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Astrolo-holic: Sport for every sign

2 October 2013 By Ashley Beall, Video Producer No Comments
What does your zodiac say about your athletic abilities

It’s autumn, and that means fall sports.

Not every sign likes football, though.

Every astrological sign has characteristics that draw them to specific sports.


Aries are passionate and have a bit of a temper, so they like a sport where they can release their anger in a physical outlet. Volleyball is the sport for the ram for three very simple reasons. Bump. Set. Spike.


Taurus are stubborn and are very good at holding their ground. Wrestling requires patience and skill that the bull seems to have almost naturally. Taurus would be good at getting their opponents into pins both in the ring and out of it.


Gemini wants an activity that is both physical and mental. While not everybody agrees that marching band is a sport, it’s the one that best suits Gemini. They like the mental challenge of it as well as the performative aspect.


Cancer wants a team sport that gives them a rush while playing. Soccer, both indoor and out, suit the Cancer nicely. The crab will feel especially good if they come out of a game all sweaty with grass stains everywhere.


Leo needs a sport that definitely has a performative feature to it. Leo doesn’t mind practicing to make something not only better, but also more grandiose. The lion would be especially good at gymnastics.


Virgo pays good attention to details in a way that no other sign is capable of. Virgo is also patient enough to practice even the tiniest motion until it becomes muscle memory. These skills make Virgo a great candidate for the sport of golf.


Libra wants a sport that isn’t too physically demanding but also something they find fun. Libra would be enjoy ice skating because they like the cool atmosphere around them. They’d also be better at keeping their balance on the skates than other signs.


Scorpio is a risk taker, and really enjoys the rush of adrenaline they get from a challenge. The scorpion would like rock climbing the best because they could constantly be challenging themselves to a tougher course. And if they fall, it just makes it that much more exciting.


Sagittarius likes the popular sport of football. Sagittarius thinks that a sport should be physically demanding as well as have a lot of fans to it. They would love the feeling of being treated like royalty after a winning game.


Capricorn is very good at working hard now for a pay-off later. Because of this, the goat would be very good at track and field. They wouldn’t get as bored with just running like the other signs probably would.


Aquarius is more cultured than the other signs, so they’d find interest in a sport not as popular in America. Cricket is the most popular sport in the world, and Aquarius would be fascinated by that.


Pisces have a talent of using their feet in unusual ways. The fish can use this talent to help them travel, not by walking, but by snowboarding. The winter sport is one that Pisces could easily master, if they have access to do so.


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