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‘Orgasm’ comes again

2 October 2013 By Carley Milligan, Assistant Arts and Life Editor No Comments

Openly talking about sex in front of a crowd of people can sound like the storyline of your most embarrassing nightmare. However, for sex educators Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg it’s their job and something they love to do.

“I think that sex is something that is good to know about, its healthy to know about its important to have information about our bodies and how they work whether or not you choose to put that information to use right away in college or sometime down the road in the future,” Miller said.

This is the sixth year that the team has traveled to Towson University to put on their program entitled, “I Heart Female Orgasm.”

During the program they speak to a body of college students about the female anatomy and how to improve your own sexual experience, as well as your partner’s.

Sophomore Noah Lattner decided to attend after hearing from friends last year that is was both interesting and informative.

Exchange student and senior Nathan Addai also had positive feelings about attending the event.

“They made a fun night out of a topic that some people may find awkward to talk about. I would definitely recommend going to watch the show,” Adolui said.

The creation of this program came about after Miller’s partner Dorian noticed that many people in their other sex education programs had a lot of questions about the female orgasm.

“Dorian said, ‘okay what I want to do for an hour and a half is talk about female orgasm.’ So she created this program and since then it has been incredibly popular and it has remained a topic that a lot of people are really interested in,” Miller said.

The program has continued to be popular at Towson and URG director of special projects Oluwaseun Durojaye wanted to ensure that it was brought back again this year.

“It is a very interesting and unspoken topic but it sparks a lot of conversation in private. It allows students to talk about it in a fun way,” Durojaye said.

Both Miller and Weinberg said they enjoy teaching about a topic that they believe most people have not had a lot of chances to learn about.

“A lot of people say that their experience with sex education in high school was pretty negative so its nice to be able to talk about a topic like this one in ways that are positive and educational and affirming peoples desire to want to know about it and to enjoy themselves,” Miller said.

Weinberg also enjoys working with the many different types of people she has the opportunity to meet and get to know all over the country.

“I love hearing from people afterwards and hearing that maybe like they never heard before that it was okay that they did or thought this certain thing and for the first time they are realizing that there is nothing wrong with them they are a normal person with normal desires and thoughts and to think that’s just so huge for some people, it feels really good to be able to do that,” Weinberg said.

After the program students also had the opportunity to purchase some of the available merchandise such as T-shirts, buttons or a book written by Miller and his partner Dorian.

“The shirt makes an excellent conversation-starter to people who do not know about the program. Also, buying the shirt was a great way to support a charity, which can make a huge impact,” senior Max Alkis said.

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