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Bad Luck Brandi: Lost on luck

24 November 2013 By Brandi Bottalico, News Editor No Comments

So I’ve been taking ballroom dance this semester and for the class it is required to attend three outside events where we practice the dances and write a paper about it. The teacher set up events that the class could choose to attend to make it easier. So trying to make my life easier, I decided to just do a class event on Friday. I had invited my boyfriend and we went right after having dinner. I plugged the name of the place, The Promenade, into my iPhone thinking there would only be one place named Promenade in Baltimore.

So it led us to the Fells Point/Canton area, where we spent about 15 minutes finding parking. We finally found a spot and walked to the place, which looked ritzy and nice. Walking in we saw two women in full burqa, the full dress hijab worn by Muslim women, drinking tea in the lobby. Not exactly what we expected of a dance facility but we continued in looking for signs to lead us to the ballroom. We then found a man sitting at a line of computers. I decided to ask for help. As I held my dancing shoes, I asked the man where the ballroom for dancing events was. He answered confused that there was no dancing there, that it was only an apartment complex. Then we sat in the lobby as I Googled on my iPhone to find out the Promenade Dance Facility was on the other side of Baltimore, in Windsor Mill.

We went back to our nice, free parking space and I re-navigated. We “arrived to the destination” but there was no dance facility where my GPS told us. We drove back in forth on the same road several times, pulling into a few different parking lots hopefully, with no luck. I decided we go to a gas station as a last resort and ask anyone if they knew where it was.

So we found the nearest Wawa and I asked the cashier. She said she had never heard of it. But a man in line offered up the helpful “I think there used to be one around here but they tore it down.” So then I went for a pee break and while washing my hands, I asked a woman who was doing her makeup if she had heard of the Promenade.

She actually had and said that she thought it was attached to some nice apartment complex, closer to Towson. My hopes on making it to the event before it ended weren’t looking hopeful at that point. I decided to call the facility’s number and they said it was across from a building that we had remembered seeing. We drove past that building, not seeing the Promenade in the location the person on the phone had indicated, until we had practically given up hope and saw it on our way out, making it for the last hour and a half of the event.

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