! Don’t recall Towson forfieting the entire football season. Let me guess the fresman were blindfolded and had to dance to I’m a Barbie Girl!!! Lol…Disparate treatment at its best unless the facts reveal that some very bad stuff occurred!

  • JosieandthePussycats said:

    The cheer team is the first victim of Loeschke’s Task Force Against Bias, Discrimination and Bullying. If you do some research this group’s ideas are extremely naïve as to what real hazing and bullying entail, choosing to adopt a series of extreme positions which, if challenged, would be almost impossible to overturn in a student appeal. This is exactly what the Cheer team is taking on now.

    VP Moriarty runs a corrupt student judicial system which should be reviewed by an independent third party. The fact that Loeschke claims to be all about the students and then allows this type of blatent abuse of power by one of her VPs is inexcusable. Another example of a lack of leadership on the part of “Student’s President”.

  • Mr Equality said:

    I would almost bet there is about to be more “anonymous” complaints against other teams/organizations reporting incidents either this year or in the past that could be considered hazing based on their broad definition (create any embarrassment) in an effort to bring a team down or worst end their season. If I am from a competing school I’m all over this one! Sounds like political correctness gone wild versus cheerleaders gone wild…Guess we’ll see when the truth be told!

  • Stinger said:

    Sounds like we won’t have any teams this year! Lol, and YOLO you need to be expelled since per the handbook you were required to report any violations when they occurred so stfu! :-)

  • JosieandthePussycats said:

    Everyone has to love everyone and if you do not do it the way that we want then we will get rid of you because we have no tolerance for people who do not think and act the way that we say you should. Too bad we do not follow any of the same rule ourselves. Do as we say not as we do.

  • LMFAO said:

    Mike~~I cheer for UMD a real squad!!! I just think it’s hysterical that they were ALL suspended. As far as the uptight stuck up snobs, honey that is 90 of that squad~~the other 10% are probably the ones that had the hazing inflicted on them. That is where the report came from guaranteed.

  • Cubiertas piscinas Toledo y Ciudad Real said:

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